Chapter 17:  Different ways 

"Hey Marron, I was wondering if you wanted to go to this new club I heard about called 'The Tomb.'  So do you think you want to go?"  Bra said rolling out of bed the seventh day of their trip.  "Sure."  Marron said groggly
and streaching.

 "It has this egyption theme.  Speaking of themes where ar the boys?"  Bra  said looking around relizing that the two of them were alone.  Bra began to change into a pair of jeans, yellow headband, yellow shirt and yellow

 "I'm not sure.  Wait!"  Marron said and pointed to a note that was left on the counter top.  Bra snached up the note and read it aloud.  "It says, 'We went to the gym to get more macho, see you in about two hours, love
your Goten and Trunks."  Bra read.

  "So you want to go get breakfast?"  Marron said and finished changing into a white blose and navy blue skirt with her traditional pigtails.  Bra picked up the note and wrote a response.  'While you big men get more macho,
us little girls will go get somthing to eat to feed our small apatite and then will check out a club called 'The Tomb' to satasify our need to have a social life so see you when we return.'

  She dropped the pen and paper.  They did the routene check and then grabbed their purses and left for breakfast.  Once they were at the resteraunt they were looking at the menus.

  "So, what looks good to you on the menu?"  Bra asked putting the menu down  infront or her on the table top.  "Oh, I was thinking about the strawberry danish.  I havent had one of those in a while.  What about you?"  Marron said in response.

  "I'm talking about one egg, sunny side up of course!  Then a side of bacon."  Bra answered.  A waitress came up with a pad of paper and pen ready to write on the request.  "Welcome ladies, today our special is scarmbeled eggs, sausage, and pancakes.  May I take your order?"

 "Yes, I'd like one strawberry danish and my friend would like one egg sunny side up and a side of bacon."  Marron started and the ladie wrote that down. "My friend and I would also like two glasses of milk to drink."  Bra finished
and they both were giggling.  "You drinks will be along shortly and so will your food."

Authors note:  All this talk about food is making Emmy-chan HUNGERY! When I origanally wrote this chapter it was 2:00 am and when I read it to my puppy he started to lick his lips ;p



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