Here is a fanfic for you.My nickname is Mekano. This is a short story abouta little girl who fought in the tournament. I'm not agood writer, but i tried my best. I love your site!*~*Mekano~*
P.S. I think Trunks is cute!

The Tournament
by Mekano

                It has been a while since that faithful day Yamcha found a baby girl in the remains of the city that used to be 9 miles southwest of south city. Little did he know, this girl was a saiyin, and had extraordinary power. She was found when she was 7 months old, making her 3 months younger than Trunks, whom she grew up with. She has trained all her life, with help from her 2 best friends, Goten and Trunks. She is  now 5, and planning to enter the world tournament secretly, for if she let anyone know they would not let her go. She had dark brown wavy hair, which was sholder length.
 One odd thing about her, was that her hair used to be blonde and curly, but now all that remains of that were 2 little blonde curls, each at the side of her face. Her eyes were as dark a brown as her hair. She was wearing a pink shirt which had the "Capsule Corp." logo on it, a pair of blue shorts, and was wearing a golden locket around her neck. And of course, she had the the trademark of a saiyin, a tail. This feisty little girl's name was Mekano, and was well known for getting into mischief. And so this is the tale of that little girl.
                Mekano sat on the edge of her bed in the room Trunks and herself shared. "Mommy! Daddy! Where are you?" She cried, looking at the locket around her neck, and listening to the soft lullaby. "Why did you have to die?"
 She heard a knock on the door, "Come in!" she said. In walked Bulma. "Trunks and Goten are worried about you!" She said. "You've never been this quiet before. What's wrong?" "Nothing." Mekano lied. "Well, might I suggest seeing them?" Bulma replied. "Alright, Alright." Mekano got up and walked into the living room. "Hey, there you are!" Goten said. "What took you so long?" Trunks asked. "I was thinking." Mekano said. "'Bout what?" Goten asked curiously. "My parents." She replied.
"Aww, Mekano, I'm sorry."Trunks said giving her a hug.
"We'll always be there for you." Goten said. "Hey, I have an idea," Bulma said.
"why don't you kids go spar or some thing while I make lunch?" They nodded and  walked into the ship where the gravatron was stored.
                "Don't worry guys, I won't set it up higher than you can handle." Mekano said. She set it to 50x normal gravity. At first the boys were slow, but quickly got used to it. Mekano beat the boys with ease, and both of them were shocked. They hadn't taught her to do that! The boys taught her to fly and shoot energy waves, but a great deal of the moves she used she had learned on her own. The reason was that she had been secretly training at 300x normal gravity for the last year, and it had greatly improved her skills. "H-h-h-how did you do that?!?!?" asked Goten. "THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!" Trunks shouted. Mekano blushed. "You're not the only one who was training." She said. She knew she could turn super saiyin, she had been able to for a while. Now, thanks to this machine, she had almost turned super saiyin 2. It had been quite hard to hide her muscles. "I think my brother'd be a better match then us for you, I'll go tell him!" Said Goten, and before Mekano could stop him, he flew off, and Trunks followed. "Oh, no, I was hoping they'd just try and fuse." She said sadly. She flew after them.
                By the time she got there, Gohan was standing in front of his house frowning. "Mekano," He asked. "Why didn't you ask me to teach you how to fly and shoot energy blasts? On top of that, you have been training secretly without Bulma's consent! These boys just learned how to fly, you could have gotten hurt! I am not at all happy with you." "But I'm not am I?" She asked. "And you know my I did it? I was sick of all you boys thinking I couldn't fight. For heaven's sake, why did you think I was weak, huh? WHY?!?!?" Gohan was stunned. "Ask them, just ask them. I was nowhere near the height of my power, and I still beat them! If I thought they would be bad teachers, I wouldn't have asked them! It made them proud that I asked them not you! And now look! You've gone and stomped all over their pride! Some friend you are!" She flew off, leaving all 3 boys in the dust. "She's right ya know." Said Trunks. "It's getting late, I'd better be off! See ya!" He waved good bye before speeding off into the sunset. "Well bro, it seems you have some explaining to do." Said Gohan to his little bro.
                The next next afternoon, Mekano was at the contest in her disguise, Which consisted of khaki shorts, a blue top, a black sleveless jacket, black gloves which showed her fingers, a blue bandana which was tied around her hair, and goggles which she wore so no one could see her eyes. The call came out.
