The phone rang.

"Who could that be this early in the morning?" Bra moaned. "Hello..."

"Bra.... is Marron over there?" a worried voice asked.

"She's not with me. Why?"

"She's not at home and there is no note or any message or anything!" Krillin exclaimed.

What he was saying just hit Bra. "What?! I'll go get Trunks. Maybe she's with him. Hold on."

A couple of seconds later Trunks' picked up the phone.

"Bra told me everything. I'll be right over to help you look for her." he slammed down the phone then ran out
of his sister's room. Then he came back in and dialed Goten's personal number.

"He picked up the phone and put it up to his ear. "Who the hell is callin' me thi..."

"Goten get up! Your girlfriend or ex is missing."


"She's gone. Bye Bye. Vanished. Not at current address."

"Where is she?" Goten asked still half asleep.

"We don't know? Get to her house now!" Trunks screamed as quietly as possible. Then he hung up and ran
out of the house.

A minute later both of them were at Krillin's house.

"Do we have any clues? Anything at all?" Trunks asked.

"Her convertible is missing. That's all that we have found.

"Spread everywhere. Look under every stone and in every crack until you find my little girl." Krillin fused.

" Calm down honey. Let us take this a little more organized. Goten, you take North of Satan City, Trunks -south,
Krillin - East, and I'll take West. We'll meet back here in one hour whether you have found her or not."


Marron parked her car in the covered parking lot then walked across the street to the park. She looked across the
peaceful lake and watched as a kyacker quickly and smoothly glided by.

"I wonder who I';ll meet today." she asked herself leaning up against a tree.


"Still no Marron." Goten said when he returned. The others were there along with Goku and the rest of his family and
Vegeta and Bulma.

" It's times like this that I wish Marron was a fighter. Then she would have a large enough 'ki'
to find her." Krillin mumbled.

" I'll search till my dying breath to find her." Trunks told her parents.

"Me, too!" Goten said. "But I wonder what upset her."

"Did you completely forget what happened yesterday?"

Goten looked around and rubbed the back of his neck.

"He's got a short term memory that is only set as far back as the last meal." Goku said.

"You're one to talk." Chi Chi said.

"What did I do?" Goten asked his friend.

Trunks glared at him then told the entire group the entire story.

"Oh..." Goten mumbled under his breath. He walked out the door. "Did I really say that?" he asked himself. I need to
get away form all this." He slowly stumbled to the park. " She never hurt me. She would have kept her parents from
killing me. Oh Dende, what have I done?"

When he reached the park he flew to a tree and said there looking out at the peaceful lake.


Marron looked around. " I could have sworn that I heard someone." She shrugged then leaned back up against the

"Man, I miss his laugh. And the way he held me. And the way he...he...ACHOOO!!!"

"Marron, I heard from Jason that you and Goten aren't going out. You lied to me." Cody growled.

"No. We really are going out. I love him and I can't stand you!" she stood up and Cody grabbed her arm.

"Let go of me!!!" she warned him through her teeth.

Cody threw her on the ground then stood over me. "You can't stand me?! I have girls all over me and you
can't stand me!"

"Those girls have no brains."

He looked around. "You're luck that there are a lot of people around." he told me then he stormed off.

Marron lied down on the ground and started to drift to sleep. THUD!!!!!!! Marron shot up and looked around. On the
ground next to her, Goten had fallen on his butt.

"Are you okay?" she asked him worried.

"Yeah, now that I've found you. Everyone has been looking for you." he said standing up and dusting himself

"What do you mean? I've been waiting here for you. I wanted to tell you..."

"Marron, please forgive me. I was such a jerk. I am so sorry that I thought that I knew more than you about your
parents." he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. "I love you."

"Goten," she looked up into his warm,loving, dark eyes, "I love you,too. I hated the fact that we were fighting and I am
sorry that I argued with you about not waking me up. There are plenty of other times that I can go with you, right?"

