From Jaz: Wow,This site rocks!!! I love it!!! When I first came here I thought it was the best site dedicated to GTM and now I think it's even better then before!! Please keep up the updating of new fanfics and fanarts.
Rukawa: Thank you! I know it's getting better! This site started to get better when I'm around! Okay, I'm just kidding Haruko ^^". Anyhoo, thankyou Jaz, and don't worry. We won't let you down! We'll keep on updating this site and improve more!
HaRUko^: Thank you so much Jaz ^_^!!
From Bunny Shields:Great site you guys. Although I think Marron and Goten make a better couple. Trunks gets Pan, and Bra should go with Uubu. Not many people agree, but everyone's allowed to have an opinion. Keep up the good work!
Rukawa: Sometimes I think Goten and Marron can make one cute couple too (or Goten and Paris). I like Pan with Ubbu somehow!
HaRUko^: Hey, I'd realized more and more people starts to like the TP-GM-BU pairing! And oh, thanks for your complements! ^_^
From Paul morales: Hello HARUKO!!!!! I love your site and I hope it goes on for a long time.  I can't speak english well so I'm writing in German.  I've been a long time visitor since around mid to late 1999.  I loved to see your site grow larger and larger and was heartbroken to see you leave.  As well as the loss of the next G zone by Chibi chan, which gave a dagger through my heart.  Well now ur back and I wish u success in life as well as your site, which in my opinion, is one of the most creative and well thought out on the web.
Rukawa: Whut? No 'hello' for me?^^
HaRUko^: Wow....Thank you soooo much, Paul! Thank you for being a loyal fan of GTM this whole time. I hope you always will be...^_~. I'm really sad to leave GTM too...but it doesn't mean I won't come back!^_^. Don't worry, the new GTM webmasters will keep this site up and improve more! ^.^ Thank you for your meaningful message!
From Maya M:Hiya!Phoenixsong refered me here since some one like J-pop. I was wondering if you know a really good place to get J-Pop MP3s. Can anyone help?
HaRUko^: YES! I'm VERY GLAD TO HELP (anything about J-POP! ^_^)!! There is one cool site where you can find any new songs you want! I highly recommen you to go to J-Pop Mp3 Searcher. You can find other J-POP Mp3 sites from there too. Another popular J-Pop search engine is Bonsai J-Pop. You can search everything related to J-pop, including the stars' official website ^_^. Happy browsing Maya! Oh , one more thing....when you said 'Phoenixsong refered me....' I wonder, who is Phonexi song?O.O Oh yea, I hope I helped you enough! ^_^
From Dotamo_kim:Can we please get some more Uubu&Pan fics? I can't find any on the net! Oh, and I luv this site!
HaRUko^:AUGH!! You know what? I'M HUNTING FOR Uubu&Pan fics too! =( But I will to find it...and request for some from my friends -_-. Oh, and thank you! ^_^
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