Chapter Three


Marron was rushing to get to work. "Stupid traffic! I am so busy today! I still had to drop off Damien at
shool, I still have to pick him up." Oh no! I forgot I'm working late, I can't pick up damien!" Marron took out
her cellphone. Who to call, Bra's busy,, Mom and Dad.. on vacation, Trunks! Marron dialed his cell.


"Hello Trunks this is Marron."

"Marron, what's up?"

"Trunks can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah sure."

"Well can you pick up Damien later on?"

"Sure, what time does he get off?"

"He get's off at 2:00."

"Sure Marron I'll pick him up."

"Thank you so much, bye!" MArron hung up.

^^^^^^^^^^^Later on

Trunks was waiting outside Damien's school. He checked his watch 2:15. Where is he? Trunks was getting a  little worried.  He looked around for Damien, then he saw some blasts over at the play ground. He took off his sunglasses. "What the..?"
Trunks went to where the blasts were coming from. When he was there, he saw Damien beating up blasting this kid. Trunks ran to him.

"Take this!" Damien formed something in his hand, he was about to throw it when someone grabbed his hand.

"Damien I think you beat him up enough."

"Uncle Trunks? Come on he deserves it, he kept on annoying me."

"No, that's enough." Damien nodded. A teacher came up to them.  "Excuse me are the father?"

Trunks looked at her. "Well not really...I'm just..."

"well Damien caused a lot of trouble."

"Look I'm very sorry, I'll send some people here from capsule corp to fix things up."

"Are you Trunks Briefs?"

"Ugh.. Yeah."

"The Trunks Briefs?"


"Oh god, I'm sorry,I didn't..."

"Look forget about it, I'll send some robot's to fix things up later."Trunks said. The teacher nodded.

"And I'll send someone for the kid, were sorry."

"Um, we better get going, sorry for the trouble Damien caused." trunks said then he and Damien walked to the

"Damien, you beat up that kid, not to mention tore up  the school."

"Sorry, that kid really annoyed me, he hit me first, so he deserves what he got." Damien said.

"Oh, okay forget about it. What do you wanna do?"

"Well I'm a little hungry."

"Okay, how about I buy you a sundae, then will eat at the house." Trunks suggested.

"Great!". Trunks smiled at Damien. They got in the car bought a triple sundae each and drove back to capsule


Trunks and Damien walked in. "Hey Damien! Haven't seen you in along time." Bulma said.

"Hi Grandma Bulma." Damien said as he walked up to  Bulma hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. "What are
you doing here? Where's Marron?"

"Marron asked me to pick up Damien since she couldn't come and pick him up."

"Oh, so what are you two gonna do?"

"Uncle trunks said werre gonna eat first." Damien said.

"Yup, why don't you go to the kitchen, let me get something." Trunks told him. Damien went to the kitchen
to wait for Trunks.


"Yeah Mom?"

"Marron called, she said don't let Damien play outside without doing his homework." Bulma told him.

"Sure mom." Trunks went upstairs to change into some comfortable clothes. When he was up there, he saw something dangling on his desk, he went closer and picked it up. It was the locket, he saw it in his bag when he got to
Hong Kong while he was unpacking, it was Marron's.  It had a note attatched that said:

Dear Trunks,
     This is locket is one of my most valuable treasures, pls. keep it.
I gave you this to remind you you'll always be in my heart, I love you.
                              Love always,

Trunks looked at it, then he opened, it was a picture of him and Marron.  He smiled. Then he remembered Damien was waiting for him downstairs.  Trunks put it on top of his dresser, and went back down.He went into the kitchen, to his surprise, Damien was having a very nice meal with his father, Vegita. They were talking and eating. This is something he never thought he'd see.

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