For the next 30 minutes all eyes were on Marron while she told the story. They were only removed for the brief
moments when Trunks or Goten tried to spruce it up. Her mom got her a bag of ice and had her go lie down on the
sofa with it on her shoulder. Goten came in to sit with her.

"So, what cha doing next Saturday?" he asked.


"Want to go catch a movie with me?"

"My uncle will have to come with us."

"That's ok. He's pretty cool." Goten continued to talk but Marron fell asleep.

She was awoken when someone placed her in her bed.

"Sorry to wake you." he told her.

"That's alright. Good night uncle."

He kissed her forehead. "Good night."



Marron rushed downstairs when she heard this racket. She couldn't move her right arm because of the
gash from falling the night before. When she reached the kitchen she stopped in her tracks. Her uncle was holding
on, to the best of his capabilities, to a leash of an enormous energetic black puppy. Her uncle didn't realize
that she was up so she started to look around. Her parents were gone on the trip, she knew that, but where was

"Where's Goten?" she asked her relative.

He jumped, startled she was up. "He went to get breakfast." He let go of the leash and the puppy came rushing
toward her. The pup slid to a stop just before reaching her.

"What is his name?" she inquired as she hugged the large black fuzz.

"Luke. Hope you like him and SURPRISE!!"

She let go of Luke to hug her uncle. "I love him. And I love you!" she kissed his cheek.

There was a light knocking on the back door. Marron opened it to see Goten with a bag the contained their breakfast
and his cast was GONE! Luke lunged at him but Marron grabbed his collar.

"What the...."Goten stepped back.

"What didn't you tell me about this dog?" Marron demanded the answer from her uncle.

"Well, he's a guard dog and will attack any unknown person. He know all the obediance commands

"Well that will come in handy."

Goten put the bags on the table and turned toward the door. "I guess you have no need for a boyfriend to protect
you, huh?"

"You're right." she told him.

Goten and Junana-gou looked at her, astonished.

"But I do need a boyfriend to love and hold me."

Goten smiled. "I guess I could stay then."

"You better." Marron shot off.

He walked up and stood just inches from her. "What did you say?" he firmly asked. He picked he up and hugged
her. "Oh I almost forgot. I got something for you."

"What is it? What is it?" she pestered.

Goten pulled a little bag out of his jacket pocket and handed it to her. Carefully she opened it.

"Eat it." Goten encouraged her.

She popped it in her mouth. After swallowing it Goten lefted her right arm.she expected pain to rush through it, but it

"You just had your first senzu bean." Goten smiled at her.

"Thanks. Why didn't you get one of these before this morning? You could have gone on the trip."

He looked down at her. "And pass up being around you? I don't think so."

Marron hugged him as tight as she could then looked at her uncle. "You want to join in and have a group hug?" she
asked him.

"No thanks. I'll leave most of the hugs and kisses to you 2. I have a really good idea for us to spend the day.
How about we go to the amusement park?"

Marron's eyes lit up. "Give me 5 minutes." she cheered as she ran up the stairs.

When she came down, she grabbed a wrist from the two of them and pulled them outside. Goten wrapped his
arms around Marron and they took off.


It was after 1 in the morning when they got home.

"Gee, thanks for the wonderful day." she said letting the other two of them inside the house. The door was

"I thought I locked it?!" She exclaimed. "Didn't I?"

They shrugged.

"It was our pleasure." #17 told her.

"Yeah, my wallet is empty now." Goten teased.

"I'll pay you back in full." their supervisor told him.

"No no. I know it went to a worthy cause."

"You sure?" he joked.


"Hey would you 2 go check the other rooms and make sure that nothing is missing."

"Sure." They both headed toward different parts of the house.

There was a light knock on the door. Luke started to growl.

"Hush." she told her new pet as she slightly opened the door. The force on the outside overcame her force and the
door flew open. Luke attacked the shadowed figure but he as thrown aside like a stuffed animal. His head hit the
corner of the kitchen counter and he didn’t get up. Marron screamed then everything went black.


"Marron what's wrong? Marron?" Goten rushed into the kitchen. He saw the open door, Luke lying
motionless, and a paper shuffling across the floor.

"What's wrong?" Junana-gou asked running in.

"She's gone." Goten whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek.

17 grabbed the paper out of the draft and tried to read it. "It makes no sense."

"Should we call her parents?" Goten asked.

"No they worry about her so much. They need some time where they have nothing on their minds. We'll
bring it to the chief. He'l do something." he said picking up the limp dog. He twitched as he was laid down
on his doggy pillow.