"Of course." He scooped her up in his arms and the 2 spun around in circles till they fell on to the ground in a heap
of laughing teenagers.

Cody came over, pushed me off, Goten still to dizzy to stand just sat there. Then Cody began to kick him in the
stomach. "Take my girl will ya!" he screamed.

"Stop. No don't hurt him!" she looked around for help and felt a 'ki' near by. "Help! We need
your help!" she yelled at the shadow that flew over.

The person split into 2 people before it landed.

"Gohan! Trunks! Cody is after Goten again and won't give Goten a chance to protect himself."

Trunks jumped right in, but Gohan stayed by her side.

"You are sure not like your brother."she told him

"I believe there are other ways to solve a problem other than fighting. I am going to threaten him after this is over."

"Oh, ok." she ended their conversation.

They watched as the fight fell to an end. Trunks came out unhurt. Goten was bruised and battered and
unconscious. Gohan rushed him to the ER. Trunks and Marron ran to her car then rushed as quickly as possible to
the hospital. They arrived 30 minutes after Gohan and his brother because of the traffic. They dashed to the ER
waiting room and sat there with Gohan waiting for the results.

The doctor emerged and walked over to them.

"Are you Gohan?" he asked.

Gohan nodded.

"I'm Dr. Calin. Goten will be just fine. He wasn't severely injured, mostly cuts and bruises. The most
serious of them all is a broken arm."

"Thank Dende!" Marron praise the Namek God.

The doctor walked back into the ER.

"I guess the 2 of us won't be practicing for a while." Trunks said upset.

"I am not worried about that. I am worried about where he's going to stay while we are gone. He
wouldn't have any fun with just one arm." Goten's older brother said worried about him.

"He could stay with me. I am staying at home with my uncle. This is going to be on eof hte few times that I get to see
my dad." she told them.

"We'll have to talk to the parents about this first." Gohan told her.

She smiled then Goten emerged from behind the door with his hand to his head but he was smiling none the less.
He had a blue cast on his right arm.

"Beautiful!!" Trunks teased.

Marron ran up to Goten. "I am so sorry. Cody shouldn't have done that. He just has a really bad temper."

"I noticed." he chuckled.

"Well, we have decided that you won't have much fun on the trip with only one arm so I mom and
Juunachi-gou agree then you will be staying with Marron and her uncle."

Goten smiled at Marron and she blushed.


"Is that alright?" Goten asked Chi Chi.

" I guess so. But if her mom says no then you can't and you will have to came with us even though you
won't have fun and I'll have Gohan give you something to work on."

"Alright. She's gunna say 'yes' though." he said as he ran to his room. He turned a corner to
fast and ran into a wall.

"OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" he howled.


"Mom, please! Uncle Junana-gou won't mind. He told me in his letter that I could have a friend here with me
the entire time. And he is going to bring me a suprise!" Marron told her mom everything that her uncle told her in his
only letter that she ever got from him.

"Alright." Juunachi-gou finally gave in. She and her daughter had been discussing the topic for over an hour.

"YES! Thanks mom!" she told her giving her a hug then she ran up to her room. On the way up she slipped and fell
into a wall.

"OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" she yelped but made it up to her room, eventually. There she dialed
Goten's number. They talked for over an hour.

"Marron, Time to get off. We’re going out to eat." Krillin called from downstairs.

"Ok!," she answered him. "OOPPS! Sorry Goten. I didn't mean to scream in your ear. I've got to go."

"Oh....ok...I understand." he said glumly.

"No..wait. We're going out to eat. I'll call you when we get back."

"Promise you'll call?"


"Promise you won't try to pick up any cute waiter?"

"I'd never!"

"Well then, I'll be waiting for the call. I love you!."

"Luv ya too." then she hung up and ran downstairs in jean cut-offs and a tank top.

