Chapter 2:Comming together (2)


      When Bra woke up it was already 10:37.  Everyone was at her house waiting outside.  Bra jumped in the shower and washed herself as fast as she could go.  Outside Trunks asked Goten to go inside and check up on Bra
and see when she was comming.  Bra stepped out of the shower ans wraped two towles around her body and hair.  A knock came at the door.  No answer came in reply.  He walked in and saw Bra standing there.  "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"  Bra demanded.

"Sorry! When I knocked at the door ther was no reply so I came in to see if you were even up!"  Goten said back and then left quickly in case any heavy object were within Bra's reach.  "She sure has the voice of a saijin Goten said to him self and walked outside Capsule Corp. were his friends were waiting.  "So is she awake?"  Trunks asked.
"More than you'll ever know."  Goten replyed.  "What is that sopposed to mean?"  Marron asked.  "Nothing at all."  Goten said.  After about ten minutes Bra walked out of the house in the outfit she picked out, her hair up in a pony tail and glared at Goten.  Goten looked at Bra and Marron and how they have seemed to grown up.  It seemed as only yesterday Marron was that little girl without a nose and Bra was Trunks' little annoying sister
that always got them in trobble with Vejita.  "Hello, snap outta dreamland Goten, we do have to go!"  Marron said waving a had in from of Gotens face.

"I'm driving!"  Trunks said and jumed in the front seat of the firebird color convertable.  Goten jumped in the frount seat with the girls taking position in the back.  "Las Vegas, here we come!"  Bra and Marron shouted in
union.  Those were the word that greeted them into a journy they will never  forget.

Authors note:This chapter was sorta short because it didn't quite fitin with the first and third.


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