Fight With Us
By: T-chan

CHAPTER 1 (What?)

        It is night and the air is cold.  Marron is dressed in her beautiful pink dress, but its ripped like she was beatin up.  Her hair is a mess.  She ran to the edge of the cliff and almost fell before catching her balance.
         She turned around just as a ki blast was sent at her stomach sending her off the cliff.  She screamed as she fell.

____(The next morning)____

Trunks wakes up and stretches.
"Gotta get ready."  he mumbles as the phone rings.
He rushes to it and answers,
"Ya, who's this?"
"Wow! You sound different.  Listen I can't talk long I have to go pick up Marron."
>What? You haven't heard.<
"Heard what?"
>I thought you would be the first to hear.<
Trunks sat on his bed with the phone.
"Hear what."
>Trunks, Marron's dead.<
>Last night she was attacked by gangsters<
Trunks looked at the date on his clock,
"Goten, I think you have your days wrong.   Its not April 1st." (*April
Fools Day*)
>Trunks if I was joking would I sound like I just got finished . . .<
"Crying," Trunks finished for him.
>Sorry man, its true<
Trunks shuts his eyes tightly before opening them again
He dropped the phone, "Marron."
He repeated in a whisper,
        The door to his room opened and Bra stood with her eyes red and swollen. She rushed to her brother and hugged him.
"Oh Trunks, I just heard," she said.
"I wanted to marry her," he mumbled crying more than he's ever cried.
"I knew we should have taught her some way of defense," Bra said.
Bra let go of Trunks as he lifted his head,
"I don't understand how a human could have killed her.  Though she didn't have much power she still is stronger than most humans."
"Trunks thats what the police officers said must have happened."
"What?  They don't know for sure."
"Well no they just found her on the bottom of a cliff, the gang pushed her off.  We should have at least taught her to fly."
"I should have been there, its my fault, I should have been there to protect her."
"Trunks don't say that its not your fault."
"It is its my fault."
"She wouldn't want you to say that!" Bra told him.
"The dragonballs will bring her back."
"What dragonballs.  They are gone.  Remember?" Bra asked him.
"I'll just have to create my own, ya thats it, I'll create my own."
Bra grabbed Trunks by the shoulders,
"Trunks pull yourself together."
"I'll just create my own and bring her back with them."
"Trunks," Bra slapped him, "Only a namek can do that."
"Then I'll force Dende to, ya, force."
"TRUNKS!  You've gone mad."
Bra ran into the bathroom and filled a glass with water and threw it on him.
"AH!  why'd you go and do that."
"You were talking like you had no brain."
"I need to get her back."
"Trunks, we all know what your going through."
"No Bra you don't."
"Yeah we do."
"Bra! I love her more than anything in this world, more than anything in this universe, and I lost her."
"We all lost her,"  Bra said.
"Imagine you losing Goten, ok, now how bad would that hurt you?"
Bra hugged Trunks tightly, "Oh Dende, I would die if he did.  Your right."
"Bra, I have to go."
Bra nodded.
        Bra left his room and he took  a shower and got dressed.  He was in the bathroom brushing his hair when he looked in the mirror.  He could have sworn he saw her face flash.  He was so shocked but it went away.  Then it came again along with a faint whisper,  "Trunks."
"Marron?"  Trunks dropped his brush looking at the mirror, "Am I going mad or is that you."
"Trunks - help me. I - - by some - -, please."
"Marron I can't understand you."
"Trunks - - for me."
The reflection of her started to fade.
"No Wait Marron!  I don't understand."
The reflection of her was gone.
"MARRON!" he screamed hitting the mirror.
        He walked downstairs. 'She asked me to help her.  With what? . . . Doy! Getting out of the mirror.' He came into the kitchen were his mom was cooking.
"Are you ok Trunks?" Bulma aked.
"Ya, I'll be fine but I miss . . ."
He looked at the teapot on the stove and saw her face flash on it.
"What?"  Trunks  said to himself.
"What did you say?" Bulma asked Trunks unaware of the reflection.
"Nothing Akasan.  I'm going out."
"Okay,"  Bulma replied.
        Trunks walked outside looking at the ground.  He looked into the sky and at the clouds,
"Why!?  Why her?" he said aloud.
"Trunks,"  Marron's voice said again.
        Trunks ran to the voice, which was at a creek.  He looked in and saw her face on the surface of the water . . . again in the reflection.
"Trunks - - in danger.  You, -, - Bra might - -"
"What Marron I can't understand you."
The reflection disappeared.
"Damnit, Marron."
He looked around,
"WHERE ARE YOU!"  he screamed.
"Trunks!"  Bra said running up to him, "Whats wrong?"