"Your father forgot to tell you that it is a dress up place." her mom told her. She was standing in her bedroom

"Thanks mom!" she dashed back upstairs making sure not to hit any walls this time. She found a crystal blue
spaghetti strap dress that she had wore somewhere for some occasion. She slipped it on, took down her hair,
brushed her hair and curled the end and her bangs that nobody knew that she had.

"Hurry! Marron we need to get there really soon." Krillin called.

She ran down the stairs with her shoes in one hand, her make up and jewelry in the other.

"We have ten minutes. Oh, we're meeting your uncle there." her mom told her. She was in the same spot
only she had changed into a dark green gown.

"Good." Marron sighed then she walked back up the stairs. She applied her make-up, put on her necklace and
ear-rings, then put on her high heels. Slowly and carefully she walked down the stairs.

"Wow you look great! Come on though, your father is in the car waiting."

Together, they walked out of the house and got in the car. 30 minutes later they arrived at their destination- Blue
Waters- the most famous and expensive restaurant in Satan City.

"Who, may I ask, I picking up the bill?" Marron asked.

"None of your business . You just have fun." her parents instructed her.

They had their car valet parked and they walked into the front entrance. The hostess brought us to a long table.

"You don't mind this, do you? There will be other people sitting here with you. We have an extreme shortage
of smaller tables." the waitress asked Marron.

"I don't mind but what about all of those tables?"

"They are already reserved."

"Ok." she smiled as she sat down in the middle of the table. Her parents sat down at the end and they looked like
they were cooing at each other. The waitress brought out bread sticks and menus. They restaurant quickly began to
fill up and suddenly the entire table was filled. She sniffed the air and recognized a familiar scent . She turned to the
left and saw a lilac haired man sitting next to her.


The man didn't turn around. She tapped him on the shoulder.

Trunks turned around.

"Hi." she told him.

"Hi..... I mean 'hi'. Wow Marron you look great. I didn't recognize you in that dress with your
hair down." he said stunned.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

"Dunno. Mom just told me to get dressed up because we were going out to eat at a formal restaurant."

She looked down both ends of the table and saw that everyone she was close to was there. Even her Uncle! Goten
was on the other side of her and Bra was across from her with Pan beside her.

She stood up. "I'll be right back." she told Trunks.

"No. Wait."

"Why?" she asked sitting down in her chair and looking annoyed.

"Look up there."


"The balcony."

"What about it?"

"Is that Cody?"


"Third table from the wall."

"I don't think so. Can I go now?"

"No. Are you sure that it is not him. I mean I don’t want anything to happen while the 4 of us are here."

"Good point. I'll stay for a couple of minutes or until after has been served."

"May I take your order?" the waitress asked her.

Marron turned around to find a steak dinner in front of her and everybody else.

" This will do."

"She means to drink." Goten whispered.

She blushed. " I'll just take water."

"Let's eat."Goku said.

"This is one of the times I have to agree with you." Vegeta snorted.

We all nodded and then began to eat. We started talking and trying to figure out why we were here.

" Trunks is it ok if I go to the restroom now?!"

"Yeah sure." he said not looking up from his baked potato.

Bra stood up. "Me too."

Together we went to the back.

"I would love to know what we are doing here?" Bra inquired.

" So would I."

They stood in front of the mirror looking at their reflections.

"We had better get back out to the table. They might start wondering about us." Bra said.

They walked out and 'Mister Perfect' was standing there.

"May I escort you 2 lovely ladies back to your table?"

"Yes." Marron said trying not to let him see how much she hated having to be with him.

He held out his arms. Marron disgustedly wrapped one of her arms around his left arm and Bra wrapped her left
arm around his right then they started to walk toward their table. When they got in range of the guys eyes, Marron
started to make faces.

"Thank you." Marron said letting go so she could sit down.

"Thanks." Bra said blushing.

" Yes. Thanks you Cody for bringing them back." Trunks and Goten told him.

"You're very welcome." he winked at Marron then walked away.