Then they dashed off to the Police station.


"Does it make any sense to you?" her uncle asked, worried.

"No. Maybe it so some foreign language or something of that sort."

Goten's attention wasn't on the chief or the conversation, but the shiny police badge that the chief
wore. Then it hit him. "That's it! Mr. O'Neil have you seen Cody lately?"

"No, he went camping with his friends yesterday after he got out of the hospital. Oh just so you know. He
wasn';t seriously hurt. Just cuts and bruises. I hope that shaped him up. Why?"

"The message is backwards. It really reads 'i have her now';"

He wrote it out. "Well it sure does read that. My you're a start boy."

"Where is Cody at?" 17 asked, catching Goten drift.

" Some where out in the forest, I guess. I don't really pay much attention as to where he is going. I'll
have a search team out looking for her shortly though."

"We have to get home." Goten quickly said then he and his new friend ran out of the station.


The room was very blurry but things were starting to become more focused. Marron looked around and found that
she was alone in a poorly lit room. After a few moments she heard footsteps. She tried to turn around but she found
that she couldn't. She was tightly bound to a chair.

"So your up. Good!" a deep throated voice said. "Slen, get in here!"

"What?!" the new voice snapped

"She's up."

"Why are you telling me that. Go get the Master."

"Is it ok to leave her alone?"

"Does it look like she'll be going any place soon?"

The 2 left her alone. A while later she heard 3 sets of feet enter the room.

"You know you'll never leave. I have direct oders from my boss that you will stay here for the rest of you life."
the third voice told her. Slen and the other voice chuckled. "Did I say something funny?" it asked. The 2 stopped.

"Why did you kidnap me?" Marron demanded in a weak voice.

"I was told that if you wouldn’t come to him, he would make you come."

"That's against the law."

"Does it look like I care?"

"I don't know! I can't see your face." Marron snarled.

"Plus, I had to get them back."

"So you're the boss. But what did they do?"

" This is what for." Cody slowly walked in front of Marron and uncovered his face. She gasped. Her ring had left an
enormous scab from the corner of his eye to the middle of his cheek. Trunks also added some of his own smaller


"Luke's coming to." her boyfriend told her uncle.

The 2 of them sat near him as he stood up on weak feet. Once he got used to it he begged to go outside.

"Hold on. Let's get a leash on you first." 17 put the latch of the leash on Luke's collar then handed it
to Goten and slowly opened the door. Luke tore outside with his nose to the ground.

"Man he's strong." Goten said letting go of the handle.

"Tell me about it."

The 2 of them chased after the canine who was now running at unimaginable speeds.

"Are you sure he's not so sort of alien?"

"Yes. He is just a normal dog with the exception that he has a very strong nose."

"Do you think that he has Marron's scent?" Goten hopefully asked.

"Either that or a squirrel's. But he'll be losing it soon."

"Why do you say that?"

"It's going to rain any minute. We'll mark where we leave off and pick it up later.


"What do you want?" she spat.

"Your love. Is that so much to ask?" he had untied her and had her raised above the ground by her shoulders.

"Never!" she screamed. She felt 2 'ki's' that were fairly close but they began to fade as heavy
raindrops began to patter on the roof of the contraction that they all were in. She began to cry.

"She needs her rest! She’s been through a lot today." Cody said shooing the other 2 out of the room.
I'll be back in 5 hours." he warned her as he tied her back to the chair then he left.

Marron fell asleep crying in her uncomfortable chair.


Goten looked worried as they went home and Junana-gou noticed that.

"Don't worry." he told him, "She's a strong girl. We'll find her with her help and Luke's."
17 reassured him.

Goten went up to his room when they reached Marron's home and took Luke with him. Together they lightly

At 5:30 the 3 of them left the house to go looking for their lost blonde companion.


"Get up!!!"

Marron blinked hard and tried to stretch but again found that impossible. Cody was the only other person in the
room. Marron was weak form not eating much. He untied her and forced her to stand up. She used the table that
had appeared in there for support.

"Eat." he forcefully demanded.

Marron looked down at the slop that lay in a bowl on the table. She daren't go against his will. She had no
strength left in her body. She slowly ate it after looking hard at it for a few moments. The ki's was again
close. He picked her up and kissed her. She knew she couldn't refuse. When he stopped he cleared the
table. The ki's were closer than ever.

Marron screamed bloody murder.