"The last match is miss Crystal vs. mister Krillin! Calling contestants! Please come to the stage!"  She was about to go when she heard some familiar voices.
"Mommy, look! It's Krillin! I hope he wins!" Trunks! What was he doing here?
"Yes Trunks, it is. Let's cheer for him!" Bulma! They were all there! Yamcha, Goten, Trunks, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Goku, Gohan, Tien,Vegeta, and 18!
                She tigtened her bandana. If she had to go super saiyin, her hair would stick up, and blow the bandana right off her head, revealing part of her cover. She couldn't risk that happening. She walked out onto the stage. "Hey kid, aren't you a bit young to be here? Where are your parents? Krillin asked. "My, My, quite inquisitive aren't you?" Mekano said. "May I ask what happened to your nose?" Krillin looked ticked off at this. "Round one: BEGIN!" yelled the announcer. Before Krillin knew what was happening, he was lying on the ground, with his mouth bleeding. "Get up Krillin!" yelled Goten. He saw Mekano hovering above him, Smirking.
                "Just a lucky shot!" he yelled, and came at her with a variety of punches and kicks, and all but the last one she doged. It hit her and she flew back. "Is that the best you can do?" She asked before heatbutting him in the stomach. He fell back in pain. "I'm sorry Krillin, but I can't let you win." Mekano said, frowning. "Either you forfeit, or feel more pain. You never expected to bested by a girl did you?" He growled in response. Seconds later, he was covered in brusies from head to toe, and bleeding in several different places. He was clearly beaten. "The winner is ms. Crystal! Congradulations!" Cheers rose from the crowd. Mekano rushed over to Krillin and helped him up. He was out cold. His friends rushed over to him.
                "Will he be alright?" asked Mekano. "He'll be fine." said 18. "Hey kid, where are your parents?" Yamcha asked. "Have we met before?" Asked Goten, before Mekano could answer Yamcha. "You look really familiar." "Uh, no, I don't think so." She replied. The judge put the 1rst Place medal around Mekano's neck and took a picture of her. "I really must go." She said and flew off. "Hey guys, did I just see a tail on her?" Tien asked. "Yeah, let's follow her, I want some answers!" Yelled the now consious (and furious) Krillin. They caught up with her in no time(Krillin with some difficulty.). "Okay kid, we want some answers!" Said 18. Mekano looked terrified, and it must have showed, because Goku said "Don't worry, we won't hurt you unless we have to. "I'm not telling you anything!" Mekano shouted. "Leave me alone!" "Look kid, we don't wanna have to force it out of you, so just tell us!" Vegeta said. "Look, it's none of your buisness, so stop calling me kid and most of all, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!" She shouted, and tried to fly off, but Vegeta pinned her down. "Vegeta! Let her go!" Yelled Gohan in horror. "Listen brat, don't tell me what to do! She has a tail and is obviously a saiyin, so she is going to tell who her parents are, and why she is on Earth!"
                        "Daddy please!" Said Trunks, but nothing any said would make him stop, "LET ME GO!!!!" Mekano screamed in pain. She started crying. "M-m-m-my p-p-parents a-a-are d-d-dead!" "That's more like it! Now, who were your parents?" Mekano screamed again. "VEGETA THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!! SHE'S JUST AN ORPHAN!!!!!" Said Gohan in a rage, as he knocked Vegeta off of poor Mekano. He scooped the crying child in his arms trying to comfort her. Her goggles were full of water, so he took them off, revaling tear streaked eyes. Mekano was in to much pain to stop him. "Huh?" He took off the bandana, and her shiny brown hair came cascading down. "MEKANO?!?!?!?" She was still crying, and didn't answer. Trunks and Goten gasped and were shocked to find out Gohan was right. "WHAT?!?!? THAT LITTLE BRAT WAS A SAIYIN?!?!!?" Vegeta yelled in rage. Gohan held the unconsious little girl close to him as he flew her home.
                The whole week Mekano slept, Trunks stayed by her side wonderin why his daddy would do such a thing. When he did leave however, it was only for a short while. When she finally opened her big brown eyes, Trunks was so happy he was about to cry. "Hey Trunks." Were the first words out of her mouth. When she stood up she found out the whole gang was there. "Man, the way you guys stare, you'd think I'd just rose from the dead or something." She said. Gohan smiled. She blushed. "Thanks for saving me again Gohan." "Your welcome."
He replied. Everyone was happy she was awake.
                "K, I'm guessing none of you knew I was a saiyin? How odd! But then again, none of you actually tried my strength to it's fullest." She sighed. "Well, whatever. At least you know now."


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