Editor's Note: Oh, you just gonna cry in some of these parts. 
        °»Do they know when he°«ll wake up?°… 18 asked weakly.

        °»No.°… Goku said sadly.  They were all inside a hospital; Marron, Krillian, Yamcha and 18 had the same room.  Marron, Yamcha, and 18 woke up, but Krillian hadn°«t.  °»He°«s in a comma, and he°«s lost a lot of blood.°…

        18 looked at him sadly.  She had heard what he had done, all for her and their daughter.  She felt a tear come down her cheek.  °»Oh, wake up soon.°… She said, wanting to kiss him, but she was far too weak to even move her hand. Gohan was asleep in the waiting room, Vegeta was in the room with them and Bulma had taken Trunks and Goten to her house.

        °»Damn bastard.°… Vegeta mumbled.  °»Why won°«t he just get his lazy ass out of bed?°…

        No one said anything for a while.  Marron and 18 fell asleep, and Goku was about to, too, when 18°«s heart monitor stopped.

        Goku jumped up and ran to the door.  °»We need a doctor in here!°… He yelled.  It took a few seconds, but some doctors came in and rolled her out of that room into the ER. No one said anything until Krillian°«s hands went into

        °»You moved!°… Goku called in amazement.

        °»Jeez Goku,°… Krillian said, not opening his eyes and in a kidding tone.  °»Do you think you could keep it down?°…

        °»Sorry!°… Goku said, walking over.

        °»What happened?°… Krillian asked.

        °»Oh, ANi wouldn°«t be around here anymore.  That blast did him in.°… Goku said.

        °»What about Marron and 18?°… He asked.


        °»I°«m right here daddy!°… She called, sitting up.  Krillian smiled.

        °»Good.°… He said.  °»I°«m glad.°…  Marron smiled like she had just won an award. °»But they took okaasan away for a little bit.°…

        °»Why?°… Krillian asked Goku.

        °»I°«m . . . I°«m not sure.°… Goku mumbled.  °»But she didn°«t look to good.°…

        °»Damn.°… He said.  °»I wanted to see her one last time.°…

        °»What do you mean?°… Goku asked, feeling scared.  Both of them knew that if Krillian died, then he couldn°«t be wished back.  He would die of loss of blood.  A natural cause.

        °»You and I both know that I°«m not going to make it.°… He said in a quiet voice so Marron wouldn°«t hear. Vegeta stood in the corner, not saying a word, but watching.  It was amazing to him that these two had such a tight bond.  They seemed like total opposites.  He shrugged and looked over at Marron.  From the crumbled look on her face, he guessed that she had  heard her dad.  But she held back the tears.

        °»Yes you are.°… Goku said.  °»You°«re a whole lot stronger then you look.°…

        °»I guess I°«ll take that as a compliment.°… Krillian said with a laugh.

        °»You know what I mean.°… Goku said.

        They talked for a few more minutes; then a nurse came in and told them visiting hours were over.

        °»See you in the morning.°… Goku said, standing up.

        °»I hope so.°… Krillian mumbled.  Both Goku and Vegeta left, and that left Krillian and Marron.


        °»What sweetie?°…

        °»You°«re not going to die.°… She said weakly.  °»Are you?°…

        °»What happens, happens.°… He said.  °»But I°«m not going to just leave you.°…

        °»But if you die, you°«ll be gone.°… Marron said.

        °»Well, you could look at it that way.°… Krillian said. °»Or you could see it as a little . . . break of  fighting for me.°…

        °»But I want you to be here!  With mommy and me.°… Marron said, crying.

        °»Don°«t worry.  It°«ll be okay.°… He said in a soothing tone.  °»Oh, if anything happens?°»

        °»It won°«t!°…

        °»But if something does, I want you to get trained.  I should°«ve told Goku, but I forgot, and your okaasan isn°«t here, you°«re strong, and you could do some good with that power.°…  Krillian said.

        °»Okay.°… She said, crying.  °»I love you daddy.  Don°«t die!°…

        °»I love you too sweetie.°… Krillian said.  They didn°«t say anything for a while.  °»Marron?°…  Krillian asked.

