"Are you sure this is how ya do it?"  Marron asked nervously.

         "Yes, I'm sure.  And don.t worry . . ."
         "Why do you keep on saying that?"  Marron grumbled.

 "You can do it! " Trunks said.

 "Do you think she'd going to do it?"  Bra asked Goten.

They were at a cliff that faced the beach, Trunks was flying off of it, and trying to get Marron to jump off of it with minimal successes.  Goten and Bra were off to the side, watching them, and sitting on a towel.

 "Maybe.  But I don.t think Trunks should have started out so high."  Goten said.

 "You want to learn how to fly, don't ya?"  Trunks asked.

 "Yeah, but . . . is this the only way?"  Marron asked.

 "Pretty much.  Come on!  First, you have to get rid of your fear of hight's."

 "I always thought that was a healthy thing,"  Marron said.   "Okay, I.ll do it on three, okay?"

 "I'm waiting."  Trunks said.

" Are you sure this is the only way?"  She asked again.

 "Yeah."  Trunks said.

 "Okay.  Here it goes."  She took a deep breath.   "One . . . Two . . . Three . . ."  She walked off.  Trunks
grabbed her by her arm.

 "Now, this is sort of like riding a bike."  Trunks said.   "It's hard, but you never forget once ya get it down."

 "No, you can't die while learning how to ride a bike."  Marron said.

 "Well, you could ride it off a cliff . . . " Trunks said.   "Now, just concentrate."

 "Okay."  She said, taking some deep breaths.   "Okay. " She closed her eyes and concentrated.  Slowly, she started levitating.  Trunks let go of her hand slowly, and Marron opened her eyes.

 "I.m doing it! " She exclaimed.   "I'm flying! "

 "Yeah, you are,"  Trunks laughed.

 "I can't believe it!"  She squealed.  The faltered a little, but regained her balance.

 "Well, she did it."  Bra said, looking at the floating Marron.

 "Yep."  Goten said.  "Say something Goten!" He thought to himself.   "So . . . Bra . . . " Good one. He thought


 "Um . . . nice weather today."  He said, reciting the old line.

 "Yep, it is".  Bra said, looking at him strangely.

They didn.t say anything and Bra went back to watching Marron master the flying technique.

 "So, do you think that you'll ever learn how to fly?"  Goten asked, trying to make conversation.  "How the heck did Trunks talk to Marron?  It's harder to talk to girls then it looks!"  Goten said to himself.

 "I might."  She said.  Dang it, this is hard!  How does Marron do it? Bra asked herself.   "So . . . do you . . . have any hobbies? "

 "You know all my hobbies."  Goten said.   "We've known each other for a long time. "

 "I know."  Bra agreed.  Silence.   "Is there anything about that I don't know?"

 "I'm not sure . . . did you know . . . I have a pet hidden in the woods?"  Goten asked.

 "No, I didn't.  Why is it . . . hid?"  Bra asked.

"Mom."   Goten said.   "She thinks dragon's are dangerous or something."

 "Aren't they?"

 "Not really".  Goten said.  They didn't say anything for a little while.

That conversation was a new record for us. Bra thought. The longest.  Okay Bra, stay calm.  All ya gotta do is find something that you have in common.  Okay . . . hmm . . . he doesn.t like any of the things I like . . . She was starting to give up, when she got an inspiration.  Thank you god.

 "So, Goten, do you get babied since you're the youngest?"  Bra asked.

"Bingo.   Do I ever!  The only places I'm allowed to go without Gohan or some older person is school and your house!"  Goten exaggerated.

 "I know!  It sucks; I have to go with Trunks everywhere.  They act like I.m 11 or something."  Bra said.

"Finally." Goten thought.

Marron looked over at Bra and Goten.  They were not talking at all; in fact, they were looking in different directions!  She sighed. "I hope they get together,"  she said to herself.  She  didn't realize she said it out loud, until Trunks  said,  "I know."

Bra said something that they could hear, and it seemed  to open the doorway blocking them.

 "Finally."  Marron mumbled, the she almost started to  fall.   "Whoa."

 "You gotta concentrate the whole time, until you get  used to it anyway."  Trunks said, grabbing her waist,  so she didn.t fall.

 "Vegeta."  Bulma asked.   "Vegeta?"  He was sound asleep.

