Chapter Three

Trunks looked at the little kid in the bed. "Your Uncle Trunks?" Damien asked.

Trunks kneeled down. "Yes I am, have we met before?"

"No, my mom has a picture of you two in her room, thats why I know you." Damien answered.

Trunks looked at Marron, she was blushing. "Damien why don't you go back to sleep,it's getting late, you still have school tommorow." Marron told Damien. "Okay." Marron tucked Damien in bed, kissed him on the forehead then closed the door.

"You never told me you had a son." Trunks said.

"Um, I never got time to write. Why don't we go back down, Goten and Bra are probably waiting." Marron went
down the stairs.

"Where's the drinks?" Goten asked.

"Oh, it's in the kitchen, I'll go get them." Marron went back to the kitchen. Trunks sat down beside them.

"What took you guys so long?" Bra asked.

"Marron just went to take a look at her son Damien." Trunks said. "You guys never told me she had a son."

Bra and Goten looked at eachother. "Marron said she'll tell you...and I guess she never had time to write."
Bra reasoned.


Marron came back with the drinks, and sat down. "Sorry I didn't get to got to the airport to pick you up, I
didn't Have time."

"It's okay, Goten and Bra were there."

"So Trunks why are you here shouldn't you be with your family." Marron asked.

"Why, you don't want to see me."

"No it's not that, I was just asking."Marron lowered her head. Bra looked at Marron, tears were forming in her eyes. She changed the subject.

"So Trunks, what did you do all these years whaen you were gone?" Bra asked trying to change the subject.

Trunks looked at Marron, tears were forming in her  eyes. Is she still mad at me? he wondered.

Marron wiped away the tears. "Excuse me I just gotta go check on Damien." Marron went upstairs.

"Um I'll go with you." Bra said, before she went she stared at Goten, then went to follow Marron.

"Goten, did I say something wrong?" Trunks asked.

"No, she just really missed you that's all." Goten said. "Trunks can I ask you a question?"

"Sure go ahead."

"No offense, but why did you break up with Marron? It really hurt her, I mean she loved you.

"Goten it was probably the right thing to do anyway."


Marron went upstairs and went to her room.  She started crying.

"Marron? Is something wrong?" someone asked from behind her. Marron looked behind her, it was Bra. Bra sat beside her.

"Bra I... don't know what to do. I feel so lost." she  said.

"Hey it's okay Marron."

"What if he's mad at me?"

No he is not, and if he hurts you again I'll kick his butt!" Bra told her. Marron laughed.

"Thanks Bra, your so nice to me."

"Hey , come on let's go back down, the guys are waiting for us."

"Yeah let's go." MArron and Bra went Back down.

"Hey Goten do you think MArron's mad at me for what I did?" Trunks asked.

"Nope, she never was, she was just really hurt."

"Hey Goten, what time is it I still gotta go to work tomorrow." Bra told them while MArron and her were
walking down the stairs.

Goten checked his watch. "It's 11:00, it is getting late."

"Hey Marron I think we better go now, I still have to go to work."

"Okay I still have work tommorow to." Marron said. Bra got her jacket, and Goten her and Trunks headed for
the door, Marron followed them.

"So I'll se you tomorrow MArron." Goten said, Bra and Gote headed for the car.

"So I guess, I'll Be going to." Trunks told her.

"Yeah, good night."

"Good night." Trunks walked to the car, then they left.

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