Around two in the morning, Bra woke up to someone  screaming bloody murder. "Is that Marron?"  She asked herself, sitting up.  She walked clumsily to Marron's room..  She looked in. Her eyes were closed.

"Yep it's Marron." She thought.

 "No!  Stop it!  No!  Nooooooo!"   She sobbed.  Bra decided to wake her up, the screaming was keeping her up.  She crept into the room quietly, not knowing why she was nervous, and decided to just get it over with, when Marron's eyes shot open. Bra ran out of the room, and Marron didn't notice her. Marron's eyes were wide, and filled with panic.

 "Something's wrong."  Marron mumbled to herself, looking around the room.  Like she was trying to see what it was from there.  Marron stood up, and walked over to the closet, and pulled out an outfit, and put it on.  Bra was starting to get worried.  She had never seen anyone act like this.  Marron pulled on the shirt and pulled her hair into a tight ponytail, and
opened her window.

Marron watched in terror.  Both of her parents, standing there, getting beat, and she couldn't stop it!  She could vaguely feel their chi's drop.  She gasped as her mother was slit in the throat.  Marron couldn't see the attacker, but she felt him.  She felt him all over the place.  He was like evil, small and hurting.  Nothing could stop him.  She screamed, but no one saw her.  Her mom's blood was dripping down her shirt and was staining her skin a brownish color.  Marron wanted to run over to the man, to stop him, but her feet were planted into the ground.  Then the man moved on to her father.  He reached up and grabbed Krillian's forehead, and kicked him in the gut over and over again.  He bit his lip to keep from
screaming, but you could hear the sounds of organs  busting from where Marron stood.

 "No!  Stop it!  No!  Nooooooo!"  She yelled.  Then she saw him walking towards her parents, the blackness. Pulling her in.  Pulling everything everyone in! Her eye's shot open, and looked around.  She knew that it was just a dream, but she was nervous anyhow.  Nothing in there to harm anyone.  She confirmed.

 "Something's wrong."  She sighed, and got out of bed.  She could sense her parents Chi.  They were going way
down.  She had to help them, but no one even knew that they were in trouble.  If she went to Bulma, she'd just say that she was too tired and that they'd settle it in the morning.  Vegeta ignored her completely, and she didn't want to be the one who woke him up, at night, to tell him a nightmare.  She went over to her suitcase, and grabbed an outfit, and was out of there! She waited until the robots went around the property twice, then flew to the gate, and easily went over it.

 She landed and was about to . . .

 "Ah!"   She yelled.  Vegeta landed in front of her.  She gulped in fear, but tried not to show it.  She had learned that the next worst thing in the world was to be in a bad situation, the worst thing was to be in a bad situation, and let your opponent know that you're scared.   But, just to be safe, she took a step back.

Marron was flying low towards the gate.  He wondered what the hell she was doing.  Marron seemed to be a kid who followed rules.   He was in a grumpy mood anyway, after being woke uptwice, once by screaming, and then by his daughter, saying that Marron had gone wacko, then being sent out. . . well, let's just say he could've been in a better mood.

He landed in front of her.  She yelled in surprise, almost exactly like her father's short yelp.  She was scared of him, and Vegeta knew it, but she tried not to show it, but she took a step back, and that gave it all away.

 "May I ask what the hell you are doing in the middle of the night prancing around our property, when you should be asleep, in the room that we let you have for this week?!"  Vegeta yelled, walking closer and closer at each word.  Marron looked so scared, she sort of crouched underneath him.   "What were you trying to prove?!"
He lifted up his hand, as a threat, she looked really scared, then her eyes got a lot smaller, like she was angry.  Her look of fear had turned to annoyance. Although she kept her tongue, Vegeta could tell that she wasn't scared of him anymore.  This made Vegeta extremely angry.  He tried to scare her.

 "Did you think that you could sneak out?!  You little bitch!"   Vegeta cried.   "You ungrateful little piece of shit!"
 "I'm sorry."  She said sharply.  A little too sharply.

" Why you little--"  He said, and slapped her.  Right away he regretted it.  Marron looked back at him, and her lip and nose were bleeding.

 "May I ask what the hell you are doing in the middle of the night prancing around our property, when you should be asleep, in the room that we let you use for this stupid trip?!"   Vegeta burst out.  Marron didn't know which surprised her more; the fact that he actually talked to her, or that he sad the word.prance.. But with each word he stepped closer, getting more and more upset.

