Chapter 16:  Insightful Morning

  "Lucky us.  Since Goten and Bra didn't wake up from the couch we each got our own bed."  Marron said cutting up her pancake she got from room servous.  "Yea, that was a change."  Trunks said piggin out on the hotels food
supply. "Still I can't belive they are still sleeping."  Marron said but the response she got was the nosie of Trunks eating.

  "Ugh!  I give up!"  Marron said throwing her arms up in the air.  "Are you going to eat finish that?"  Trunks said pointing to her food smiling innocentally.

  "And I thought human men were agrabel eaters!"  Marron said and slid her food to Trunks.  "You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day."  Trunks said.  "Important my foot!"  Marron exclaimed. "Marron, you okay in there?  It looks like you have a bigger battle going on inside your head than the fight with Buu!" Trunks said worried.  "I'm fine, thank you for caring."  Marron said and squeezed his hand.

 "Yo, what is for breakfast."  Goten said walking in the room with one hand around Bra and the other scracthing his head.  "You choose, you order, and you buy.  Although I don't hink you'll be able to get much because Trunks
already ate them out of house and home!"  Marron answered.  "Ohhh Trunks! Thats no fair man!  I thought it was my turn to day!"  Goten said and then exchanged a hi five with his best friend.

  "Okay, lets put off the casinos until I feel up to it okay?"  Bra said  yawning.  "Ditto."  Trunks and Goten said and then laughed.  "So then we'll do our own thing unless we hear of some big event and then we'll let everyone
know, okay?"  Marron said.  "Agreed."  Trunks and Goten said again and this time broke down laughing.

  "Man, that is just like old times, huh Goten?"  Trunks said laughing.  "Yea, only this time we accually have a girl friend!"  Goten said to his friend.  "Goten, your tan is getting red from laughing!"  Trunks said laughing.

  "Trunks, your red face is getting redder!"  They both were still laughing and then noticed that Marron ang Bra were standing up with their arms crossed glaring.

  They all went there seprete ways and meet pack at home base for sleep and then the next morning eventually rolled around.