Chapter 10: Showdown


   "Bring it on!  Just because your a girl I'm still going to go all out!" Trunks yelled at Jade.  "Ooohhh, your really starting to scared me! More action less talk."  Jade said mocklingly.  Trunks lunged and was knocked down by Jades elbow.  Trunks automatically got back up.  They both kicked at the same time and now it was a compition of the strongest.  Jade pulled a peice of ribbon out and faster then the eye could see tied it to Trunks's wrist.  She pulled the ribbon over her head and sent Trunks with it over her head.  Apperantally she had leaned back to far.  "Ow crap!  I screwed up my back!"  She said rubbing her back.  "Guess I forgot to streach out!" She complained.

  He swung a punch to her face and missed.  Jade's cheek was bleeding.  "You cut me, looks like I may have to get seroius."  Jade said to Trunks.  Jade swung and Trunks did a summersualt beneth her came up on the other side and lached his feet on her shoulders.  She was on her face with Trunks holding her down.  "Are you ready to give up yet?"  Trunks asked casually.  "Not just anybody will bring ME down to my knees!"  Jade shouted and pushed up with her free hand and sent the two of them crashing to thier backs on the roof.  "Kaio Shentein HHAA!"  Jade screamed and hit Trunks with an energy blast.  "He struggled to get up.

"Th that was stronger than a tripple kaio ken attack!"  Trunks exclaimed.  She flew over and kicked him in the jaw.  "BURNING ATTACK!!!!"  Trunks yelled and knocked Jade into streets.  "Oh my god!  Trunks your!" Marron said and rushed over to hug him.  "Its not over yet!  Kaio Shantein HHAA!"  Jade yelled
from over head.  It knocked in to Trunks and Pushed him over Marron.  "Goten wake up!  I promise I'll stay with you but please wake up!"  Bra pleeded shaking Goten and holding his his hand.  "Promises never last forever!  Kaio Shentein HHAA!"  Jade shouted.  Bra threw herself over Goten to protect him from the blast.  When the dust cleared Bra was unconsious but she was still holding Goten's hand.  Marron stirred and pushed Trunks gentally off of her.

  She looked up at the sky were Jade was and she saw five girls attacking Jade in the air.  Jade struggled and struggled but couldn't seem to break free.  The only thing Marron could remember about the girls were five
different colors which seemed to resembel somthing in her mind she couldn't quite place.  The colors there where were Black, white, mengenta, red and blue...



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