        Nothing.  She must be asleep.  Krillian thought. Krillian closed his eyes too, and soon he was asleep.

        °»Moshi moshi?°… Chi-chi asked, answering the phone.

        °»Hello.  This is Dr. Horma.°…

        °»Yes, how are they?°… She asked, sitting up.  Goku heard the conversation, and walked into the room.

        °»Well, Mrs. 18 didn°«t make it threw the operation.°…

        Chi-chi gasped.  °»Oh no.°… She said, close to tears. °»What about Krillian?°…

        °»He--well, he died in his sleep.  I°«m so sorry.°… Dr. Horma said.  °»The girl is fine, though.°…

        °»Okay,°… She said weakly.  °»Thank you.  Good bye.°…

        Goku walked over to her.  °»Well?°…  But he didn°«t need her to say anything; the tears said it all.

        °»They . . . they didn°«t make it threw the night.°… She said, tears running down her cheeks.

        Goku stormed out of the room, and flew off, trying to sense Krillian°«s °∆chi.°«  He had to be alive; he had to
be!  But it wasn°«t there!  He felt disappointed.  Like Krillian had let him down.  Like he was supposed to met Goku somewhere and he didn°«t.

        °»God Krillian!°… Goku called into the night.  °»You°«re such a bastard!  Why°«d you do that?! I could°«ve taken
him out!°…

        Gohan was in is room, asleep with Videl, when he heard his father°«s voice.  He knew then, Krillian was gone.  He couldn°«t except that.  Krillian had saved him numerous times, and the one time that he had needed him, Gohan had failed.  He barely even fought. He let Krillian die; in fact he helped him!

        The next day Marron woke up with a horrible headache. Why do the lights have to be so bright in here? She asked herself.  She looked over, and her whole body went cold.  Both of them.  Gone.  Two empty beds.  She felt the tears roll down her cheeks.  Maybe . . . maybe they took them to another room.  Maybe they°«re just fine.  Maybe they had to go home for a little bit.  That°«s it.  They°«re not dead.  They can°«t be!

        A nurse walked in, carrying some medicine.  She looked over and saw that Marron was awake, and had noticed the empty beds.

        °»How are you?°… The nurse asked nervously.

        °»I have a headache.°… She said into her pillow.

        °»Well we can get you something for that,°… The nurse said, leaving.  You can°«t do anything for a sore heart.  That°«s even worse then a headache.  She thought bitterly.  She felt like she had been beat up on the inside.  Like her insides had been torn by a razor.  Like someone stabbed her with a sword in the heart and twisted.  She wanted to leave.  To run away from this horrible place.  They didn°«t know how she was feeling.  How could they?  She felt her lip tremble.

        °»It hurts, doesn°«t it?°… Yamcha asked.

        °»They can°«t come back.°… Marron said.

        °»No, they can°«t.°… Yamcha said, sighing.

        °»I don°«t know what to do.°… She said finally.

        °»You don°«t have to worry about that.°…  Yamcha said. °»All you have to do is keep on living°… Neither one said anything for a while.

        °»Otusan said that he wanted me to train.°… She said, breaking the silence.  °»He said that I could do some good with my power.°…

        °»Don°«t worry.  I°«ll make sure you will.°… Yamcha said.

        °»Okay.°… She whispered.  She tried to think that the last time she hadn°«t been worried.  She wanted to go sleep with her parents.  They were bigger, and stronger.  They could protect her.  And they did. They did it with their lives.  She started to sob.

°»Dooshite?  Dooshite them?  They were great people. They didn°«t do anything wrong!°…  Yamcha stayed silent, listening to her, and asking himself the same questions.

        He remembered back to the first time he had met  Krillian.  He had been such a little sneak.  Yamcha almost laughed at how much he had changed.  Now he was gone, he couldn°«t come back.  He wanted to cry, but he couldn°«t.  Hey Yamcha, now you°«re the strongest human.  He thought bitterly to himself.
        Marron slept pretty much for three days straight. She woke up only to eat.  On the fourth day, they said that she was well enough to go home. Bulma offered to have her stay at their house for a while, so she did.  Marron was tired most of the time. She didn°«t get up that much, and Bulma didn°«t know what to do, she wanted to get Marron up, but she didn°«t know how that would affect her, so she called Chi-chi.

