Chapter 15:  Every Time It Rains 


  Bra's first step was hesitatent, and then she just ran.  There was a storm  coming because she could see lightning in the foreground.  The thunder just  confirmed her fear of this happening.  She was trying to stop herself
from  running, but couldn't think of a reason why.

  The first drop of rain came down on her face and mixed in with her tears.  Each rain drop released its own memory in her mind.  By now she was very wet and so she was soaked with memories also.  She didn't mind the weather because it was also raining in her heart.

  "Don't go away."  Goten mumbled to himself and looked to the door. 'Two  wrongs don't make a right,' Goten thought first of meeting Nephia and then almost dancing with her.  He ran toward the door.

  Bra was standing under a roof of some casino not important enough to note.  Bra felt the necklace from around her neck and felt like ripping it off.  "I'm tired of trying to overcome this mentle block I have!"  Bra shouted to
no one. "If he dosen't love me I'm afraid I can't go on."  Bra said talking to herself.  "This is so pathetic!  In the old days I'd be like, 'who cares whats done is done,' but now it really matters."  Bra said still talking to herself.

 "Bra, I'm sorry.  It didn't mean a thing.  You seem to hold somthing special that I can't even imagine anyone else has."  Goten said, with Bra's back to him.  "Whatever, you're just saying that so tousan will spare your life.  So
why don't you go back to your little dog and shut up!"  Bra yelled. She turned around and slapped him as hard as she could, but it didn't have a lot of effect on him since he was saijin.

"Okay I think I deserved that, but Bra, I love you with all my heart."

  Goten said and watched Bra run back to the hotel and back up to their room.  Marron and Trunks watched Bra storm up to the room and Goten ran after her.  "Didn't you say that they were engaged?"  Marron asked Trunks.  "I'm not sure myself anymore." he answered.

  Goten chased after her desperatly.  He entered the room to find Bra sobbing in a pillow.  "How do I show you that I'm really sorry and sincere? Look me in the eyes, and then tell me if I'm lying."  Goten said gently sitting
down at the edge of the bed.  "I, I can't look at you without slapping you." Bra managed to say in between sobs.

  She looked up at him and then collasped into his arms.  "Promise me that you'll never ever do that again."  Bra said.  The two of them eventually fell asleep sitting on the couch.

 Marron and Trunks came in looking confused.  "I thought that you thought that you said that you thought they were engaged, and then thought, that they  weren't, and then I think that you and I both think they are now."
Marron said to a confused Trunks.

HaRUko: I thought what Marron thought and Trunks thought too but I thought they thought I thought and then thought and thought and thought........LOL!



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