Tsuru Shoujo:
Well, I just hope that whatever I will be saying will not offend you.  Okay, I saw Kat's question and Haruko's response and I kinda think that  you were a T&P fan before because not only did I see it on  'Possibilities' but on Fanfiction.net, too. You said on your author's bio and on  the summary of "Just A Feeling" that you liked T&P but you made "Just A  Feeling" a G&B and T&M fic. I think I read in your old GTM website that  it said that you were a T&P fan and then that all changed when you read  a T&M fic. Sorry but I just had to point that out. Hate me if you want.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.
HaRUko^: Oh my gosh...the misunderstanding!! (don't worry, it's not your fault ^_^). And will you BELIEVE me if I tell you that Haruko who posted JAF on FF.net WASN'T me? Yeap, believe it or not, THAT Haruko-wannabe was NOT ME! First, I don't even have a time to post my fics there. Second, you can look at the e-mail. it's addressed to 'sreyan@sreyan.com' but my REAL and ONLY e-mail is 'tm4haruko@yahoo.com'! and the website addy she put on FF.net was linked to an ABANDONed GTM which were created by Chichi and Bulmies as a temporary GTM Website while I was gone for personal reasons sometime around late 1999. And WHAT KIND of T&P fan wrote a T&M/G&B fic?! I never, EVER read ALL those fics she mentioned in her bios page! Damn...I was even shocked when my friends told me they saw my fic 'JAF' posted on FF.net and reading her bios just made me angry even. Why didn't I do anything about it, you ask? ^_^; Well, I DID want to send that low-life-good-for-nothing-loser an angry e-mail, but then I noticed for some reason she stopped posting JAF after Chapter 12. With that, I decided just to let her go because I just hate..u know, quarreling with someone who will just waste my time ^_^. Instead, I looked at the bright side from this Haruko-wannabe: Wow, someone actually wanna be like me! ^_^. Anyway, about me was a T&P fan, it was just a BIG misunderstanding! See, I NEVER did anything to againts the T&P fans or fics or whatever.. and I DID read a T&P fic:'Automatic Flower' by Rayne and it was a LOONG long time ago! Besides, it's only ONE fic. During that time, I was ALREADY a T&M fan. But I never hated T&P, but then again, I never was a fan of T&P too (if I WAS a fan, I'd already searched the whole net for T&P fics). Please remember this: when I said I don't againts T&P, that doesn't mean I LIKE T&P. In fact, I started to dislike T&P when a bunch of T&P fans insulted and trashed GTM just because it's T&M contents. It's really a long story ^_^;. And if I tell you my personal opinion about T&P here, it'll be very..VERY offensive..so I do not wish to share it with anybody in anyway ^_~;. So was HaRUko^ of GTM was a T&P fan? The answer is: NO! And, don't worry ^_^, I won't hate you. But I would really like to say sorry to everyone who got offended by my remarks. Remember, be tolerance ^_^. It's just a matter of one indivudual's opinions. 
Hey whats up?
Well I ain't got much to say other than, Your site rules!!! It is like  the best thing I seen around the many sites I've been to which are a  pretty cool but nothing compared to yours. i'll change the subject so you  don't think I'm a suck-up or anything. I like how you updated your  screenshots, wonderful section I must say. Well anyways keep it up!
HaRUko^: Wow..hehe thank you Bloodberry! I'm so glad you like the screenshots section too ^_^. Make sure to check it out everytime okay? More cool and RARE pics coming on your way! Once again, thank you soo so much!
dear haruko. is this to personal to ask? well you dont have to answer  ^_^ whats you AIM Screen name? ^_^ byee keep up the good work!
HaRUko^: Hey Thanks! ^_^ Oh by the way, my screen name is HarukoGTM! Chat with me anytime! 
r u gay :)?
HaRUko^: Okay people. See this guy right here? I bet he's lost and God knows what takes him here to GTM. Once again Mister, GTM stands for Goten, Trunks and Marron!! Not GAY-TO-MEN!! And no, I'm not gay :). I'm straight. Are you gay? Because BOY I have a RIGHT guy for you! Just come into the chatroom ^_^ he's always there! see ya!
Kat(aka Lady Kirah):
Ok, I have some questions for you(if your offended I'm sorry!):
1. Were you EVER a T/P fan?
2. Is Haruko your real name?
3. Have you ever been to America(Piper told me you weren't from America ^_^; She's a big blabber mouth and a little pig headed and stubborn too)
4. Can you do a art request for me?  Yeah, stupid questions but I'm nosy =^) and I like your art! Well ja!
 ~*Lady Kirah*~ 
HaRUko^: Don't worry, Kirah ^_^. Nothing is offensive about your questions. Anyway, I'm happy to answer you:
1: Nope. I never was a T&P fan. I know DrBriefs' Cat of Possibilities mentioned somewhere in her site about I was a T&P fan, but truthfully, I never was. But it's not like I'm againts them! (O_O) ..there's no reason to hate T&P FANS tho *shrugs*
2. Heheh! No, Haruko is NOT my real name ^_^;
3. I never been to America before -_-. And if you're wondering, I'm from the other side of the planet and 13 hours ahead of you ^_^.
4. Well...I have like a long list of art requests ^_~; maybe I would draw for u but don't expecting it to be soon, wokay ^_^ Just send it your requests via e-mail! Thanks!
i llllloooooooovvvvveeeee your page!!!!! its one of the only pages about my 2nd favorit couple, marron and trunks!! stay around!
HaRUko^: Thank you Cat! ^_^ And don't worry! GTM is NOT going anywhere.. hehe!
Hi. I was wondering:

1. When will you, Haruko, updating the fanmanga, "Never Mess Up with Marron?"It's been a while.

2. How come you, Haruko, never draw any arts or write any fics anymore?

3. Do you have a club online or something?

I was just pondering these thoughts. Please excuseme for my paranoid thinking! ^_^

1. I know -_-, I'm sorry if I kept you waiting. I'll try to finish the manga as soon as possible!
2. I'm in a middle of a huge writer's-block crisis here, and even if I have a thousand fanfics ideas, I just don't know where to start! Oh, I DID draw some new arts! But I just don't have any time to ink them, then scan them and finally color them! I'm sorry =(
3: You mean GTM's own club? Wow, I ALWAYS wanted to have it's own club but I'm just afraid if no one would want to join it ^_~;;.. say, if GTM has its own fan-club, would u be one of the members?  ^_^ If you would, that'll be GREAT!
Thank you for asking!

Hey Haruko Rukawa whats up? Wow I havent been here in a while (computer problems -_-) and the place looks great!! I dont know if you remember me haruko? But anywayze I woulve asked you haruko on AIM but you wernt on... so ok I was wondering where do you host your site or where do you make it because I really want to make a website of my own and I'm trying to get a good host! Well I plan to start coming around more often now and I'm really glad you guys updated ^_^! Well ttyl buyz!
HaRUko^: Nice to hear from you again Maria! It's been a while since we talk! Anyway, my website host is Tripod and I created GTM with Netscape Composer ^_^. I would be happy to help you with website-building! I just hope I'll get to see you on  AIM anytime soon! So then we can discuss all about it! ^_^ Bye!


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