        °»Moshi moshi?°… Chi-chi asked.

        °»Hi, this is Bulma.  Look, I°«m having some trouble.°…

        °»Nani?°…  Bulma explained what was wrong, and Chi-chi said that Maroon could go to their house for a little

        °»Okay, I°«ll go tell her.°… Bulma said.  Marron stayed at the Son°«s house for about two months.  She never totally got over her parent°«s death, but about one-moth and two weeks, she stopped moping around and was pretty much back to her normal energetic self . .

        °»Arrgh!  Who was in my study again?°… Gohan asked, walking into the living room where everyone was resting.  Videl, Goku, Goten, and Chi-chi were watching some TV show, and Pan and Marron were playing a board game.
        Pan and Marron looked at each other, and decided then would be a good time to leave.  They stood up quietly, and started towards the door to their rooms.

        °»Not so fast, you two.°… Gohan said, blocking their way.

        °»What°«s wrong Otusan?°… Pan asked innocently.

        °»You two went through my study again, didn°«t you?°…

        °»Um . . .°…

        °»Why do you two always do that?°… Gohan asked, annoyed.  °»I have important stuff in there!  You could easily lose any of it!°…

        °»We°«re nasai gomen.°… Marron said.  °»It just, your study is so sugoi!°…

        °»I°«m glad you think that, but you need to ask before you go in there, so I can make sure all my important papers are out.°…

        °»Okay.°… They both said with their heads down.

        °»Now, both of you, clean up the board game, and go to your room.°… Gohan said.

        °»Okay.°… They said, like they were ashamed, and quickly put the game away.

        °»Now go to bed.°… Gohan said, pointing to their bedrooms.

        °»Demo?°» Pan started.

        °»No buts.  Go.°… Gohan said.

        °»Fine.°… Pan said, pouting.

        °»Oyasumi nasai.°… They both said, and ran to their rooms.

        °»They°«re just like oneechans!°… Chi-chi exclaimed.

        °»I know.°… Gohan said, sighing and sitting on the huge couch.  °»It°«s like I had twins.°…

        °»Don°«t worry, you didn°«t.°… Videl laughed.  °»I would know.°…

        °»Oh, I don°«t know . . . it°«s just so aggravating.°…

        °»They°«re little kids.  Don°«t worry, later on they°«ll grow up, and you won°«t have to remind them of anything anymore.°… Chi-chi said.

        °»I guess.°… Gohan said.  °»Well, I°«ve got some work to do.°…


        °»Your otusan was in a bad mood today.°… Marron said, climbing into her bed.

        °»I guess.°… Pan said, climbing into hers. °»But if you hadn°«t talked me into going into the study, again, then he wouldn°«t have been, and we°«d be downstairs watching TV!°…

        °»Well, if you hadn°«t told me that your dad kept a monster in there?°»

        °»If you hadn°«t said that monster°«s lived under desks?°»

        °»If you weren°«t so gullible.°…

        °»If you weren°«t such a baka!°…

        °»Oh doozo,°… Marron said sarcastically.

        °»Let°«s just go to bed.°…

        °»Fine.°…  Marron said, and they laid down in their beds.  A few minutes later, they were asleep.


        °»Ohayoo!°… Marron and Pan said, walking downstairs and into the kitchen.

        °»Morning you two.°… Chi-chi said, putting some more pancakes on the table.  °»I hope you two are hungry.°…

        °»Oh, you bet we are.°…  Pan said, sitting down at the table.  She looked around.  °»Where°«s otusan?°…

        °»He had to go to work early,°… Chi-chi sighed.  °»He didn°«t even take any breakfast.°…

        °»Maybe he wasn°«t hungry.°… Marron said through a pancake.

        °»No duh.°… Pan said.

        °»Good morning everyone.°… Videl said, coming into the room.

        °»Morning okaasan.°…  Pan said.  Goten wasn°«t far behind her, and soon the table was filled with people.

