CHAPTER TWO: A Bear and A Battle 

"Oh! You almost had it that time." Marron moaned.

Goten was playing the crane machine and was trying to win a stuffed bear.

" Yeah, but now I am all out of change." he said disappointedly.

She reached into her pocket. "You may be, but I'm not."


"They really are a cute couple."Trunks finally admitted.

"I told you so. When do you think he'll officially ask her out?"

Trunks shrugged.

"Look! He just won the bear. Will you win me a stuffed animal?" Bra begged her older brother.

Again he shrugged.

"You win me a bear, I'll buy you a super sized fries, coke, and all the hamburgers you can
eat on the way home."

"Watch out crane machine!!! Here I come."


"He is soooo cute! Congratulations." she told Goten.

"Thank you." he said.

Marron looked down at her watch. It read 11:37 PM.

"EWWW! I have to get home pronto. If my mom finds out that I am out past 11 without telling her,
she'll kill me."

"Didn't you tell her?"

"No. I thought we would be how around 10:30 so I didn't bother."

"I can get you home faster than any taxi. Come on."

Together they ran past Trunks and Bra.

"See ya! Call me." Marron called to her friend as they ran past.

" 'K." Bra answered moderately confused.

Not 2 steps out of the door, Goten had his arms around her waist and they had taken off. He was
going the speed she usually asks him to go. They tightly zipped around trees and buildings. With
every turn, Goten held on more tightly to Marron and Marron held on to the prize bear for dear life.

Within 2 minutes they were at her house.

"Just sit in the grass and act like we had been sitting out here for a while. If they felt your
'ki' you just flew back because I forgot the bear." she said plopping down on the
grass. He carefully sat down on the ground next to her.

"Thanks for treating me to this fun night. I needed to get away from my parents." she told him.

"Your welcome. Don't worry. I understand. So did I. It was fun spending time with all my close

She looked up at the kitchen window and the light was off. "Would you like to come in for a drink or
something?" she asked standing up and brushing herself off.

"Can I make a phone call?" He asked as he plucked a leaf out of her hair.

" Of course." the 2 of them walked up to the house hand-in-hand.

"Anybody home?" she asked as she opened the door.


"Hi daddy. Where's mom?"

"She just left to go get something. She'll be back soon."

"Ok. Is it all right for Goten to use the phone?"

"Sure." Then she heard the TV's volume go back up and the announcer call out the score.

Goten picked up the phone and dialed his number. After a couple of seconds he hung up and
redialed. Again he hung up. He was getting frustrated very quickly.

"556-993-8089" he said as he pounded the numbers into the phone pad.

" That's not gunna help it go through." she giggled at him.

" I know. And all the luck. I left me key at home. I guess I’ll go over to Trunks' to
spend the night."

"Nonsense. We'd love to have you stay with us." A shadowed figure told him from the

"Hi, mom." Marron said unimpressed by her entrance.

Goten on the other hand was still in awe. "I guess I'll go check it out at my house. If
nobody's home I'll come back."

"Alrighty then." Marron told her friend.

He dashed out of the door.

"He really a nice guy. You 2 should hook up." She shook her head in disbelief. If her dad heard this
he would have a stroke.

" Mom, we're just friends."

"Sure. What ever you say." she said leaving the room to go talk to Krillin.

There was a light tap on the door.

"I got it." Marron told her parents. "Who is it?"

" A robber here to take all the valuables and the pig tails."

" Sorry. We aren't expecting a robber who will take the pig tails. Must be next door."

"Mom, it's Goten."

"Goten is going to take all of the valuables and your pig tails?"


"Let him in. We'll have to watch him though." Juuhachi-gou teased.

It had started raining while he was gone and their conversation with him outside now had him

"Oh, I am so sorry. Sit right here. I'll be back with some dry clothes for you." she told him as
he sat down on an old lawn chair that was by the back door.

Marron then ran through the house collecting clothes that Bra had borrowed from Trunks when she
came over and left or he left over here when ever they last had a get-together. Then she grabbed a
towel and with all of these she carefully ran back to her awaiting wet friend.

"Here. Take these and go change in my bathroom. You know where it is." she told him.

5 minutes later he emerged in Trunks' sweatpants and white undershirt with his hair still
damp and in all directions.

"Lookin' sharp." Krillin told his best friend's youngest son.

Goten just blushed. " I wanted to thank you for letting me stay here. I don't know where my
parents are but I know that they also thank you."

