Chapter 19:  A Pathway to Heaven

  Trunks rushed Marron to the nearest hospital from the air.  Goten and Bra  were flying not that far behind.

White!  Clouds everywhere. Shooting high speed almost like a surge of light sky rocketing through a enclosed wire or circuit.  Only what I was experencing was wide open.  Joy and happiness filled my heart although I couldn't figure out why.  Was I dead?  Had that girls proficy come true?  Too many questions  filled her head with answers she had to seek out.

  Just then darkness filled the horizen.  Gotta get away! I screamed inside my head but I was paralized! I was attached to nothing! In every coner, in every derection I looked I was utterly and litterly in the middle of
nothing. Then a voice that I was unfamiliar with filled my head.  "Do not be afraid, fear will get the better of you.  This is all and illsion that your mind can prosses and then fabricate into an eclipe of reality."

  "Don't worrie Marron you will be okay."  Trunks said still airborne searching for a hospital and running his fingures through her hair.  "Might I ask what happened?"  Bra asked Goten while he was flying her trying to catch up with  Trunks although it was really alost cause givin the stat he was in.

  "Your body will eventually wash away like the sand washed away when the foaming waves hit the earth. You will get more tired and more tired.."

"Is this the condition you found her in sir?"  A doctor asked Trunks as he  finally got her to a hospital. "She was excetally like this, doctor."  He answered.  "She seems to be getting worse and, sir, how could she have had
all her engery drained?  She's in a coma."  The doctor said rushing her to intensive care.

 "Breathing will no longer be any worrie since you are going to be in a realm of infinit possibilitys, this new world will welcome you with open arms.."

  "Doctor, the girl has stopped breathing!"  One of the nurses informed the  doctor.  "Get out the emergency equpiment!"  The doctor ordered and then put a special breathing mask over her face.

 "Your heart is tired by now, it slows, it slows, it slow, it stop.."

 "Doctor, the girls heart has stopped!"  Another nurse informed the doctor. "Get the paddles out!" The doctor ordered. " One, two, three.."

"By now you are past saving and unless of course one of the higher forms of power will have mercy on you..."

"Put her down as 7:24 pm."  One of the nurses wrote and covered her with a  white sheet.  Outside the room Bra was crying histerically into Goten's shirt over Marron death.  Trunks was biting his lip trying to keep himself
from  crying but nothing could keep the tears from rolling down his face, and it was the same from Goten but he was trying to confrort Bra. "I could have saved  her.."  Trunks kept repeating to himself.

HaRUko: Kanashii yo....((~_~)) (how sad!)