CHAPTER 5 (Fight With US)


        "Trunks . . . Fight with us,"  Marron said as they drifted apart.
"What?"  Trunks asked.
"You don't have to face him alone, we are with you,"  Marron said almost in a whisper.
"Remember we are here and always remember we can help,"  Bra said. Trunks opened his eyes and he was under Krone.  Being stepped on. Trunks tried to push his foot off, but it was too heavy.
        Trunks thought it was the end of his life.  He thought everyone was gonna die, him, his family, and his friends.
"Trunks . . we're here,"  Marron's voice called out in a whisper.
"Fight with us."  Goten's voice said.
"All of us,"  he heard Bra say.
Trunks smiled as he heard his friends and he mumbled, "Fight with us."  under his breath, "You Are here."
        Trunks could see them but Krone could not.  They were like before, like a ghost, you could see through them.
        Trunks started pushing up on Krone's leg.  There was Goten, lying next to him, under Krone's foot.  He blasted Krone's foot and Trunks was able to push it off of him.
"What?!"  Krone yelled as he saw Trunks standing there.
"You can't get rid of me!"  Trunks said.
        Marron held Trunks across the chest and moved him aside as Krone's arm swept down at Trunks.
"I am not alone!"  Trunks said.
"I'll kill you boy."  Krone yelled.
        Trunks sent a ki blast at Krone and BRa was up at him.  She punched Krone at the exact same time the ki blast hit Krone, going through her (she's a ghost it would go through) That hit had a bigger affect on him.
"Its over Krone, you've lost."
"Not yet,"  KRone replied.
        Trunks flew up to Krone and began fighting him.  With every physical attack there was Goten by his side, helping him.  With every block so he would not get hurt, Marron was there, helping him move away quickly and swiftly. And with every ki blast he sent Bra was there, helping it be stronger and make a bigger impact on Krone.
        Trunks had Krone all confused and weak.  After about 15 minutes of fighting him, Krone began to get smaller and smaller.  Soon Krone was about as big as Trunks. Trunks and him were far apart and Krone began flying over to Trunks. "I'll give you the same fate you gave my friends."  Trunks said.
        And what happened so quickly,  Goten, Bra, and Marron stood infront of Trunks.  Bra was in the middle and looking on from Trunks point of view (only seeing their backs)  Goten was on the left and Marron on the right. Quickly the all came closer to one another and combined which sorta resembled the way some one fuses.  When they were all together a light flashed and suddenly a mirror was formed in front of Trunks.
        Krone came to a quick stop as soon as he saw the mirror and was almost touching it with his nose. "I'm not going in there!  I'm not stupid."  Krone said. Suddenly the top half of Goten, Marron, and Bra came out of the mirror and grabbed Krone,  he could see them now.
"What? . . you . . how?"  he stumbled out as he was pulled into the mirror.
        Trunks walked infront of it.  He could see Goten, Marron, and Bra holding Krone back.
"Trunks!"  Marron yelled to him over Krone's screaming.
"Break the mirror." Goten said.
"What about you?"  Trunks said.
"NOW!"  Bra yelled at him.
        Trunks closed his eyes and sent a ki blast at the mirror.  It shattered and the pieces left glowed.  Trunks fell to his knees and dropped his head. "Its over, my revenge it complete."  he mumbled.
        When he looked back at the shattered glass, it wasn't there, instead were three flowers not bloomed. "My friends.  I guess this could be a memorial."  Trunks said.
        Trunks stood up, took one last look at the flowers, and turned around. He began walking away when he heard, "Trunks."  in a whisper. He turned immediately at the flowers.  When the one on the left began to glow and bloom.  When it bloomed a light flashed and a mirror stood there. He looked closer at it and saw Bra step out of the mirror and as soon as she got out the mirror and flower disappeared.
"TRUNKS!"  she yelled running to him.
"Bra?"  he said as she began hugging him.
"Trunks you saved me, I'm alive."
Trunks hugged her tighter.
When they let go of one another they both heard, "Don't start the celebration without me."
Bra spun around real quick,
She ran to him and jumped on him hugging him.
"Bra, I can't breathe."
Trunks looked at the other flower which was blooming and the mirror appeared. Marron stepped out and looked at him, "Trunks," she whispered.
"Marron," he whispered.
        Marron went to him and hugged him.  HE hugged her tightly but not too tight.  He didn't want to let her go.
"I thought I lost you forever."  Trunks said.
"No just for a day or two,"  Marron said, tears in her eyes, looking up at Trunks. Trunks kissed Marron and she wrapped her arms around him kissing him.
"Uh?  Sorry to interrupt but maybe we should go home . . "  Bra began.
"Or at least get something to eat."  Goten interrupted.
Marron had her arms around Trunks, but they weren't kissing, when his stomach growled.
Marron and him looked down at his stomach then at each other.  Marron laughed.
"Well, I haven't had anything to eat since you people died."  Trunks said, "LEts go some where with lots of good food."
        Trunks put his arm around Marron, so it is on the back of her neck and Goten put his arm around Bra holding her around the waist.  All four of them walked out of the park.  It never came into their mind that they looked like scrubs with ripped up clothes and dirty skin.


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