Part 8: The Date(Part One): Getting Ready

  "Hey little bro!  What's up?" Gohan asked Goten as he walked into Goten's room.
  "I'm getting ready for my date," Goten explained.
  "ANOTHER?!" Gohan asked.
  "Marron," Goten smiled.
  "Krillin's daughter?!" Gohan asked.
  "No, Krillin's son!" Goten said rolling his eyes.
  "Oh," Gohan said, as he turned to leave. "Wait....YOU'RE GAY?!"
  "No dim wit!  God, can a smart person be THAT dumb?" Goten asked.  Gohan changed the subject.
  "So, where are you two going for the night?" Gohan asked.
  "I dunno, it's up to her," Goten shrugged.
  "ALRIGHT!!!  WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE???" a voice boomed.  Gohan and Goten screamed a dainty scream.
  "Hahaha!  You guys screamed like little girls!!" Goku laughed.
  "Dad...." Goten moaned.  Goku fell on the floor, laughing sooo hard, until he cried.  Gohan just stood there with a pale face.  Once Goku regained himself, Gohan was out of the room.  Goku stood up and brushed himself off.
  "Dad, what do you want?" Goten asked, rolling his eyes.
  "Oh. Trunks is here." Goku informed.
  "Why?" Goten asked as he looked up at him.
  "Well, aren't you and Trunks taking Bra and Pan to see The Little Mermaid 11?" Goku asked.
  "Oh my gosh!  I totally forgot!"Goten slapped his forehead.
  "Well then get changed and go!" Goku said.
  "But I can't," Goten sighed.
  "Why not?" Goku asked.
  "I have a date.." Goten started.
  "With who?" Goku asked.
  "Marron," Goten said.
  "Who?" Goku asked. "Say it louder."
  "MARRON!! M-A-R-R-O-N!" Goten said.
  "Oh, wait a minute.. Who's that?" Goku asked.
  "She's like your best friend's daughter!" Goten exclaimed.
  "Bra's only 6.." Goku raised and eyebrow.
  "Not Vegeta, Krillin!" Goten yelled.
  "OH, THAT MARRON!!" Goku realized. "So, Goten, where are you two lovebirds going and how long have you been going out?"
  "We're not lovebirds, yet, and this is only our first date," Goten explained.
  "Okay, well, I'll go tell Trunks," Goku said.
  "NO! Don't.  Let me.  He sorta likes Marron too.  I don't wanna hurt his feelings," Goten sighed.
  "I understand," Goku said.  "Shall I send him up?"
  "Yeah," Goten sighed.  So Goku left.  What was Goten to say to Trunks?


Meanwhile at the Kame House...............

  "Hmmmm. What should I wear?  The pink one, or maybe the blue one. Oh darn the blue one has a hole in it. With my  shorts, I guess I'll wear my pink princess shirt.   He-he! This looks cute!"  Marron said, looking at herself in the mirror.  She was getting ready as well.
  "Heya princess!  How ya doin'?" Krillin asked from the door.
  "Hi Daddy.  How do I look?" Marron asked twirling.
  "Great.  So, who's the lucky man?" Krillin asked smiling at his daughter.
  "Goten," Marron said.
  "You mean Goku's second son?" Krillin asked. "Goten?"
  "No, I mean Videl. Of course Daddy," Marron smiled.
  "Well, okay.  When did he ask you out?" Krillin asked sitting on her bed.
  "Wednesday, when you and Mommy were at my uncle's house," Marron explained.
  "Oh, when Chi-chi needed those spices or something," Krillin realized.
  "Yeah," Marron blushed.
  "Really, well, I will tell him to come up if he gets here early, yet we are leaving here at 7:00, or something...." Krillin explained. "I don't remember, but like about a half an hour before you leave."
  "Okay," Marron said, as she returned to getting ready.  Krillin got up and looked at his daughter. ‘Man,' he thought. ‘My daughter's growing up to fast.' Krillin then walked out of the room.

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