 She sighed and got up.  Slowly, she made her way to the kitchen.  She didn.t hear anyone else up, so she decided to start making breakfast.  She got out a pan,  and was about to open the refrigerator, when she saw a  note sticking to it.  It said:

Dear Mom,
        Trunks, Goten, Marron and I are going to the beach
for the day.  We.ll be back in time for lunch,

Bulma put the note on the table, and started to make  pancakes for her and her husband.  Vegeta got up  slowly and walked to the kitchen, vaguely he wondered  where everyone was, and sat down at the kitchen table. He saw a note on the table and starred at it.  He had  never learned how to read English on the planet Vegeta, and he wasn.t patient enough to learn it, so  he had no idea what the note said.  He just sat it  down and waited for Bulma to notice his presence. He noticed she was wearing a short skirt, and as she bent down to get the cooking spray, he smiled evilly
and walked over to her . . . and well, we.ll just  leave it at that.

 "Hey, you two?"  Marron asked, flying over to Bra and Goten.

 "Yeah?"  Bra asked.

 "I think it.s time to go."  She said, looking at her watch.   "It.s almost 12:30."

 "Okay".  Bra said sitting up.  Hey, there was no tender  embrace, but I sure had fun!  Bra thought to herself  as she picked up the towel.

        They flew to the house, with Goten holding Bra and Marron flying on her own.

         "So, what do you think my power level is now?"  Marron  asked.

         "Hmm, probably around 550".  Trunks said.

         "Cool!  I can't wait till I improve even more!"  Marron said.

         "You mean . . . you wanna keep on going?"  Bra asked. "I thought you just wanted to learn how to fly."

         "Yeah, I did at first, but now it all seems so cool,  and I want anything to help!"  Marron said.   "And my dad's okay with it, so I guess I will keep on going. That is, if Trunks wants to keep on training me."

         "Why not?"  Trunks said.   "Hey, what time did we tell mom we'd be home at?"

         "Around noon."  Bra said.

         "Oh man!  It.s 12:56!"  Marron said, and they all sped up immensely.

         "Do you think they'll be back soon?"  Bulma asked.

         "They're coming back right now."  Vegeta said, not really worrying.

         "Good."  Bulma said.  " I need some help with this."

         "With what?"  Vegeta asked.

         "This new program.  I think Bra, Trunks and Marron  are good enough with computers to help."  Bulma said,
tapping the top of a computer.

         "You don.t need their help."  Vegeta grumbled.

         "No, I don.t need it, but I sure would appreciate it." Bulma said, sitting down at the computer.   Might as
well get started.

         "Mom!  We're home!"  Trunks yelled.

         "Good! Come in here!"  Bulma yelled.  Everyone walked into the computer room in their swimsuits.   "I sure hope you guys don.t have anything planned for the rest  of the day. "

         "What do we need to do?"  Bra asked in a whinny tone.

         "I would like some help with this program."  She said. "It's new, and I need to get everything in our main
computers in this by tomorrow."

         "That should be easy enough."  Marron said, looking  over Bulma's shoulder at the screen with a shrug.

         "What do ya mean, easy enough?  Trunks asked, looking  at the screen too.

         "Well, if you copy all of the main stuff here .." She  pointed at the computer screen.   "Into another folder,
and then add in all of the rest of it . . ."

        " I get what you're saying!"  Bulma said, then started  typing furiously.   This'll save us over half the
time? "

         "And if you can get the main folder to a hard drive . . . "  Trunks started.

        Trunks, Marron, and Bulma were so caught up in it, the didn't even notice when Goten and Bra snuck out
the door . . .

         "Do you think they'll notice gone?"  Bra asked with a laugh.

         "Probably.  But I doubt they'll care, they've got in under control."  Goten said.   "So, where do ya wanna

        " I don't care."  Bra said.

         "How about that new amusement park?"  Goten asked.

         "That'd be cool!  Don't they have that new .Pirate Drop. ride?"  Bra said, getting excited.

         "Yeah, they do.  I think it.s the biggest water ride drop in the country."  Goten said.

         "Let.s go!"  Bra said, practically dragging him to the car.  Goten hoped in the front seat, and they zoomed

        Marron smiled as she saw Bra and Goten ride off. "Good!  They really are getting together!"  She thought, and continued to help Bulma with the computer.

         "So, how would you guys like to go to a restaurant after this?"  Bulma asked.

         "That'd be cool."  Trunks said.

         "Yeah, okay."  Marron agreed.

