Chapter 11:  Nurse Marron


  Marron was nursing her patiants back to health on their beds.  "Maybe next time I should hurt myself to get out of taking care of you!"  Marron said putting a bandage on Bra's forehead.  "Its sort of funny the order of
wound seroiusness on you guys.  I mean first was Trunks of course!  That girl put up quite a fight and would of finished you off if it haden't been for those other girls.  The next seroius was Bra.  She had sheltered Goten from a ki blast.  And last was Goten.  Jade hit him pretty darned good in a pressure point!"  Marron replyed to herself and reported to her subjects.  You three arent going anywhere until you have a goodnights rest, hot meal, and a
bandage change and since you certinally can't cook or help bandage yourself I'll have to do it for you!"  She finished.

  Goten was on his face with bandges on his neck and upper back.  Bra was on her back listing to a group
with her headphones and had a bikini top on because Marron needed to dress her wounds and yet didn't want Bra to be topless.  Trinks was just a mess and that was all they could say bout that.  Luckily they were all part  saijin so they healed pretty fast compared to humans.  "I'll go make some tea."  Marron said and got up and went to the kicthen.  Bra lifted her hand up from her bed and reached over for Goten's.  Gotens hand did the same automatically.  They continuted to reach and reach until there hand clasped and stayed that way.  They were all asleep when Marron came back in the room and then fell asleep herself.

  They woke up a hour later and they still had enough time to go swimming.  "Oh no!  I'm not going to be able to wear what I wanted since I'm so cut up!  Well I guess I'll just have to wear this!"  Bra announced holding up a strapless suite that was pine green with a splash of aqua.  "I think it looks great!"  Goten said trying to cheer her up. "I haven't even put it on!"  Bra said back.  They got their swim suites on and prepared to go swimming.


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