        °»Those were great!°…  Goku exclaimed after he finished.

        °»Arigatou for making them Chi-chi-san.°… Marron said politely.

        °»Dou itashimemasite.°… Chi-chi said.

        °»Well, Pan and I better be going.  Ja ne!°… Marron said, grabbing Pan°«s hand.

        °»Um, yeah, sionara!°… Pan said.

        °»Wait one second!  Where are you off to?°… Videl said.

        °»We°«re going to  . . . um?°» Pan started °»Go play in the woods.°… Marron said.

        °»Okay, but be back in time for lunch.°…  Videl said.

        °»We will.  See ya!°… Marron said, running out the door, with Pan right behind her.

°»Why°«d you tell my mom we were going to play in the woods?°…

        °»Because, she°«s never let us go to the mall be ourselves!°…

        °»I guess you°«re right.°… Pan said, shrugging her shoulders.  °»Well, let°«s get going.°…  They walked into he garage, where Marron°«s air bike was.

        °»Man!  That°«s a really sugoi bike!  Why°«d your parents let ya get it?°… Pan asked, getting a helmet on.

        °»I had to have to some way to get to school form that island.°… Marron explained, jumping on.  Pan jumped on
behind her.  °»You have to hug me or you°«ll fall off.°…

        °»Okay.°… Pan said.  She started the bike.

        °»Oh yeah, one more thing, try not to scream too loudly.°… Marron said.

        °»I°«m not going to?°» Pan said, but then had to bit her lip.  They shot off, towards the mall at about forty miles per hour.

        °»Sugoi, huh?°… Marron yelled.

        °»Yeah!°… Pan yelled back.  They got to the mall in a record time.  °»Wow.  That°«s . . . wow.°…

        °»I know.°… Marron said, smiling.  °»So, what do ya wanna do?°…

        °»I don°«t know.  Let°«s go in.°… They walked into the mall, and went to a candy store. °»Oh, I°«m so hungry.°… Pan said, staring at the candy. °»I know, but we have to save the money for something good.°… Marron said.


°»Iie!°… Marron said.  °»Now let°«s go to another store.°…

°»I hope they get back soon.°… Chi-chi said, looking at the clock on the wall.  It was 11:30.  °»Goten will you go out and get them?°…
        °»Demo mom.°»  He whined.  °»I°«m busy.°…

        °»With what?°…

        °»Trunks is coming over soon, and I want to be here when he does!°…

        °»Fine, when Trunks gets here, your both going to out there.°…

        °»Okay.°… He pouted.

        °»Hey Pan, it°«s getting kinda late,°… Pan said, as they walked out of JCPenny with three bags filled with new clothes.

        °»Shimatta!°… Marron said, looking at her watch.  °»It is!  Let°«s go!°…  They ran towards the parking lot, and got onto her bike.  °»Pan, you have to hold all the stuff, and don°«t drop it, okay?°…

        °»I can do it.°… She said.  They were off.

        Trunks was fly to Goten°«s house, when he looked down and saw Marron and Pan going home at tan incredible
speed.  He zoomed down beside them.

        °»Hello ladies.°… He said, flying beside them.

        °»Ahh!°… They both said, and Pan accidentally kicked Marron°«s foot, sending both of them into the bushes.

        °»Nice going Einstein.°… Marron said sarcastically.

        °»Like I did it on purpose.°… Pan said, brushing dirt off her knees.  Then they noticed the motorcycle.

        °»Oh man!  My bike!°… Marron said, her voice squeaking.

        °»Now how are we going to get home?°… Pan asked, picking up some clothes that were out of the bag. Both of them had forgotten that Trunks was there.

        °»Maybe I can help?°… He asked, looking at them from outside of the bushes.

        °»You again.°… Marron said, turning around, very angry. °»Why°«d you do that?  Now my bike°«s trash!°…

        °»Gomen.  I didn°«t mean to scare you.°…

        °»It°«s alright, I know you didn°«t, I just . . . I like my bike a lot.°… She said with a pout.  °»And now we can°«t even get home.°…

        °»I can help you there.°… Trunks said.