"Come on baby. I don't look that bad and you know you want to deep down in your heart." Cody said pushing
her toward the table. Again she screamed but Cody covered her mouth. She bit it hard and continued to scream.


"He's following a squirrel." Junana-gou said.

Suddenly Luke's ears perked up. He forgot about the squirrel and followed the new sound he was hearing.

"Wonder what he's got now?" Goten asked.

"Shhh. Listen."

"Screams! Could it be..."

"Only one way to find out."

They dashed off following the noise leaving Luke in the dust. He wasn't that far behind them though.


Cody rushed and found something to silence her. She was still untied and he pushed her on to the floor and got
over her on his hands and knees. He had her pinned then he lowered his head till his lips were centimeters away
from hers.

"I've been waiting for this moment since, well you know when." he leaned down and kissed her. She finally
managed to move her head to the side and was released from the torture kiss.

" Now, that wasn't so bad and you know you liked it."

Marron spat in his eye. He stood up trying it wipe it out which gave Marron some lee-way. She picked up a chair and
threw it at his head.


"The screams have stopped. What do we do now?" Goten asked puzzled.

"Follow the nose." He pointed down at Luke who was already ahead of them.

"How do we know that he's following her scent?"

"It's either my niece, the person who took her, or a fugitive."

So through trees and fields they followed Luke's nose.


"I wonder how Marron, Goten and your brother are doing?" Krillin asked his wife.

"Let's not bother them." she said pulling him toward the surf.

"Your sure he won't let anything happen to her?"

"He loves her. He'd never let anything happen to her plus she also has Goten there with her. The
combination of the 2 of them is so massive, nothing would ever think of coming close to her." Juunachi-gou
reassured her husband.

"It's wonderful that they are finally getting some time to themselves." ChiChi said.

Bulma and Videl agreed with her.

"It's just what the doctor ordered." Bulma remarked.


Cody screamed in pain and grabbed his shoulder.

Damn it! I missed. Marron cursed under her breath. The chair had ripped of a piece of his clothing and a huge
chunk of skin.

"Bitch! Now you'll never leave alive." he swore as he came closer to her, knife in hand. She screamed and
began to run around the shadow-filled room. It was a lot bigger and there was more stuff in it then she realized.
Marron grabbed a lamp and threw it at him. This time she didn't miss. It hit his head and he groaned as he
slumped to the floor. She ran and locked the door so his servents couldn’t do anything or find out what had
happened then she tied him to the chair that she had been tied to for so long. The ki's were so close she
could have sworn that the person was right outside. Suddenly she heard a bark off in the distance.

There was a knock on the door. "Master, is everything alright?" Slen asked.

Oh no! What am I going to do? She asked herself.

"Get away from me! Leave me alone! NO! STOP!! NO!!!!!" she shrieked.

The footsteps padded away from the door, but now she heard footsteps outside the wall that she guessed kept her
from being outside. She started seaching the wall and finally found a hole that was big enough for her thumb to fit
in. She looked through and saw a black wet nose sniffing at the air coming through.


Something's not right at home trunks told himself.

"What wrong?" his dad asked, something that he rarely does. "Do you feel it to?"

"You feel that something is wrong at home?"

His father nodded. "Lets get home. They won't think anything is up. We haven't practiced for a while.

Together they got up and flew to the hotel to pack.

"Go tell your mom we're going home to work out." Trunks nodded and left Vegeta alone in the room. Why do
I care? They aren't part of my family. I guess she and Goten are growing on me. I need to get them off. But
thanks to them I am getting away from here. he muttered to himself. He grabbed the 2 bags and went down to the
lobby. Trunks arrived a few minutes later then the 2 of them took off to fly home.


"Luke! Luke, go get the guys." She whispered.

He looked at her and cocked his head to the left.

"Goten, 17..uh...them!" she said.

Goten and her uncle had just landed. Luke ran over to #17 and pulled his pant leg towrd the hole.

"What is wrong with you dog?" he asked.

"Uncle! Uncle! Over here! Hurry!"

"What in the......"he knelt by the hole and looked in. His eyes got huge. "Marron.. Is that you?"

"Yea. Get me outta here." she begged.

"Ok, stand away from the wall. We'll have you out soon honey." he turned to Goten. "Get ready to blast down
the wall."


They both shot blasts at the wall and after the smoke and dust cleared she saw her hero's and ran out to
them. First she hugged he uncle.

"Thank you so much for saving me. I love you!" she told him.

"I love you too!"

Then she ran to Goten. He picked her up and they kissed.

