From Brad, the epitomy of 17:Umm, This is the first time I've came here (yeah right) and I was wondering if you were gonna right anymore fics Haruko?  Just a question. Get it?  Just a feeling, just a question-- ahh forget it!  Hi Ruwaka, and GREAT SITE!! For the 1,000,000,000,000,000th time.
p.s; Every single fic on this site rules, but you should get Brad to write more fics.  I mean his fics are so incredibly awesome, I meen really!!
HaRUko^: LOL! Thank you Brad... and um, I don't know WHEN will I able to write more fics again (-_-)... I even haven't finish with GTG. Ah well, thank you for asking tho!  Oh yeah! You have to send more fics of yours too >=(
Rukawa: Hi Brad! and thank you!!! (Just don't have anything to say *lol*)
From Iria: Hi and hello! I saw this site a week ago, and although I don't know much about dragonball, i thought it was so cute! I love it! oh and i want to ask, i've noticed hiro around here. i love you hiiiiiiiro! you like brunettes with nice figures? hehe! i want more info on him! so, take good care of the site and i want to see more fics! t and m 4ever!
Hiro:*Blushes* Eh...hehe...sorry Iria, I'm taken..^^;; But thanks for all the compliments. I'm glad ya like the site. A lot of work was put into it, and it just keeps getting better thanks to everyones devotion. So I hope ya support us to! Take care Iria!
HaRUko^: Thanks Iria! ^_^ Hopefully this site makes you a DBZ/GT fan! 
Rukawa: T&M Forever!!!
From Keisha: For Haruko: I was woundering were did you go for some of the backgrounds for your pics. What I mean is how did you make the light affect for the pic of Goten and Marron it makes them look like they are in a club. and for the pics for "Just a felling" the pic were Trunks kisses Marron and you see the window and it's a city. Were did you got to do those backgrounds. And were did you go to color them.
Rukawa: Ok, I don't know any of that stuffs either.. *gives the mic to Haruko*
HaRUko^: You asked the same question in the MB and I already gave you the answers to that ^_^. But if you still couldn't understand, give me your ICQ# or AIM so I can teach you pratically. Believe me, it ain't hard! To others who've been wondering what I used for my arts, get yourself Adobe 5.0 (there's  a newer version now), or Paint Shop Pro 6 / higher. It really helps! ^_^ Note: Other graphics ultilities such as Corel Draw 9 or Fireworks are good too. 
From BikoNeko:I just wanted to know how often this site is updated because I REALLY love the fanfics! I want more! Especially T&M fanfics ^_^! P.S. This site is the best DBGT site I've ever seen! Keep up the good work! ^.^ Kakkoii!!!
Rukawa: HERE THAT PEEPZ? MORE T*M FICS! And BikoNeko, I don't know how often this site updates anymore...usually it just take a few days..or a few weeks? But however, just don't stop coming back and check on us okay? ^^
HaRUko^: Thank YOU BikoNeko! Oh! I know a GREAT T&M fics... the title is "Cast Away In The Shadows". It is like the BEST T&M fic I EVER READ! The author you ask? I think her name is BikoNeko. *GASP* NAMELY YOU!!!!!!!!! LOL! Hey! I'll keep my goodwork and make sure you keep writing OKAY? Bye! ^_^
From Buzzybeepan: ummm...the reason theres no uub and pan fics is because no one that rights really likes them together enough to decicate there time to write one. In a way I see this as good cause i LOVE TRUNKS AND PAN 2gether....and i guess thats just saying something ne?Besides I like Goten and Marron or Uub and Marron..... I know lots of people just put Marron with Uub cause he's all thats left, {TM fans do it to pan to grrrrr...i hate that it make sme sick thinking of UP} but I think that they make a really kawaii couple :)
hmmmmmm....Maybe i should have posted this in a msg board.... oh well Later
Rukawa: I think it's sickening how most TP fans hook up Marron with Ubbu. Just like you feel about UP. But I'm getting bored talking about who should be with who. I'll just stick on with whom I feel right. So end of session!
HaRUko^: It's a good thing you didn't brought this topic up in the MB, Buzzybeepan...because i will delete it anyway. I'm not only bored with it..but sick and tired! It is so 2 millions years ago. The What-if couples are all imagination and make-believe couple.. and we all have our own imaginations and know which is which are right. So stick with it. Nothing to argue about. Just to let you know, the discussion or debates about what-if couples are officially CLOSED in GTM Website and won't be brought up ever again. 

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