Chapter 12: Aqua Dilemma 


  "Finally!  We get to do somthing fun rather than shop, get hit in the head with a tennis ball, or fight a strong opponent!"  Trunks said as he walked with everyone to the pool area.  "Bra and I are going to go to the hot
tubs, kay?  We'll meet here a t 4:00 so bye!"  Marron said and left with Bra for the hot tubs.  "So what do you wanna do Trunks?  Make some money off of flexing for chick or have some actual fun?"  Goten asked his friend.

"Selfexplanatory, lets go."  Trunks said and ran to the pool laughing.

"By Dende this feels good.  Bra what is the tempature?"  Marron asked while the hot tub water bubbled around there bodies.  "The temp is 115 degrees f.!"  Bra exclamed looking at the thermometer.  "So what do you think
the guys are doing?"  Marron asked her friend.  "What ever there doing Goten better not be within a 100 mile radius of that Nephia chick."  Braanswered.
  "No need to worrie Bra!  Goten is devoted to you and besides you know it was that girl flirting with him not him hiself."  Marron said comforting her friend.  "Hey you want to check out the wave pool?"  Marron said and
got up to go swimming.  Bra was not far behind her when she heard Marron yell.
"AAhhhhh!"  Bra swam over top speed and saw a little girl sitting on top of Marrons head.  They girl had short silver hair and a little pink bathing  suite.  A woman rushed over to the child on Marrons head.  "Oh Windel!
Oh  I'm sorry miss please excuse my daughter!  My name is Galonda and again I  apologize."  Galonda said snatching Windel off Marrons head and into her arms and then rushed off.  "Enough with the sudden acts of unpridictally!"

  Bra muttered to herself. Bra was thinking and she accidentally bumped shoulder with sombody.  "Well if it isn't a little water sprite."  The girl said mockingly.  "I'm sorry and I excuse you for being rude."  She said and began
to swim away.  "Guess this water isn't good for your hair so be careful, your roots are showing."  After that comment Bra turned around looking for a physical defect on this girl.  She had wavey blonde hair cut up to her
chin and blue eyes.  Her swim suite was blue, purple and black, she had an idea.  "You make fun of my natural hair color one more time and your face will be the colors of your swim sutie."  She finished and felt good about

  Not even a second later did a hand on her shoulder wip her around and she was staring into the eyes of the blonde.  "You don't want to hear the name Perria around any more because your already in trobble way over your
head."  Perria said.  "Whatever."  Bra said and walked over to the steam room with Marron.  Bra could hear some words that could have been helped screamed by Perria in the background.


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