He held up his hand as a threat.  That made her scared at first, but then she got upset.  What?  He was tried of acting like a good guy?  Why should everyone be scared of him when he's supposed to be a good guy?  Goku, Goten, Gohan, Trunks, and Pan kept their powers in check, why couldn't he?

"Just let him do it, Marron.  Don.t get him any angrier. " She thought.  "You've seen what he can do."

But she was never good at hiding her feelings.  Her face showed how annoyed she was.   He didn't even give her a
chance to speak!

 "Did you think you could sneak out?"  He asked.

Give him what he wants.  Apologize.   "I'm sorry."  She said, she knew as soon as she said it was to sharp.  Bra and Trunks could use that tone, sometimes, but not her.

"Well, duh."  She thought.  "I'm not his kid!"   She wanted to hide.  But she didn't run away.

She saw his hand coming up to slap her.  She knew she could block it, but didn't, because that would make him even madder.  His hand reached her face, and he slapped her.  He had a right to be mad, but to slap her?  She touched the blood coming from her mouth, and then wiped it all away.  Don't show that you're hurt.  He's not talkin. now, tell him what's happening!

" I'm sorry, I said.  But . . . they're hurt."   She said, not wanting to cry.  That's probably what he wants.  That's what the counselor at school wanted, that's what the principle wanted.  Why not him?

 "Who?"  Vegeta asked, angrier.

 "My parents."   She said, raising her head to look at him.   "I know it."

 "You stupid Baka!  It was a dream!!"  Vegeta roared.

" My parents.  I know it."   She was getting braver.  She looked exactly like Krillian did, those same terrified eyes, trying to be braver then she was capable of.  Vegeta almost exploded.  That's why she was screaming! She had had a dream.

 "You stupid Baka!  It was a dream!!"  Vegeta roared.

 "No it wasn't.  Try to track their chi's!  Because I sure can't!"   She said, close to tears.

He closed he eyes.  "Why not?  If you can track them, then you can go back to bed."  He thought.  He searched.  And searched.  There they were . . . but there was something wrong.  There were their 'chi's' but they were way weaker then they should be, and there was an extremely high power source right by them!

 "I'm right aren't I?"  She said in a quiet voice.  Say no!  She thought.  Tell me that I'm a Baka and to go back to bed.  Tell me!  She didn't want to be right. Tell me I'm wrong."  She thought.  Only after she said, it she realized it was out loud.

 "You're not."  Vegeta said, obviously upset.   "Go inside and wake up Trunks, tell him to come out here, and tell Bulma to call Goku and all them to meet me here. There's something really bad going on."

 "Okay."  She said quietly and ran inside.  She ran into Trunks room and shook him awake.   "Trunks, Trunks wake

 "What do ya want?"  He asked grouchily.

 "Your dad wants to talk to you outside."  She said.  "My parents are hurt."  Then she walked out of the room.

 "What?  Your parents?"  Trunks asked, he sat up and wondered if it was a dream.  He got out of bed and looked out the window.  Sure enough, there was his father.  Trunks got out some clothes and ran outside.

 "What's wrong dad?"  He asked, running up to him.

 "Bulma-san?"  Marron asked, opening the door to her bedroom.

 "Yeah?"  Bulma asked not really awake.

 "Um . . . Vegeta wants you to call everyone that fights to meet him in the front yard."  Marron said.

 "Okay."  Bulma said.   "I'll do that."

Marron walked out of the room and to the front door. "What?"  Bulma asked, sitting up.  She looked around, but Marron was already gone.   "Okay."  She said slowly then climbed out of bed and went to her phone.  She quickly dialed a number and waited.  The phone rang three times and then someone picked up.

" Hello?"  A tired Goku asked.

 "Hi, this is Bulma."  Bulma said.

A few minutes later Marron, Trunks, and Vegeta were in the front yard waiting for Yamcha Tein, Goku, Goten,
and Gohan to show up. "Hurry up!"  Marron said.  Her parent's chi were getting lower and lower.  Finally, what seemed like
ten years, which was actually ten minutes, Goku, Goten and Gohan landed in the yard.

 "What's up?  Bulma didn't explain that well."  Gohan said.

Trunks quickly explained what happened. "Let.s get going!"  Goku said.  They all hoped into the air.   "Hey, why are you going Marron?"

 "Because."  She said, her head high.