"It is really no problem and if you ever need a place to stay or something, feel free to come on over.
Our home is our friends home too!" her mom chimed. " But just os you know, 12 is the latest that we
go to bed and it is now 12. You can either sleep on the couch or maybe Marron will sleep out here
and let you take her bed."

"Mom, there are 2 couches. Couldn't we both sleep out here?"

Luckily her dad was already in his room.

"I guess so." she said after heavy consideration.

"Thanks mom." Marron said hugging her. Then she went and got 2 pillows off of her bed and gave
one to Goten. They said their 'good nights' and then it was lights off.

"Hey Goten?"


"Has anyone been bugging you about us and that they tink that we should bee going out?" Marron
asked him after she got all of her courage gathered

"Only Trunks. Why?"

"Everybody has been bugging me. Even my mom. I was just being curious." she said hurling the
bear at Goten's couch.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"Just thought that you might want him near you. Will you wake me if you go work out tomorrow?"


"Where do you work out?"

" In the park near the lake. You can't miss it. The grass is dead. Why?"

"Just wondering. Maybe if I wake up early one day I'll go and watch."

Then there was a long silence. Marron thought that Goten was asleep so she nodded off into
dreamland. She was only disturbed once. It was Goten tucking the bear under her arms.

"Where is Goten?" Marron asked her mom when she woke up the next morning.

"He was gone when I woke up. Why? Are you 2 still just friends?"

"Yes we are. He just left his bear here. I guess I'll bring it over later."

"How was the movie?" Juuhachi-gou asked drying a plate that had been left in the sink.

" I dunno."

"What do you mean? Where you and Goten making out in the back?" she asked suspiciously.

"You and Goten were making out in the theater? I'm calling up Goku to tell him. Oh by the
way your grounded." Krillin exclaimed.

"Honey, I said that. She didn't see the movie and I just said that as an excuse. But why
didn';t you see the movie?" she asked her daughter.

"Just so you know, we weren't kissing. Cody showed up."

"That cute blonde jock from school. So you left Goten for him?" her mom asked.

" He wouldn't have come home with me if that had happened. Anyway, I can't stand
Cody. He shows up, and started to bug me. I had Bra get the guys and they came out to save me
but then they broke out in a fight, but I stopped it. We were kicked out of the movies after that and
we went to the mall."

"Where did Goten win the bear?" her dad asked. "I mean if he doesn';t still sleep with one."

"No daddy. He won it at the arcade in the mall."

" Well thank you for catching us up on everything that happened last night. Maybe we should start
having conversations like this when ever you go out with the guys."


"Honey, she does need a personally life." her mom came to the rescue.

They sat down and had breakfast and Marron brushed off almost everything that had happened the
night before. Almost everything...

Later that afternoon, Marron and Juunachi-gou went grocery and garden shopping. After the
groceries were put up, Marron helped her mom out in the garden.

"I'll be right back. You want any water?" Marron asked her dirty mother.

"Naw. But thank you " she answered.

She walked into the house, washed her hands, then picked up the phone and dialed the
Son's house and listened to it ring.

"Hello?" Pans voice answered.

"Hey Pan. This is Marron. How are you?"

"Just fine. How ';bout you?"

"Okay. Hey is your uncle around?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Can you keep him there for about 30 minutes?"

"Yeah, but why don't you drive? It would take a shorter time to get here."

"I know but it is so beautiful outside. I want to enjoy it."

"Oh... alright. See ya when you get here." then she hung up.

Marron grabbed the bear and ran outside.

"I'm bringing Goten his bear. I'll be back soon."

"Ok." her mom said not even looking up.

Marron ran down the street, turned the corner and jogged for a block. The sun';s rays and
the gentle breeze feel so good she said to herself. She stopped at the intersection and looked down
a the neighborhood below. She caught her breath then looked down and found the house she was
heading to. She jogged down the street until she reached her destination. As she walked up the
walk-way, the front door flew open and Pan greeted her.

"Hi Pan." Marron cheekily said.

"Hi. Come on in. I'll go get Goten." she said.

Marron sat down on the sofa and waited for her friend. A few moments later, the door opened and
Goten walked in and Pan was right behind. He sat down next to me. Pan looked at us.

"I think I'll leave you 2 alone." she said. She turned around an left closing the door behind

"I can';t stay here for long. Mom wants me home."

" That's alright. What did you come for?"

"A couple of things. You forgot this last night."