"Yeah, I am sure I would have been mugged walking a whole 50 feet." she sneered as soon as he was out of
hearing range.

"I don't see why you don't like him. He is really sweet." Bra argued watching him go back to his seat.

"He's is so sweet he decided to give Goten a broken arm just for the heck of it." Trunks told his little sis.

"That was him?"


"What a jerk. Now I know why you don't like him." she said looking at Marron.

Marron felt a light tap on her shoulder. She looked at Bra's face and her reaction told her that Cody had
heard every word that she had just said. Slowly she turned around only for her eyes to be met with a pair that were
similarly close to the same color as her's. She hugged the neck that they belonged to.

"UNCLE JUNANA!!" Goten and Trunks couldn't believe that I knew who this stranger was. "Wow! You have
got 2 beautifully colored eyes."

"Thank you. As do you. Why didn't you come do and see me? I saw you look down at me a couple of times."

She hit Trunks in the arms. "He wouldn’t let me get up. Oh, these are my best friends Trunks, Bra, Goten,
and Pan."

"Hello." he told them all. "Uh, Marron. I think that Bra is trying to tell you something."

She turns around and covers her mouth to muffle her yell. In front of her was the most beautiful cake she had ever

"Happy 16th birthday." everyone in the restaurant told her. She blushed and almost started to cry. Her uncle hugged
her from behind.

"I am sorry that I haven';t been there for your birthday. I hope this makes up for every birthday since you were

"Oh it makes up for that and more. As long as I thought that you loved me still I didn't care because I knew
that I would eventually see you again." she told him as a tear rolled down her cheek.

He wiped it away. "I'll always love you even if I sometimes don't act like it." then he kissed her

"Oh, Goten is the one that is staying with us. His parents are going with everyone else at the table and they
don't think he'll have any fun without both of his arms."

He looked at her crazy friend. "He';ll be with us for the week?"


"We'll have loads of fun then." he said smiling.

Juuanchi-gou pushed her twin away. "The men are getting restless. They want cake." She said pointing to the guys
at the end of the table with their wives trying to shut them up.

"Cut them a piece. I don't want any"

"But it's tradition that the birthday person gets the first piece of cake." her mom whined.

" Oh...ok. Since it’s tradition." her mom cut her a small piece of the corner for her daughter then cut larger
pieces for everyone else.

Marron took her fork and cut off a piece and started to eat it. She nearly choked on something that was in it. As
politely as possible she took it out of her mouth and looked at it.

Goten leaned toward her. "It's a dog tag."

"I know that. What does it mean." She looked down the table to her uncle who put his hands on his head and stuck
out his tounge. She smiled and understood but everybody who had watched hin do this was confused.

All of the Sayajin men ate the rest of the cake so Marron didn't have to bring any home. Everyone sat around
and talked for another hour then Marron decided that she had to get home. Bra wanted to stay with her parents
while they talked about the trip. Junana-gou was going to drive Marron home and offered Goten and Trunks a ride.
At first they declined but they looked at Marron and decided that it would be that bad if they went home with her

They said good bye to everyone then they started to walked out of the restaurant toward he sporty black convertible.
A voice started to Call Marron but she chose to ignore it. She knew how it was.

"Marron, why am I not in your fan club?" it teased. "I am better looking than any of those goons."

"You know what?" She stopped in her tracks.

"No. What?"

"You are really beginning to piss me off."

"Oh... what are you gunna do about it?" he asked sarcastically.

She thought about it. "Meet me in the park in about an hour. Near the lake, under that tree."

"I'll be there." he said then he turned and ran off.

"Ok, you guys...." she turned around and nobody was there. "Hey!" she ran toward the convertible.

"What's the plan pretty eyes?" Goten asked.

Junana-gou, Trunks, and Marron turned to look at Goten.

"Let me rephrase that. What's the plan, Marron?"

