Hi, I LUVVV GTM! The fics here are sooo great, especially the TM ones! I just don't like those TP fics when they have Trunks choosing Pan over Marron or Marron dies, etc. But do you know where I can find  the TM fic, Cast in the Shadows or something? PS: I don't know what its called.  Thats just how I remember it. THANKIES!
HaRUko^: No TM-fans would like to read TP fics when they make Marron like that! I don't either! But then again, nobody can't stop them from writing it (O_O); it's they're own choice so...ANYWAY, here is the Website where you can find "Cast Away In The Shadow by Bikoneko:BikoNeko's Anime Fan Page. ^_^ Just look in the Fanfics Section. Trust me, you're going to LOVE her T&M fic!^_^
I was just wondering.....WHERE IS EVERYONE IN THE CHAT???? I come and  no ones there it is now 7:46 and still no one has come can someone  answer my Question and please come to the chat! Well See Ya!
HaRUko^: Hi Holly! I'm sorry I wasn't in the chatroom..maybe I was still in bed at that time ^_^"";. While the others, I just DON'T KNOW! I don't think they have time to go in the chat ~_~. We should set a timetable or something where everybody will come to the chat at the same time ^_~;. 
ok there are a few subjects i'd like to say something about...
1. gt Trunks does look kinda poofy in shorts.
2. Ubuu is cute!! in gt that is.. i have this nice fanart i drew od  Ubuu and Bra.. email me if u want it. but Juuna really shouldnt be with  Bra. I heard somehwere (from an official site) that Trunks and Pan,  Marron and Goten, and Ubuu and Bra end up together. 
3. Bra I think really suits with Ubuu and/or Goten... she should have a  twin sister or clone or something.
HaRUko^: Okey here are me replies to your subjects Miken^_^ :
1. Sad, but true..
2. Yeap, Ubbu looks really cute in GT and of course I would love to see your Ubbu/Bra fanart! And about Junana being together with Bra...eh, don't worry. Because it won't happen. Oh! I heard about TP, GM and UB will end up together in some official sites too!! But then again, I ALSO heard from an official website that TM, GP(Paris) and UP will end up together! Oh, and there's other official sites that saying TP, GB and UM are together and ANOTHER one saying TM, GB and UP(Pan) will end up together too! You see, what I'm trying to say is, none of the coupling were true. There's no such thing as TP or TM or GB or whichever. They're exists only by the influence from Fanfics or Doujinshi (Comics by fans) we found everywhere. They saw Trunks and Pan were out in an adventure in DBGT and they thought it was cute so they MADE stories about them that they truly are meant for each other. And then, Goten will hook up with Bra eventhough he already HAS a REAL girlfriend in DBGT. And so just because Goten looks better with Bra than with Paris, they MADE stories that Goten 'dumped' Paris for Bra or whatever. These made-up stories soon were spread around and when people who never watch DBGT before will instinctively believe it as soon as they see all these fictional stories on DBGT characters. Believe it or not, the DBGT series never really DID show who ends up with who. So next time if you see any official websites based on the Next Gen-Zers, they're just a matter of own-interests and imaginations ^_^. 
3. Personally, I love Bra with Goten....I just can't see the connections between Bra and Ubbu. They just don't....'click'! ^_~;
Are you guys gonna get the screenshot section back up? I really liked  that section and it never seems to come back! But besides your not  having that the website is great!
HaRUko^: I TRIED to get the Screenshots back up but I just don't have any time for it! ^_~; But I will TRY again this May..just hope I'm not too hooked up with works.. (-_-);;. By the way, Thank you Juuhachi-chan! ^_^
Marron Briefs
I love your fanfics and fanarts and everything!...do you er....how old  are you guys/girls?..er..just wondering
HaRUko^: Never ask a woman about their age! lol! j/k ^_^;.. if you really want to know, you can ask us in the Message Board ^_^. Over there, everyone will answer u! Thanks!
Okay, last May, when I went to Paris I stayed at this hotel called the  Marriot Renaissance. Accross the street was a construction area and the  company flag said 'GTM'! Weird Huh? Wonder what their GTM stands  for....
HaRUko^: Hm..I don't know either. But GTM stands for a lot of different Companies, Agencies and even Brands. You can type 'GTM' in Yahoo! Search Engine and find out yourself ^_^. But there's only ONE GTM here among all the Anime websites. And it stands for 'Goten, Trunks and Marron!
the girlfriend of android17:
What do you think that Junana is alone? is gay or free like a bird? helo.I am Mexican.I don´t speak english,sorry.My name is Kenia I like  #17.To answer plase.
HaRUko^: First, I don't think Juunana is gay (I would kill myself if he is). But I DO think he's free like a bird or what I would like to call him as a 'wanderer'. Nobody really knows where Juunana lives or what he do. Of course the anime series showed Juunana appeared at the end of the Majin-Buu saga as a hunter or whatever he's was..(he was carriying a GUN,okay?). So yes, you can say he's been living in the woods. Other than that, we don't have anymore more infos on Junana-gou ^_^. The rest, is up to your own imaginations..
Ok well first I wonna say I LOVE your site!  Next is my questiong, ok,  Do Trunks and Pan really get married in GT? I mean GT isn't on Toonami  yet (which really bites) and wel I don't do much web surfing about it  and would like to know if that is true! Thanks, and keep up the good  work on your site!
HaRUko^: Thank you so much ShadowGirl! ^_^ And I'll be HAPPY to answer your question. The answer is: No, they don't. Simple as that ^_^. And don't say I said that just because I'm a T&M fan but I'm here only telling you the truth... so there ^_^. 
Zijin Zhou:
Haruko, when are you going to update your fanmanga,"Never Mess Up With  Marron"? Oh, and why was Trunks mad when Goten offered Marron a ride  home?
HaRUko^: You're not the ONLY one who'd been asking me that question -_-. I'm SO SORRY! I'm just been busy lately and I don't even have a little time for my arts! But anyway -_-...I'll try to update the manga as soon as possible! Trunks was mad when Goten offered her a ride home because well.... Trunks joined the girl just TO BE with Marron (obviously), and Goten wanted to take Marron HOME! So just think about how Trunks feels about that....^_^;
Heylo! This site is soo cute, and the fanart rocks! Can I request a  Paresu and Goten fanart?? If I can do that...^.^ Thank you, and great site!
HaRUko^: Thank you Ceres-chan! ^_^ And of course I will get more Paris and Goten fanarts here! I had some of my own too..I just need time to scan and color it ^^;;.
Wasn't it recently your birthday Haruko??? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! if  not...opps
HaRUko^: LOL!! I got this message from Marron-chan around early March ^_~; this year. And YES it was my birthday recently. As for the others,...remember! March 1st is my B-day!! GO AND GET ME SOME PRESENTS NOW!!! lol! j/k ^_^;..
Why do people say Pan and Trunks should go together? I mean Pan is so  much younger.
HaRUko^: *shrugs* I have noo idea. Maybe just because they spent sometimes with Gokou for a few months in an adventure, that will make them SHOULD BE WITH EACH OTHER. Did the anime series DBGT show Trunks and Pan ended up together? No, they didn't.

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