Hey, Haruko, I heard that GTM will open a shrine especially for T&M. Is it true? When will it be up?  Also, I wonder how you discovered T&M, and how long you have been a fan. THANKS!
HaRUko^: Hey wait, where did u hear that GTM will open a T&M shrine? (O_O)...oh wait, I think I DID mention it somewhere.. but it was a looong long time ago! I ALWAYS WANTED to create a special page for T&M hosted by GTM ^_^but I hardly have time for it -_-. So don't expect any T&M shrine by GTM this soon..(~_~);;. Anyways, I've been a T&M fan since late 1998! Although by that time you can hardly find any website or even a FIC on T&M. In those times, I only found ONE fic and the FIRST written about T&M: "The First Date" by Sarah Slutz. At first I wasn't really into T&M ^_^;... but when I watched DBGT around the same year, and saw Marron, ..I found out that she and Trunks do look cute together ^_^. Funny because since then, I started to read Sarah's fic all over again and searched the entire DBGT sites for more T&M fics. Sadly, there weren't any. But Instead, a lot T&P fics already exists by then. It was soo frustrating not able to find something you really want! That's why I created GTM and GTM was the first ever website to collect T&M fics. I created it for people who was like me ^^;. Amazingly, there are some T&M fans out there and they too, looking for T&M related sites. And during that time, GTM is the only place for T&M fans. But thankfully, now we can get T&M websites everywhere ^_^. Not to mention hundreds of fics and arts of T&M out there! So am I still a T&M fan? YES I am! ^_^ Always will be! 
On the main page, you use images which have things written on them like  fanart,fanfiction ect. I was wondering how you put the link in so that  when u click on the word it takes you there?  confussing, ne?b If you dont understand what i'm asking i can email you  and try to explain it better. thankies. chole
HaRUko^: I know exactly what you mean ^_^. It's called an 'Image Map'. It's a normal .Jpeg/.Gif file but with some external links applied to it ^_^. You can create your own Image map with Website ultilities. I used ACEHtml 4 Freeware to create my Image maps ^_^. Its easy!
Hello! ^.^ Well, I don't know when the manga "Don't Mess With Marron"  is going to have a new part and I really want to get something cleared  up. At the end of Page 19, Marron hears 'Meow!' and I was wondering if  that was a cat or a guy.
HaRUko^: Hint- it was an animal. hehe! Hi Bikoneko ^_^. I'm soo sorry I haven't put up the new pages yet.. ~_~. I'll try to get it done soon!! Once again, sorry! ^_^;
I'm looking for the fanfics about when Marron left for America for a  few years then when she came back she couldn't remember that trunks and  Goten were her best friend and they couldn't remeber that marron was  their best friend, do you know what I'm talking about? (It has the age of  the 3 of them on the top)
HaRUko^: Oh! I think you're talking about T.F's fanfic, 'Friends Forever'! ^_^ Thats totally a great story! Click HERE to read the fanfic now! Enjoy!
How old is Ubuu?
HaRUko^: Uubu was 10 in DBZ so ten years later in DBGT, he's 20 ^_^. 
Umm.. I just wanted to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GTM!! ^__________^ Since I  can't get a hold of you any other way, Haruko, I'll ask you here.. ^^  When are you gonna put up any of my art..? O_o;; *sigh* oh well.. GREAT  SITE!! WOOHOOO!!! lalalalla... *is crazy* Buh-Bye!!
HaRUko^: LOL! Thanks Tanny ^_^. But I think I already answer that while we're in the chatroom the other day! hehe.. don't worry, I'll get your art up soon!
Lol I mean her reasons why she doesn't like T*P B*U G*M U*M and GT. ^_^'' They're on her site!
HaRUko^: Oh! THAT one! LOL..baka me. *ehem* Well, most of her reasons or statements were based on her own opinions about the couples. Just like when she said she doesn't like the 'bumble-bee mix' and 'non-picture perfect couple', and also 'DBZ was far more better than DBGT', these are all her own point of views where no one should argue about because we all know everyone has their own rights to say something.  But come to think of it, and I'm saying this not because I'm a T&M fan or what so ever :P, some of her reasons why she doesn't like particular couple were true ^_^;
1. She's half his age/height - Of course everyone knows Pan is 14 while Trunks is 28 years OLD. So most people doesn't like T&P because of their age difference. I actually don't have a comment for this ^_~ because if I say I dislike T&P just because of their age gap, why didn't I have any problems with Bra and Goten then? ^_~ Their age gap was just as huge as T&P. You can say I dislike T&P from other diff view ^_^;. And as for her height, sad but true.. have you seen her pic together with Trunks (in DBGT)? She's only up to his waist! or at least right up to his ELBOW. But hey, remember when GOKOU was 14? He's just up to Bulma's waist too! LOL!
2. Pan only went on to the DragonBall-hunt just to be with the guy she loves, GOKU! - Yes, Goku. Not Trunks. I don't know WHERE they get the idea of Pan joined the quest just to be with Trunks. Everyone also should realize that Pan is one adventurous kid. Curiouse and busy-body even ^_^;. This what leads Pan to sneak into the space-ship. Not only she wanted to be with her long lost grandfather, but her interest to join in this DB-hunting which she knew it's going to be far more exciting then stay boring in ol' Earth doing nothing ^_^. Why Trunks was there? Well just think about it ^_~, it's a Grand Tour from one planet to another and SOMEBODY should take over the ship. And Trunks is the only character that could do it. Who else should do it? BULMA? Too old (she already had enough of DB-adventure with Gokou ^_~;). VEGETA? Bad idea. Bra? Uh, don't think so. And lastly, in DBGT's 3rd Saga, Pan sneaks out again to join GOKU for another DB-hunts (In the Evil Shen-Long Saga). See how Pan really love the fun and actions together with her grandfather in an adventure? So let's think over people, if you say Pan really loves to be with Trunks, why would she followed Goku if she can just stay with Trunks in lil' peaceful Satan City?
3. Personally I don't see any connections between B&U or U&M (O_O);;. But hey, who knows? Always expect the unexpected! ^_^;;;;
4. DBZ, Good. DBGT, SUCKS! - It's not surprising to find some people hates DBGT. A lot of people do. I myself found DBZ was better too, but DBGT ain't that bad either ^_^. Of course, DBGT wasn't written by the original DB Author - Akira Toriyama, but due to popular demands, DBGT was created. I really can't say which one is the best ^_~; you should watch both series to find out yourself ^_^