"I don't know anymore."
"Trunks, I'm going where ever you are, you don't seem so good."
        Trunks walked out of the yard with Bra short behind him.  They stopped to get into the car.  Trunks on the Driver side and Bra on the passenger side. "I just want you to know that you still have people who love you so don't do anything that you wouldn't want Marron or some one you love to do." Bra told him. Trunks looked at her, "I'm not gonna kill myself, don't worry." Trunks assured her.
"I just don't want you to do something stupid."
"Okay and I won't."
        The next 5 minutes were quiet as he drove.  Bra looked at her brother and saw something in his eyes.  She didn't know what it was. 'Somethings bothering him, he looks confused.  But what is it?' Bra asked herself.
"Trunks, is something wrong?"  she asked him.
"No why would you say that?" he asked without looking at her.
"Well you seem confused or something like that.  And then you also look like you've seen a ghost." she said looking out her window.
        The car suddenly stopped and she jerked forward.  She looked over at Trunks who was looking at her.
"You're lucky we aren't on a popular road."
"Huh?  Ow my neck,"  she began rubbing her neck.
"Bra, I've been seeing AND HEARING Marron."
"Trunks you've gone koo-koo."
"No listen, I've been seeing her in all the things you would see a
reflection in."
"Trunks you're scaring me."
"The funny thing is that I am the only one who sees and hears her, akasan and you don't."
"Trunks, you've lost it."
"Bra please believe me.  I don't know why but maybe we are closely connected . . . like soul mates."
"Okay, well I don't know what to say."
"She's been trying to tell me something and I can't understand."
"Well maybe its a private thing."
"She mentioned you."
"Oh, well what did she say?"
"She said or 'Trunks -a pause- in danger. You -a longer pause- Bra might -a pause-."
"You aren't making this up are you?" Bra asked.
"DAH! You just figured that out?"
"Well all I think is Marron's saying, you are in danger and You and me might be in danger or something like that."
"Why would she say that?"
"I don't know."
"She wasn't killed by gangsters she was killed by some one with some kind of power if WE are in danger."
"Ya thats true but now I am scared because I'M in danger! I hope Goten will protect me."
"Bra, The longer pause meant she said more than 'and' she must have said, 'Me, Goten and You might . . . be killed."
"I don't get it.  Why, who would be after us and only us?"
"You didn't hit a guy with your car and threw him into the water?"
"Bra you watch too many horror movies."
"Trunks . . . " Bra was interrupted.
        They start hearing scratching noises on the car and the wind starts howling and blowing fast.   The car almost feels like it is shaking.  It soon begins to shake roughly.  Bra screamed.  She almost got up.  They both were looking at the floor of the car.
"Is something under us?"  Trunks asked.
"Whats going on?"  Bra was afraid.
"Bra I'm here and nothing will happen to you."
Trunks looked out the window but nothing was there, "I don't see anything, what about you?"
"Are you crazy I am not looking out that window."
"Yeah you're right."
        He leaned over her and looked, "There's nothing there."
        The shaking suddenly stopped and the scratches faded away.  The wind calmed down and the shaking trees stood still.
"Is is over?" Bra asked.
"What was it?" Trunks asked.
"Some one is after us and this some one . . ." Bra started.
"Is not a normal human," Trunks finished for Bra.
Trunks was just sitting back on the seat as he clutched the steering wheel when Bra looked at him.  He looked up straight in front of him. Trunks and Bra both said, "GOTEN!"
        Trunks started driving when he pulled out a cell phone. "Call Goten, warn him some one is after him, I mean after us."
Bra grabbed the phone, "Ok."  She began dialing, "Trunks the battery is low." Trunks pulled out the cord and put it into the lighter.
"We will have to wait a short while." Trunks said as he continued driving.
"Don't you have another one?"
"I'm not made of money you know." Trunks said.
"Tousan!" Bra yelled.
"What?" Trunks asked.
Bra was hanging over the seat searching for something in the back.
"What are you doing?" Trunks asked again.
Bra came up and sat with her back to the seat looking through a red purse.
"You know, Tousan gave me money to buy a phone if I was ever in trouble."
"Hurry find it!"  Trunks urged.
"FOUND IT!" Bra yelled as she pulled out a red cell phone.
"Dial!"  Trunks yelled at his sister.
"I am!" Bra yelled as she was dialing.


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