His wrapped his arms around her waist and their lips touched. She was surprised.

"Was that what I forgot?" he asked.


A pair of eyes watched through the key hole then Pan stormed up to her room when they started

"What are they doing?" she asked her stuffed dog.

It returned it's normal stupid reaction that it gave her for every question she asked it.

"Your right. They are probably arguing about what month their wedding will be on. For crying out
loud. They have only been on one date."


"No. But that was... I guess something you did forget. Anyway, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"You mean another question."

She thought about it for a while. "Yeah. Why didn't you wake me up this morning? I asked
you to and yet you still left me behind."

"Are you mad?"

"No. I just want to know why."

"You looked so peaceful. I didn't want to wake you."

" But I wanted to watch you. I find it quite interesting."

" Your parents would have freaked out when you weren't there." he said trying to find an

"No they wouldn't have."

"Yes they would have."



"Since when did you know more about my parents then I do?"

"I don't but they would have sent out the army to look for you."

"I could have left a note."

"They would have thought I kidnapped you."

"They wouldn't have worried." Marron felt her throat tighten and tears well up in her eyes.

"You know what!" she screamed, " I don't know what i ever saw in you. Your horrible. Maybe I
should have gone out with Cody. He probably would have treated me better." She threw the bear at
his head and stormed out of the house slamming the front door. She didn't take a second
glance back to see if he was going to try to stop her or if anyone had heard what was going on. She
just didn't care. With tears streaming down her face she ran home.

"Almost there."  she cried to herself. Then she ran into a body that was blocking her way.

"Did Goten hurt you? I'll kill him" the familiar yet hated voice growled.

"No Cody. I just made a serious mistake that I need to fix."

"I'll help you." he said in the most comforting voice she had ever heard him talk in.

"No. I need to do this on my own."

"Oh... ok. Well call me if I can help in any way."

"Alright. Thank you." Then she took off. *Oh Dende. That was the second to last person that I
needed to see on a day like today.* Marron ran up the front walkway, rushed up the stairs, threw
herself on her bed and balled her eyes out.

There was a light tap on the door.

"Please mom, go away."

"What's wrong? Can I help?"

"Nothing serious is wrong mom. I need to work it out."

"Something with Goten, eh?"


"Call up a friend and talk about it. You'll feel better and then maybe we can talk about it, k?"

"Sure, maybe." Marron heard her mom walk down the stairs then picked up the phone and dialed
Bra's number.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end answered.



"I hate Goten!!"

"Hi Marron. Nice to talk to you to. How has your day been."

"Bra.... Please?!"

"Ok.Ok. Why?" she heard her friend get comfortable.

She told her sympathetic friend the entire story of what just happened.

"Should I come over?" she asked.

"No. You would have to go home with a 10 pound threat note for Trunks to give to the butt."

"Oh...well then I have to go. Mom needs the phone."

"Ok. Well bye."

"Bye." The two friends hung up. Marron sat there looking at he phone. Why? Who knows. She just
found it amazing at that time. She heard the front door open

"Marron, there is someone that is here to see you."

" Send them up, daddy."

A few seconds later there was a knock on the door and it opened slightly. She expected it to be Bra
or Pan but she was wrong.

"Goten hurt you? I'll pound his face in." Trunks said in a serious yet kidding way.

"Not physically but emotionally. Don't worry."

"Emotion injuries are harder to fix than physical injuries." he told her

She smiled at her sister's older sibling. Then he wrapped his arms around her.

* It feels good to know that someone still cares that aren't my parents.*

" I'm sure he's hurting also."

"I doubt it. He has a heart of cold marble."

"You know that is not true. He really loves you."

"Call him! Ask him. He&'ll either ignore you or change the subject. That I know."

He picked up her phone and dialed Goten's number. After a few minutes of it ringing he
started talking to his friend. 3 minutes into the conversation it was through.


"You were right. He kept on changing the subject."

Marron sat there cuddled up in Trunks'; arms, inhaling all of his sweet smelling cologne she

"I gotta go." he handed a piece of paper to her. "This is my personal phone line. Call me if you need
any thing."

"Alright. I'll show you to the door."

He helped her up then she showed him to the front door.

"Thanks for coming over. It helped to have a friend comfort me." she told him.

"Any time." he smiled then took off into the air and she sensed his 'ki' as it got smaller
and smaller.

Relieved to have that off her chest she went back upstairs and inhaled all that remained of
Trunks' cologne. There she fell asleep without any dinner.

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