        °»How?°… Pan asked, knowing the answer, and getting excited.

        °»I can fly both of you.°… Trunks said.

        Yes! Pan thought.  Not about the flying, she had been flown places several times, and she could almost fly herself.  It was about Trunks, she had a major crush on him.
        °»Okay.  Arigatou.°… Marron said, sighing, looking at her crashed bike.  They fished picking up the clothes
and but them all in bags. °»Now one of you one my back the other one across the thresh hold.°… Trunks said.  They did as he said, Marron on his back, and Pan across the thresh hold.

        They got home within seconds.

        °»Hey mom!  We°«re HOME!°… Pan yelled at the top of her lungs.

        °»Good, I need you two to help me with some stuff. Hey, where°«d you get those bags?°… Chi-chi asked when they walked inside.

        °»What bags?°… Pan asked, trying to put them behind her back.

        °»The bags that we got to carry the stuff from the garage sale.°… Marron said slowly, thinking of an excuse.

        °»Oh, okay, go put them away and come back down here.°… Chi-chi said.

        °»Okay.°… Pan said, running upstairs, with Marron right behind her.  They jerked open the door and started putting the stuff in their closet.

        °»I really don°«t get why you like getting this kind of stuff.°… Pan said, hanging up a shirt.

        °»Trust me, in a couple of years, you will.°…  Marron said, folding up her jeans.

        °»Oh, come on, you°«re only ten, it°«s not like you°«re a teenager or anything.°…  Pan said, as they finished.

        °»I°«m eleven.°… Marron sighed.

        °»You look like you°«re?°»

        °»I know, I look like I°«m nine.°…  Marron said.  °»It°«s cuz I°«m so short.°…

        °»Too bad.°… Pan said, and they ran downstairs. °»What°«d we have to do okaasan?°…

        °»Well, Goku wants you two to go outside.  I think he wants to train you or something.°… Chi-chi said with a sigh.  She never really did approve of martial arts. And to start it so young.

        °»Goku?°… Marron asked.  °»You wanted us?°…

        °»Hai.°… He said.  °»Yamcha told me something a few weeks ago, he said that Krillian wanted you to get trained.  So I said I°«d do it, and thought, °∆Hey why not do Pan, too?°«  So today we°«re going to train.°…

        °»Okay . . .°… Pan said, slowly.

        °»So, um, let°«s get started.  Pan attack me.°… Goku said, crouching down into attack position.

        °»Okay.°… She said with a shrug and attacked.  She was very good for her age, and Marron got a little nervous.  Pan was so great, and Marron well . . . she hadn°«t been trained at all.

        °»Okay, Marron your turn.°…

        °»Okay.°… She said weakly.  She tried to think about what happened when she had attacked ANi24.  She had turned all her emotion to hate.  She had attacked, only wanting to kill. Why not try it again? She asked herself, and tried to turn all of the nervousness into hatred.  It worked. She powered up.

        It was amazing to watch for Goku.  She hadn°«t been trained at all, but she was concentrated, and she powered up! Her chi sparked around her, and she jumped towards him without screaming, talking, or yelling.  She kicked, and he blocked it, she punched, and he blocked it.  But she managed to get behind him, and punch him in the back of the legs.  Goku fell over, and Marron punched him in the back, with both of her hands.
        Okay, Marron calm down. She said to herself, and the chi stopped surrounding her.  She walked back to where Pan was.  Her jaw was dropped.

        °»How°«d you do that?°… She asked.

        °»I?I don°«t know.  I just . . . imagined all of my nervousness turning into hatred, and all of a sudden, I knew where to attack, and I°«m powerful enough to do it . . . it°«s so weird.°…

        °»I°«ll bet it is.°… Pan said.  Goku stood up and rubbed his back.  That was the first attack that anyone had landed that hurt.

        °»Now, we°«re going to give you some weighted clothing, and then, you°«re going to attack me again.°…

        °»Okay.°… They said at the same time.  Goku went inside and came back out with some weighted clothing, and
gave each of them one.  °»Wear these everyday, and when you take them off, you°«ll be stronger.°…

        °»Cool.°… Pan said, slipping hers on.

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