         "Bra, Goten?"  Bulma asked.

         "Well . . . Bra had to go to the bathroom."  Marron said.

         "Okay."  Bulma said, understanding.   "Now, what about the docs folder?  I don't think that it should be
moved into the hard drive . . . "

         "Try your luck!  Knock down all the bottles and when a teddy!  Like to take a try young man?"  A man at a
gam asked Goten, holding out a ball.

         "Why not?"  Goten asked, and pulled out 75 cents.  He reached back and threw the ball.  There were six
thunks as the bottles fell to the ground.

         "And here's the bear!"  The man exclaimed, and handed a huge dark brown bear with a bright blue bow to
Goten, which he immediately gave to Bra.

         "Oh!  I'm having so much fun!"  Bra exclaimed, grabbing the teddy and squeezing it like a little girl.  Goten and Bra slowly walked towards some of the lines for rides.  A man whistled, and Bra blushed, realizing that she was only wearing a bikini top with some jean shorts.

         "Hey Goten, do ya think we could go to one of those gift shops and get a shirt for me?"  She asked, holding the teddy bear so it covered the revealing parts.

         "Sure."   They went towards it quickly, and Bra bought a short light blue T-shirt, that had a bright yellow flower on it.

         "Okay, let's go on one of the rides now!"  Bra said. They ran to the .Hurler. and got in line.

         "Hmm, I wonder where Goten and Bra went of to."  Bulma wondered as she bit into some ice cream.  She was at
an old Dairy Queen, Trunks and Marron were in a both waiting for her to bring them the orders.  She walked over slowly, not wanting to drop them.

         "Thanks Bulma-san."  Marron said, reaching up for her vanilla ice cream cone.

         "Yeah, thanks mom."  Trunks agreed, getting his chocolate.

         "Do you know where Goten and Bra could've gone?" Bulma asked, sitting down next to Trunks.

         "I have no idea."  Marron admitted.   "But I'll bet it's some place really fun.

         "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"  Bra screamed, grabbing onto Goten tighter.  They were on the .Hurler,. and, pretty
much, getting hurled.

         "WOOO WHOOO!"  Goten yelled into the sky for fun.  All of a sudden, it stopped.  They lurched forward, and
Bra started to whimper.

         "Something.s coming."  She said, looking down at how high they were.

         "Yep."  Goten laughed.

         "Ohh.  Why'd I even doooooo THHHIIIISSSSS??!!!"  She screamed, starting to go backwards at full speed.

         "I didn't know you were good with computers, Marron. " Bulma said, licking her own chocolate.   "Your dad never mentioned he had a genius for a daughter. "

        " Are you sure?"  Marron joked.  Krillian loved to talk about Marron; she was his pride and joy.  " And besides, I'm not that good."  Marron said, trying to lick a drip before it dripped on to her.

         "Are you kidding?"  You practically cut the time in half that we would have normally have spent!"  Trunks said.

         "I guess . . . " Marron said, blushing.  She really didn't like talking about herself.   "So, Trunks . . . you have any hobbies?"  She asked weakly, trying to avoid the conversation.

        He laughed.  " Okay, you're off the hook. "

        " Let's go on .Pirate Drop!".  Goten exclaimed, running towards the line, which, surprisingly, was short.

         "Yeah!"  She agreed happily. A normal person would be in the bathroom puking after the last ride they took, but they were part Saiyan, so they were fine.   "Hmm, where can I put this?"  She asked, indicating her teddy.

         "We could get one of those lockers."  Goten said, pointing.

         "You stay here and save my spot, I'll go get one." She said, then ran off.  When she came back, Goten was
in the next group to get in.

        She joined him and asked,  "Did I miss anything?"

         "Not much."  He said.   "Okay it's our turn."   He stepped onto the miniature pirate boat, and helped her on.  They sat down, and waited.  Slowly, they got craned up an enormous hill.  Bra was whimpering again, and holding onto Goten.

         "I sort of want to get off."  She said.

         "Oh come on!  We're not going to die or anything!" Goten said, bending down to look at her.  She looked
up at him, and their lips were about to meet, when  . . . CCRREEEEAAAAKKKKK!!  Then they were racing down
the hill at full speed!

         "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"  Bra yelled.  Shoot!  I was so close! She thought.

        "Dang it!  We were so close!"  Goten thought.

HaRUko^: I luv the Goten/Bra part here in this chapter ((^_^));; 

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