I love the way he holds me when he kisses me. She thought.

"You have no ides how much I missed you!" she exclaimed. "But I knew that sooner or later that you would save

"And you have no I dea how much I worried over you." he pulled her close and they stood there in each
other's embrace.

"While you 2 get to know each other all over again, stay here. I'll be back shortly."

The 2 of them nodded as they sat down on the ground and started to play with Luke.


"Nobodies home." Trunks said. He and Vegeta were at Marron house.

"Figures. Let's go find out how much trouble Kakarot's son has gotten every one into." They found the
2 highest ki's that weren't their own.

"They're not together. Let's go to the one that isn't moving." Trunks said.

They took off in the direction that the 2 cuddle bugs were at.


"He's back already?" Marron asked Goten. "No, wait there are 2."

"You have to be able to fight to feel ki's." Goten looked at her suspiciously.

"I can't really fight. Just enough to protect myself but I can read ki's. Strange huh?

He nodded as 2 forms landed near them. Marron jumped up and hugged Trunks then Vegeta. After a few minutes
he decided that was enough and pushed her off.

"To bad. You missed all the action." Goten told he best friend.

"What happened to the cast and your shoulder?" he asked the 2 of them.

"Senzu beans." they said in unison.

"Well you know that now you have to tell me everything, right?" Trunks said looking at his friends as he and
his father sat down on the ground.

Goten and Marron told them the entire story, even though Vegeta acted like he wasn't listening, Marron knew
he was.

Marron looked over at Cody. "Look's like he's coming to."

"You won't get away with this. You all will be arrested."

"Why? We didn't do anything wrong?" Trunks said.

"My father is the Chief and he believes anything I tell him."

"He wont believe you when he finds out that you kidnaped Marron." Goten snapped.

Vegeta stood up and loomed over him.

"I've heard that you were not only messing with my son but also his friends."

"Oh. What are you gunna do about it?" Cody badgered.

Vegeta untied him. "Congradulate you!"

"Thank you but why?"

" You're the first human that I am going to have to waste my time with since my son was born." he smirked
as he raised a hand and started to collect energy.

"No wait. Save him for the cops." Marron pled with him.

Vegeta looked down into her eyes. "But..." he released what little energy he had gathered. It threw Cody back 20


He glared at her.

"Thanks." she kissed him on the cheek and for the first time saw what maybe Bulma had seen in him.

The cops finally arrived with 17 leading the way. Cody was arrested and Marron introduced 17 and Vegeta officially
for the first time then they all went home.


"We're going out." Trunks told Junana-gou.

"See ya later."

Vegeta was at his house in his gravity machine. It was three days after the kidnaping and they were going out for the
first time.

"Just make sure that you are home by 11, k?"

"Ok!" then they all ran out the door. Trunks scooped up Marron in his arms and took off into the sky.

"You better get back here with my girlfriend." Goten warned.

"Your girlfriend. Marron you didn't tell him?! Oh well, she is my girlfriend. I don't know what you are
talking about."

"No way!"

"Yes way!"

"No it can't be." Goten caught up to the 2 of them.

"It's true." Marron told him giggling.. Then Trunks let go of her and she fell right into Goten's arms. He
gave her a disgustful look.

"Don't tell me you actually thought that I would cheat on you?!"

"You never know these days."

"Please stop. You sound like my dad." she wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed.

"Oh buddy. Don't choke her now that you have saved her." Trunks teased.

Goten glared at him.

"He loves you too, Trunks!" she told him.

"I didn't need to know that."

They landed on the beach then ran out to play in the waves.

"This is just like the big vacation." Trunks told them.

"So we are basically having out own small one." Marron told Goten smiling.


When they got tired of playing in the water they started to play beach volleyball. They really stunk but they had fun.
They walked around the beach. Goten went off to get some drinks and something for him and Trunks to eat.

"So Trunks..."


"Why don't you have a girlfriend?"

He eyed her suspiciously. "Just because. Why?"

"No reason. Just wondering."

Goten came back and the 2 guys ate as Marron watched them act like pigs. Then Goten scooped her up in his
arms and they took off for home after watching the sun set.

"I gotta get home. Dad will get mad if I'm not there soon." Trunks said breaking away from the others.

"Why don't you stay with us?"

"Dad would never agree. Me staying with Kakarot's son and Krillin's daughter."

"I might be able to work something out." Marron told the 2 of them. "To Trunks' house, oh." she cheered.

"What ever you say captain." Goten chuckled.

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