 "You're not powerful enough."  Gohan said.

" Oh yeah?"  She asked.  She landed, then took off her ankle and shoe weights.  Her power level zoomed up higher then Tein's.  Marron then took off her wrist weights; her power level went higher Yamcha's. Everyone's jaw dropped except for Trunks, Gotens and Marrons.  She took off the shirt one, and then the headband.  Her power level was huge!

 "Wow".  Goku said.

 "Now can we go?"  Marron asked, flying up.

 "Uh . . . yeah."  Goku said, flabbergasted.  They flew up and Gohan flew over to Trunks.  He didn't say anything, and Trunks started to get kind of nervous.

 "Yeah Gohan?"  He asked finally.

 "You trained her, didn't you?"

 "Yeah . . . so?"

 "You know what.  You know how you can get addicted to fighting.  Marron shouldn't have to get addicted to it.  She's a peaceful girl."

 "She wanted to fight.  I just helped her."  Trunks said, looking Gohan in the eye.   "She asked me."

 "You should at least have had her parents permission."  Gohan said, sighing.

 "We had her dads permission. " Trunks said then flew ahead, but he could feel Gohan's eyes penetrating through him.  He shrugged it off and flew faster.  They got there within a minute.

They looked around; no one was there. ''Where are they?"  Marron asked, eyes wide.

 "I . . . I don.t know."  Trunks looking around.  They looked around for a little bit.

 "Here they are!"  Goku called.  Everyone ran over to where Goku was. "Oh my God!"  Marron gasped when she saw them.  She couldn't say anything; she was so upset.  They were there, all right, but they both looked VERY hurt.

 "We need to get them to the hospital!"  Gohan called.  "Marron, you should take them."

 "But . . . okay, fine."  She whispered.  She walked cautiously towards them.  She was about two feet in front of them, when she heard a cracking sound above her.

 "Oh shit."  She said calmly, looking up and the cracking wood.  That's when the roof caved in.  Marron struggled to keep out of the way of breaking wood.  She made it to her parents.  Her mom was now awake, and looking around. "Mom!"  Marron called, then made her way to them.  She managed to pick them up and bust a hole on the wall to get out.  She carefully set her parents down on the sand and flew back in.  The wood had all came down, and there was an odd looking guy standing in the middle.  He had long purple hair, and his skin was a dark green color.  He had only one arm, and there was a bloody stump where his left one was supposed to be. Gohan was panting, so Marron guessed that Gohan had  just shoot the one off. The thing laughed and shot a huge blast at Gohan, but he easily blocked it.

 "I'm not that easy to beat."  Gohan said.  Trunks attacked from behind, and kicked him in the back.  The man got pushed forward, but quickly stood back up.  He gave Trunks an evil look, but before he could do anything about it, Marron screamed,  "GUZUMO GUUNNN!"   About ten small blue blasts escaped from her locked arms, and straight towards the guy.  She hit him in the leg and thigh.  Everyone was surprised at this, but continued to fight anyway.

They were beating him, or so it seemed, when he laughed and said,  "QUORA DUPLICATE!" There was a flash of light, and there were eight different guys standing there, and they all looked exactly alike.

 "Ha.  Try to beat me now!"  He said.  Two jumped towards Trunks, and he did his best to defend himself.  One jumped towards Marron, and smacked her across the room; she busted through another wall.  She was in the sand.  She quickly stood up a realized this was going to be harder then she thought.  He jumped out after her, and started the fight with a roundhouse punch.  She blocked it and tried a kick in the gut.

He grabbed her leg, and punched her belly.  She almost laughed when she thought about how many times Trunks
reminded her about that.  She regained her composure, and yelled,  "KAME HAME HA!"  He blocked the blast and shot back another blast. She managed to block it, then appeared behind him.  He punched behind him, but she reappeared in front and punched him in the gut.  He doubled over and she hit him in the neck, a deadly hit.  She shot another blast
and he didn't block it.  He was down.  She sighed and flew back into what was left of the house.

Everyone was bruised and beaten, but okay.

 "Is everyone okay?"  She asked, panting.

 "Yeah."  Trunks said, wiping some sweat from his forehead.   "But we need to get Krillian and 18 to a hospital."
No one said a word as Marron walked outside and picked  up her father.  Trunks soon follow and picked up #18.
They flew them to the Capsule Corp hospital, and got her parents help.

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