"Simple. You guys wait in the tree. If I need any help I'll scream Gummi Bears. First, I need to go to the police
station. You guys probably don't want to come in because I don't know what he has told his dad
about you guys. Cody's dad is the police chief. Come get me when you are done. I might be waiting for you
or not. By that time though I should he him convinced that you guys aren't bad."

" What do we do for the time that you 2 are talking?" Trunks asked.

"Go home and get me something I can kick Cody's butt in that isn't a dress or just underwear." she
said when she saw the gleam in Goten's eyes. " My room window is unlocked. Open it and climb in. And can
you get me a bag of gummi bears so he won't suspect any thing?"

"Sure." Her uncle was surprised his niece could think up something like that.

When they arrived at the station, Marron got out, blew each of the guys a kiss, then walked inside.

"For her sake, I hope this works." Junana-gou said. The other 2 nodded then they drove off.

"I need to talk to Chief O’ Neil." she told the receptionist.

"I'm sorry. He’s not talking to anyone right now."

"Tell him it's about his son."

"And who are you?"

"Marron. He knows who I am."

The receptionist stood up and slightly opened the door to his office. "Mr. O' Neil, there is a Marron here..."

"Send her in." he cheerfully said.

"He will see you now." she told Marron.

"Thank you." Marron walked past her and closed the door behind her.

" Hello. Please sit down." he greeted her.

"Thank you but I came here to talk to you about your son."


"Getting in here was easy. Figuring out what she wants to wear is the hard part." Goten said. Trunks nodded.

"Will she want her white tennis shoes or her sneakers? Her black, blue, or white shorts? Her pink, blue, or green
shirt?" Trunks asked naming everything that they had found in the past five minutes.

"To many choices." Goten said laying his head on his arms as he stretched out across the floor.

Her uncle, who had been quietly sitting on the bed got up and walked to her closet and opened it.

"You think that's a lot choices? Look at this."

Goten and Trunks' jaws hit he ground.

"No wonder it takes girls for ever to get ready. They have to find something that they not only like but that also
match." Trunks said now realizing all of this. "So are you # 17 or #19?" Trunks asked trying to strike up a

"17. Get her hairbrush and a hair band."he said as he grabbed an outfit and crawled out the window.


"Ok. I'll understand if Cody comes home beaten up. He deserves it."

Marron smiled. "Well, I gotta go. My friends should be waiting for me. Thank you for understanding."

"You're welcome and if he ever gives you any more trouble tell me."

"I will." She stood up and made her way to the front entrance. Standing there was Trunks, Goten, and her uncle.

"Chief O' Neil, I am sure you've heard of my friend Trunks, my boyfriend your son's been
beating up Goten and this is my Uncle. He is staying with us.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. I am glad that someone is watching over her." he told them referring to

Goten handed her the cloths and then she walked into the restroom.

She came outwearing what her uncle had chosen for her. Surprisingly it matched.

"Off to battle are ya?" the chief asked us. "Becareful."

Marron nodded. "Don't worry. We will." The group walked out to the waiting convertible and they climbed in.

" Man it felt creepy in there." Trunks said.

Goten nodded. " I know. Marron, how did you stand it in there?"

Her uncle looked inquisitively her, his blue eyes messing with her mind.

"I don't know. I just doesn't bother me all that much." she finally got out.

They chit-chatted till they arrived at the park.

"Remember, Gummi Bears." she told the guys.

They told her they remembered then they took off to go climb their tree. She casually made her way to the tree and
waited there for about ten minutes till a lone shadow appeared beside her.

"I don't understand why I can't be in your fan club."

Man his voice is getting annoying. "Why can't you act like a human and understand that no means NO!"

"You know that I can beat those other 2 wimps just like I beat up Goten."

"Yeah. You give them no chance to protect themselves and say that you won fair and square. Oh just so you know, I
talked to your father."

"My father. You talked to my father. What did you tell him. He might ground me for life.Come on babe, you really think
that I listen to my old man?"

