Lesson 2: gNani?? Son-Sensei?!h

Goten was just standing, leaning againts the wall beside the schoolfs gate. He looked every school girls coming out who passed in front of him. Sometimes he wondered who made all these girls to wear short skirts! Hmmcshort skirtsc. ..loosing socksc Goten smiled widely, imagining he was sorrounded by young beautiful teenage girlsc.

His imaginary thoughts were interrupted by a couple of guys passing by.

gTheyfve done it again!h the first guy started. gThatfs the 3rd substitute teacher this week!h
gNobody can control class 2-7!h The other guy said.

Goten just stared at the 2 boys walked by. Substitute teacher? Class 2-7? He wondered what happened in that school todayc.


 Goten eyes brightened as he heard the familiar voice called his name. He turned around and he just about time to open his arm before Bra jumped  and hugged him tightly. Goten blushed when he realized some other students who were passing by looking at them weirdly. He pulled himself away and looked down at Bra, smiling.

Bra smiled back at him, but slowly it faded away.

gEh? B-chan, whatfs wrong?h Goten blinked.

Bra shooked her head and gave him a small smile. gNothing Goten-kunch she hugged his arm and started to walk. gCome onc. Letfs go home..h

Goten still has the quizzical look on his face. "FunnycB-chan never acts like this beforech he thought, but decided to care about it later. Both of them silently walked side by side enjoying the early Autumn seasonc


gAnother substitute teacher quit again todaych Bra sighed, finally breaking the silence. gThatfs the 3rd  time this week!h

Goten looked at the blue-haired girl beside him. Itfs the same thing he heard from those two guys he met earlier!

gLet me guessch Goten said. gDoes it have anything to do with class 2-7?h
Bra looked up at him in surprised. gBut h-how--- ?h
gSome guys were just talking about it while I was waiting for you.h He explained. gBut what with this substitute teacher?h

Bra didnft say anything for a while, then, hI dunno, Goten-kunch she sighed. gEver since Anzai-sensei  was missing, non-of the 2-7 students wanted new teachers to replace him!h

gAnzai-sensei? Missing?h
gThatfs what I heard. He used to be 2-7 class teacher.h
gEverybody in that class loved him.h She smiled. gHe is like the nicest teacher in our schoolch

  As they kept on walking, Goten just couldnft stop looking at the young girl beside him who's still holding his hand. She who always seemed cheerful and excited everyday after school, became suddenly quiet. Very unusual. It must be the incident at school which Goten didnft really know about.

  Goten pulled her closer and put his hand around her waist. He kissed her head then he smiled down. gIfm hungry. Wanna get something to eat?h

Bra stared at him then a smile formed across her face. She nodded. gSure!h


  Later on that evening, after dinner, Goten was in his room lying on his bed. He was tiredc.he closed his eyescand about to sleepcandc

..his eyes flew open when he finally remembered he was desperately needed a job. He sat up, picked up the paper and looked up for some job vacancies.

His cell-phone beeped.

Must be Bra, he thought happily. gHeych he answered, lying back on his bed.

gOh. Trunks itfs you.h he mumbled.

gMarron dumped me.h
gWhat?!h Goten sat up looking shocked.
gShe..h he paused. g she dumped me.h
gWhy? Wh-What happened?h
gShe ignored me, then she DUMPED me for a guy named eThe CRAPiest!h

gWhat?h Goten laughed. gShefs still hooked up on that magazine?h
gAnd itfs all YOUR fault!h
gHuh? What DID I DO??h
gYou took her shopping, you let her buy that STUPID thing and because of that damn magazine, she FORGOT OUR DINNER TONIGHT!h
gHa? Bu-But? Sh-She---Wh-who----We?WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?h
gARGH!!!h Trunks hung up.

Goten looked at his cell-phone. gHe is so confused! That poor guy.h He put his phone down and continued on looking for job vacancies.

1 hour later, he couldnft find anything. None of the available jobs caught his interests. He gave up and decided to get some sleep.

Goten put both of his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. Like always, he thought everything about the daycuntil Bra came to his mind. His lips twitched into a smile.

He couldnft think of anything else but B-chancB-chancB-chancB-chancB-chanc.B-chanc.B-chanc..B-chanc..B-chanc..B-chanc..B-chanc..B-chancB-chanc..High Schoolc.2-7cAnzai-teacherccsubstitute teachercc

c.substitute teacher??

Gotenfs eyes flew open. THATfs IT!!! He can be  the new SUBSTITUTE TEACHER! He can teach, after hearing some lectures from Gohan ^_^h, hefs qualify enough, high education, good-looking, smart, c the substitute teacher spot is available, and above all, HE COULD STAY CLOSER TO BRA EVERYDAY!

Gotenfs eyes shone in excitements! What day is tomorrow? Saturday! Yes! He will see the principle tomorrow and get an interview. Wait. All substitute teachers were chased out by the class ofcBAH! Hell with Class 2-7! Hefs going to take this job no matter what!! As long hefs employed, earn his own money, could meet his favorite B-chan everyday, THATfs FINE WITH HIM!

He switched off the lights and went through night with a smile on his face.


Monday morningc

 As every Monday morning, a 30 minutes assembly held in the schoolfs hall. Everyone got online and heard some announcements and other boring speeches. But this timec..

gI heard therefs a new substitute teacher coming todayc.h Merle, Brafs friend said to her.
gReally? Oh, I feel sorry for him c.or her.h

gFellow students,h the announcer said, gbefore we end our assembly for today, we would like to welcome our new substitute teacher whofs willing to-----g

The man with brown spiffy suit with a dark tie snatched the mic from the announcer and confidently stood in front of the whole students on the stage like a super star.

gUhcBracisnft thatc.h Merle pulled Brafs skirt.
gHuh? What?h She looked over at the man whofs standing on the stage. gThat isch

gDead bored in school?h he said with a style. gWorry no more cute girls, your great teacher is here to make schools FUN! I will make the  BEST! The GREATEST! Because I amch he winked.

gGreat Teacher Goten.h

All the students on floor cheered and applaud and some of them talked to each other. The teachers too whispered to each other because Goten was the weirdest substitute teacher they ever seen.

gOh my godcc. Bra, isnft that yourch Merle gaped.

Brafs eyes wide opened and her jaws dropped.

Somewhere at the back lines, Kaede glared at the familiar man whofs standing like hefs crazy on the stage. "Heh." He snorted.

 Goten blushed when they applaud him. They like me!! They REALLY like me!!! He cheered in his mind. He looked around for Bra but there were too many of them. So he just stood there waving at the other students who smiled and greeting at him warmly.

But among all, there was only one group Goten didnft notice. A group of teenagers shooting cold glares at him. Cursing him under their breaths.  Goten was someone they really hated to see and have in this school.

Because they are, the students of class 2-7.


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