Chapter 14: Demons on the Dance Floor 


  The couples locked arms in their evening wear and gracefully trotted down the magnificent hallway.  "Hey Marron, how come you look so worried?,"  Bra said watching Marron looking around nervously.  "I'll be fine, thanks for caring." Marron said sincerely with a tablespoon of fear in the receipe of her voice."Its really nothing."  She said reassuring her friend.

  Marron, Bra, Trunks, and Goten were doing a playing cards theme. Trunks and Marron were spades.  Goten and Bra were hearts.  They were greeted and the end of the halls by a hostess.  "Welcome to the Galaxy hotel's dance.
The group that is playing tonight is called 'The Outsiders.'  Nice outfits! If you need anything ask for Gillian Topaze."  Gillain said.  She was wearing an outfit that looked like theirs, except it was clubs.

  They looked at the group and their jaw dropped.  They all met them. Nephia,Jakia, a grown-up Windel, Galonda, and Perria were 'The Outsiders!' Perria was keyboard, Windel was guitar, Jakia was drums and Galonda and Nephia were singers.

  Little did they know that somthing was planned tonight.  Gillian went up to Nephia and whispered something in her ear and then handed her the microphone. "Hello and welcome!  Our first song is called 'Second Chance.'
Everyone, feel free to help yourself to the refreshments stationed around throughout  the ballroom."  The song began as soon as Nephia finished the announcement and set the mood.

"A tragic story begins to unfold,
Yesterday started to happen the same way,
My memory is coming back bit by bit,
But I can't seem to forget about it."

  The song continued to play and Marron and Trunks decided to dance.  Bra and  Goten were by the refreshment table and Goten was chowing down.  Goten finally noticed Bra sending him evil glares so Goten got the hint.  He
got up and asked Bra to dance.

  The first song ended and 'The Outsiders' took a break while a hired DJ was playing songs.  Marron and Bra went to the ladies room and left Goten and Trunks to talk and apparentally pig-out, and then Nephia walked up. "You
didn't call."  Nephia started while batting her eyelashes.

"Listen Nephia..."  Goten started and then Trunks intrupted.  "No way your Nephia!"  Trunks exclaimed.  "Nephia, I already have a  girlfriend that I love very much and, well, I'm sorry."  Goten said. "Yea, his girlfriend is my little sister."  Trunks said.  "Woah, isn't your life a soap opera.  I won't bother you anymore if you dance with me for the rest of this song."  Nephia said looking up at him innocentally.

  Goten thought to himself that he already knew this song, and since it was almost over, if he danced with her for the last fifteen seconds, everything would be fine.  As long as Bra didn't see him, he would be fine.  Also,
this  way he would be free of Nephia.  Goten only hoped that Bra was having a make-up problem in the restroom.

 "Only if you promise to leave my alone."  Goten said.  "Your wish is my command."  Nephia said playfully.  'American women must be easy,' Goten thought looking at Nephia and almost laughing.  "Trunks, keep Bra busy
until  I'm done dancing."  Goten said.

  "What?  Keep me busy while you dance with this... this, I can't even think of a bad enough word to call her!"  Bra said, and then stormed out the door to the hotel.  Nephia was smiling, with the satisfaction of a job well done and
time well spent.


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