"Your attitude really bites. I mean it’s more than the average jerks attitude. Hey, maybe if it wasn't as bad as
it is, I would think about going out with you."

"You have to take the good with the bad."

"I won't take any. Matter of fact, I never was going to take any." she yelled as she started to walk toward the lake. He
 grabbed her arm and forcefully turned her around till she was facing him. Then he forced her to lift her head till she
could look straight into his cold unloving eyes. She had no where else to look. The trees behind him shuffled

"You'll take what I tell you to take." he said then came closer to her.

" You know. Your right. Long ago a girl had no say in who she married. She had been forced into relationship that
she possibly didn't want and she had to live eith it for the rest of her life. Wake up with someone she was forced to
love and go to sleep wiht that same person. I should have gone out with you

in the first place." she pushed herself away.

"I am glad that we are now seeing eye to eye."

"I guess I just wasn't ready and that I was scared. I am ready now and I have something that I have been wanting to
give you and that you have been asking for ever since the first time that you had seen me."she formed her hand into
a fist and punched him across the cheek, her ring scratching his face. He flew back, landed on his butt, and put his
hand up to his face.

"What was that for?" he pulled back his hand and saw the blood.

"You actually thought that I would love a pig-headed, cold hearted, jerk like you? Boy were you ever wrong." he stood
up and she went to punch him again but he blocked it. Her natual reaction was to knee him where it hurts. He
doubled over and she started to kick him after he feel to the ground.

"STOP!!!STOP!!! I will leave you alone"he begged.

"Why? You didn't give Goten a chance and yet you still brag that you won the stupid fight between the 2 of you." she
told him, but she stopped. "But I am not going to stoop down to your level. At least now you know how Goten felt."
She turned to walk away. She looked down and saw the open bag of gummi bears and smiled. Cody grabbed her
ankle and pulled it back. She fell to the ground and hit her sholder on a sharp stone. She wanted to scream in pain
but held it in. She looked at her spilt gummi bears.

"You made me spill my gummi bears!" she cried like a 5 year old.

Trunks jumped out of the tree and started an attack. Her uncle started to get in but he stayed back and Goten didn't
even think about it. They watched te one sided fight for the next 3 minutes then Trunks retreated. He turned and
smiled at us.

"Let's go." Goten said.

"No. We need to at least bring him to the police station to drop him off." her uncle said.

He must have read my mind Marron thought to herself.

Trunks carefully picked up the motionless but alive body and placed it in the back seat.

"Hey, you to can fly. Meet us at the station." Marron called out the window as her uncle drove off.

"Gee, leave us with much of a choice." Trunks smiled at his friend. "Race ya!" and with that the two were off.

They and Chief O' Neil were waiting for the three of them when they arrived.

"I did most of the damage." Marron said taking the blame for most of what Trunks had done."

"Well thank you guys for bringing him to me." the chief told us ask he pulled his awakening son out of the back of
the car.

"No problem."

The guys jumped into the back of the car and her uncle took off letting the air blow through everybodys hair.

When they arrived at Marron’s house everybody's families were there. It didn't help that the air
had been blowing through their hair. It just made it look like they had been in a huge battle.

"We are all ok. It was just a little rumble." Junana-gou reassured everyone.

They all came into the house and Marron went into her room and changed into her PJ's. After putting her hair
loosely in a ponytail she came to join the group on the kitchen. Her mom was busy with the other mom's
cooking a 'snack' for all the sayajins. Marron went to help out.

"Marron, dear, what in the world happened to your shoulder?" Chi Chi asked.

Her mother gasped when she noticed the large scab that had formed on her daughter's right sholder.

Marron looked down. I knew there was a reason I didn't want to wear this wide collared shirt to bed. I just
couldn't remember it. She said to her self. "Oh nothing." she shrugged it off.

"That is a pretty serious 'nothing'." Bulma said. Videl nodded. "Mind telling us the real story?!"


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