Chapter 21:  At the End of a Journy

  "Its hard to think that this is the last day ,huh?"  Bra sais sitting on the roof with Goten eating icecream.  "This was enough for me!"  Bra said and  then saw five figures zip around in back of them.  "Great more trouble!"
Goten said and automatically stood up in a fighting stance.

  The five girls that had played into the story line were standing in front of them.  "We mean you no harm.  The only reason we messed with your minds was so you would learn to trust each other more that your adversary."
Nephia said.

  "How we you know know your not like that Jade person?"  Goten asked still in fighting stance.  "Mabey because was a not aggraont, selfish, unconsauted random attacks." Perria said. "Well you do have a point there."  Goten
said thinking.

  "Jade was just another part of our sceme and it worked perfectally, oh Jade!" Jakia called and Gillian Topaze landed. "Introducing Gillian Topaze,  formally know as Jade." Jade said and made a fake drum roll.

  "Okay so this was a trick the whole time and our whole vacation was planned  out from the beginning and and you were just paowns in this conspirecy  against us for what reason?" Bra demanded getting the picture.

 "To see if you had a strong enough trust for eachother so you could defete a real enemy that will come in the near future, but it really isn't an  enemy but a force that is to overthrow and do what is to be needed." Windel

 "Wait, did you also kill Marron to see if our trust was that great?!" Goten said realizing what had happened. "As she said you need to do what is to be needed." Golanda said in responce.

 "Farwell and may the best of luck come to you in the future. We may come  again if it is needed." Nephia said and then they vanashed without a trace.

 "What do you mean the whole thing was a setup?!" Trunks demanded as Bra and  Goten told them what happened. "They killed me to prove a point?!" Marron screamed. "Yes, to both questions!" Bra practicaly shouted.

  "I thought I said enough with the sudden acts of unpredictally."  Bra muttered once more under her breath and walked out to the balcony that over looked the city.  "How about one more."  Goten said from the doorway. "Open your  necklace."  He finished.  "What do you mean.." Bra stopped and realized that the necklace charm was acually a locket and she gentally opened it up.

  A diamond ring gently dropped into her hand and Goten picked it up from her palm. He took her hand into hers and slipped the ring on her finger.

"Bra,will you marry me?"


"Yes!"  And with that they stared on their journey home.