Chapter 3:  Journey to.....


"Are we to the airport yet?"  Marron and Bra asked in union for the 100th time.  "No!"  Trunks and Goten answered.  "Did you two know that every time you ask me that you distract me and I could miss a turn and it will just be  five or more minutes longer?"  Trunks asked from the drivers seat.

"What?!"  Bra demanded.  "Your brother is just being him self, Bra, nothing to get upset about."  Goten said confroting her.  As Goten got tired he turned on the radio.  "And now our request lines are open, to request a song dial our  number which is 1-877-685-3489."  The radio annoncer said form the station.

"Hey, Trunks, gimmie your cell phone."  Bra said and grabbed it out of his hand.  She quickly punched in the numbers.  "Wow Bra, you could accually remember that number without writing it down!"  Marron said astounished.

"Guess it pays to have kaasan's genes in my blood...excuse me mister I'm not the gorey type but I would like to request a song...Uhuh...Yea, Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Graden...Uhuh thanks."  Bra finished and the song
started.  "I'll be a dreamer, be a wisher, be your fantacy.  I'll be a hoper be your love be everything that you need."  The song played and got evil looks.  They winked at eachother.  They pulled closer and closer to the person in front of them.  Trunks was in frount of Marron and Goten was in frount of Bra.  They got closer and closer to their pray and then kissed their cheeks.

  "Marron, its things like that will make me crash and most logically kill the person in frount of me because of the crash...Please continue."  Trunks said.  "Bra, ditto."  Goten said.  Marron got closer to Trunks's ear and wispered playfully in it "If only you saijins weren't so strong."  They both gave on last kiss and sat back down in their seats like good girls.  "Are we there yet?"  The girls asked once again in union.  "Yep."  Goten and Trunks replyed.  They jumped out of the car and the boys grabbed the baggage.  They went next to gate of their flight and put their baggage down on the revolving belt.  A faculaty member commented "Your girlfriends don't seem to know when to stop packing do they?"  Goten and Trunks forced a laugh trying to be polite.

  "Now boarding at gate 45 to Las Vegas Repeat now boarding..."  An announcer said through the P.A. system.
"Guess thats us, come on guys this way."  Marron said.  They loaded on the plane and found their four seats in first class.  "You two girls can sit in the middle so we can protect you."  Goten said.  After an hour on the
plane the girls were asleep laying against their boyfriend.

  "So, you really love my siser?"  Trunks said softly careful not to wake them up.  "With all my heart."  Goten said softly back.  "Didn't know that was possibal." Trunks muttered sarcatally under his breath and then fell asleep holding Marron  hand.



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