As for the others, I really don't have any comments^_^. Son Piper was really brave to state her opinions and give a piece of her mind for everything and share with all the viewers. Wether they agree or disagree, or like it or not, it's their own problem. I know Piper did get some flames for this but hey, it's part of being a webmistress.. ^_~ and I know Piper could take care of them ^_^. Woah okay! I think I'd already give you the longest replies ever! It's a GTM record!!! LOL Thanks for the questions btw, MB ^_^. And I'm sorry if I didn't give the best answers ^_^;. 

Hi! First of Love the site!!! But I was just wondering if you were ever going to update Great Teacher Goten? I loved the first story..(im a BIG Goten and Bra fan=p) and have been waiting for the next part to come out..but sadly it hasnt... i know your busy but i was just wondering if you've worked on it at all? Thanks!-ps. your art rocks! heheh =)
HaRUko^: Hey Thank you Videl ^_^. And I'm soo sorry for not posting up anymore new chapters for GTG..~_~, and if you're still wondering, Yes, I'm still working on it. I started on Chapter 3 LAST YEAR but it's not even half a page done yet..LOL. I just have this BIGGEST writer's block which I'm pretty sure I'll get over with soon ^_^. Once again, Thank you! And you keep your great works on your fics and site too! 
Piper ^-^(and Kat!):
Im so bored Im asking this...well Kat is..¬.¬;;
Kat: Yeah, well, I need fics...please? =,(
Piper: **coughs** YOU HEARD THE LADY!!! WE- I mean she, NEEDS FICS!! her addy is
Kat: o, and go to my site first ^_^; its in the links section! Lady Kirah's Anime Fanfiction and send the fics following the rules k?
Kat: How many times do I have to apolgize..? ;_;
HaRUko^: LOL you two... And Kirah, if you want some fics from here and I'd already approved you, please, help youself to take any fics from GTM if only you already ask for permission from the Fanfic's author. Don't expect us to send you any because I don't think we have time for 'Fanfics Exporting' =P. You can even link the fic(s) to your website directly from GTM if you want to, JUST as long you had the author's approval.. ^_^ Keep up the great work on your site, Kirah! You too Son Piper! 
Do you think Pipers reasons are true? Do you believe them? I was a T*P fan...but her reasons if you DO think about them, are kinda true ^_^'' Well still, do you think Piper's right?
HaRUko^: Eh.. (O_O);.. I'm sorry, but which Piper's reasons or statements are you referring to, MB? I'm not sure I understand... hehe, well if you don't mind, please 'change around a bit' your questions so lil dumb ol' Haruko could understand okay? Thanks! ^_^;

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