Chapter 20:  A Slim Light 


  "How the heck can I get back!  I know the future would not have been like  that!"  Marron shouted.  "Destiny always has its own way."  A new voice said and then took a phyical form.  She had long black hair and eyes full of
serenity.  She was wearing a long flowing traditional chinese dress and seemed to be glowing.

  She approched Marron and seemed to float down as though she was in a pool of water. "What do you mean! I'm dead and I don't think that was how it is suppose to be!"  Marron screamed. "You are right and now there is only
one thing they can do to revive you." The girl said. "What is that?"  Marron  demanded.

  "Each one of your friends must give somthing up to help you return.  Since  whats done is done Trunks must share his life force with you.  Which means if either one of you dies so will the other.  Bra and Goten must give
up the same thing as Trunks. This will last until one of you eventually does die."

 "But the only thing is they all have to agree on it, I will go and ask them and will bring you back the news." And with saying that she disappered.

  The other three were still mourning over the death of their long since  childhood friend.  Than a flash of white surrounded the room.  "I have taken your souls to reunite with your friend and then you must make a decion
about weather she is to live or stay here." A voice said and filled the room.

  "Trunks!" Marron said and ran up to him.  He embraced her and thought to  himself 'I guess I'm in worse shape than I thought, I'm halucinating.' "Now you must decided."  She said.  "Well of course we want her to live!" Bra exclaimed  "Now will you share your life force with her and she will be able to return to her home plain." She said.

 The trio thought on their own for a seconded trying to consider the consequences. "I'm for it." Trunks said as he spoke out first.  "Hey I can't lose a good  friend like Marron." Goten said and set his elbow on her shoulder  "It
would probally be the biggest mistake I made if I lost her." Bra finished.

"Now Trunks since your the key figure you need to constrait."  The girl said. With Marron in his arms he constraited. "Not like that stupid!  Kiss her!" Bra said and smacked Trunks in the back of the head to get him thinking straight.

White!  The nothingness faded away and the quartel was back in the hospital at the entrance.  "Well I think I had enough for one vacation, huh?"  Goten said trying to take the mattter light at hand.  "Yea but you know ifs
not  over yet!" Trunks said. "I think we will need a vacation from our vacation." Marron said.  "Don't you sorta wanna dicth the whole casino idea now?" Bra sudgested helpfully.  "Oh yea." The other three agreed.