**Three days later from that night****

Marron, Goten, Bra and Trunks were at Marron's house throw a red ball
back and fort in the sand. Trunks got a day off. 18 was lying on her
beach chair and kullin was sparing with goku, 18 let him because both
men had nothing else to do.

"So what's Jazee up to today Goten." asked Marron as she passed the
to bra.

"She said she was still visiting all the people she has not seen in a
few years." said Goten as he cought Bra's pass then throw it at Trunks.

"MARRON!" 18 shouted as she stood up and streached

"Yes mom?" Marron said as she almost missed Trunks pass.

"I'm going to get the mail." said 18

"Okay mother." said Marron then 18 shot off in the air. Then Marron
Kicked the Ball up wards and it went flying.

"Dang you kick high." said Bar as she looked up at the sky and the ball
keep going higher.

"I used to be in soccer untell I brock my lege my mom took me out as
fast a you can blink. I never went to the docters in my life only when
was born." said Marron then she sat down on the ground.

"Why not?" asked Trunks

"I guess because my mother is a cyborg." she said as they all sat next
to her then the ball crased in to the sand.

"I wish my mom was like that she would send us everyday if she wanted
or could find the time." said bar

"I don't even think my mom knows what the docters is." said Goten

"My dad could carless." said Trunks

"My dad some times goes but my mom wont let me. She does not have to
worry she nver gets sick." said Maron then she laded her head on Gotens

"Marron where'd your mom go?" asked Kullin as him and Goku walked over
to them.

"She went to get the mail."

"Oh me and Goku are going inside for a drink and a bit to eat don't do
any thing stupied." said Kullin and Marron smiled.

"Don't worry kullin I'm sure she find something stupied to do." said

"I'm sure she will." said Kullin

"I don't think so dad." said Marron then kullin and Goku walked in the

"Now what should we do." said Bra as she pushed her feet in the sand.

"Why don't we do something stupied." said Goten then he smiled.

"I think we already did every thing stupied in the world when we went
camping that one time." said Bra

"Hay my mom is coming." said Marron as she stood up and walked over to
her mom when she landed. Goten, trunks and bra flowed her. 18 landed
started to look throu the papers.

"Did I get anything?" asked Marron

"I don't think so." said 18 when she was looking though the junk. She
stoped when she saw a peach envlope with her name, Marron's and
on it. She put the rest down on her chair and then fliped it over to
opean it. She opened it and took out a little card, she took out the
pice of paper from the card and read the card.
You have been invited to the role ball held next week. We ask the grils
to where a white dress and the boys black tux's pleas thank you and
you can make it. 18 nearly droped it she was so happy.

"Alright! that stupied brother of mine." said 18 then she huged marron.

"Mom." said Marron

"We get to go yes!" shouted 18 then she haned the invation to Marron
Marron also got veri exsided.

"Wait 17 had to put his own little remark along with it." said 18 as
read the pice of paper out louad. "Told you I would get you guys to go.
Yes the queen remember me and she said if you were my sister then you
could go. But I did it for marron and the little short guy. There cool
18 you have to work on that HA ha now lets see you slap me. Well see
later. 17."  18 read it then handed it to marron.

"Way cool Marron now it wont be so boring." said Bra

"This is so cool." said Marron. Marron gave Goten a huge and Goten
looked at his watch and it was one o'colck in the after noon and him
his dad promiesd his mom they would be home at 12.

"Oh my god I'm going to die." said Goten as Marron let go of him and
looked at hm.

"Why whats wrong." said Marron then she winked at him

"I was soupps to be home at 12 sharp with my dad." said Goten

"I'll go get Goku." said Marron then she ran into her house. "Goku san
Goten said you have to go home now it's one." said Marron.

"Oh crap thanks Marron, bye Kullin see you later." said Goku

"Bye Goku." said kullin the he laught a little. Marron and Goku ran out
of the house and over bye Goten.

"Your sure it's one." said Goku

"Yep unless my watch is set an hour a head of time." said Goten

"Lets go before we get killed." said Goku

"I'm with that." said Goten then he turened and looked at Marron. She
smiled and he bent down and he gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Bye call me later k.' Marron wisper then she kissed him again

"I will." he wisperd then winked back at her, then him and Goku shot
in the air.

"BYE!" Marron, Bra and Trunks shouted at them then they disapeard.

"Mom is going to kill us." said Goten as they flew as fast as they

"You can say that again." they landed in front of there house and ran
as fast as they could. They got in the house and then all the lighs

"Suprise Goku San!" All of Goku's friends said and faimaly. (besides
Kullin , 18, and the rest of them. Vegeta)

"Wa..what." Goku said suprised.

"Goku, goku, you forgot your birthday again." said Chichi as she walked
over to Goku. "That was a good thing."

"Happy birthday dad." said Goten then he gave him a huge.

"You knew about this." Goku asked goten


"Kullin to?"

"Yeah, so did the rest of them over there, You were soupps to come at
but we need more time so I called and said to come an hour late and ack
like you guys were going to get killed." said chichi.

"Are they comeing over?"

"Yes don't worry goku they will come over."

"Give this kid an acadamy award." said Goku as he looked at Goten

"Thank you thank you." said Goten

"You guys are to good to me." said Goku as he walked fully in his house
and Jazee put a party hat on Goku.

"Just repaying you every thing you did for us." said Jazee

"Hay how much did we miss." said 18 as she, Kullin, Marron, Bra and
Trunks walked in to the house.

"Not much." said Bulma. The party went on and they had cake and ice
cream which became a mess when Goku blow the cake over every one. Then
they danced for a while then it was time for the prests.

"Okay every one come on it's time for the lest dangers and not messyest
part of this day." said chihci as they all gathered arout in the living

"Mom this one just came in the mail it's from ganpa to dad." said Goten
as he throw his mom the envlope. she grabed it and handed it to Goku.
Goku examed the little peach envlope then opened it reving a with car
with gold patters and gold writting.

"Hope you have a wonderful birthday Goku san and sorry i could not be
there but this might make you happy. You got a frist class tick, chichi
and Goten to go to the rolay ball next week and there is a cheek in
so you three can get some thing nice to were. the queen said boys were
black tux's and girls where an almost all white dress. Have fun and see
you soon, Your father in law." Goku read the card and handed the cheek
of 4,000 dollers to chichi.

"Oh my God." said chichi as Goku huged her.

"Alright I get to go!" said Goten as Marron huged him and kissed his
forhead. The party went one tell mid night and after they opened preast
they played cards tell it was time to go home.

***One week later ****

Bar shot up in her bed when she heard a louad crash coming from down
stairs. She jumped out of her bed and opened her door. She looked down
the hall and saw Trunks door open also.

"Trunks." Bra wisped louady

"What." he said as he walked over to bra.

"What was that?" she asked

"I don't know lets go see and will find out." said Trunks as they
quitly over to the raling and sat in the sawdows so they would not be

"That's whats wrong with you Vegeta you have a bad atudit problem and
thats what piss me off." said Bulma as she walked in the living room.

"I should have guessed." bra wisperd to her brother she got up and was
about to go back to bead when trunks grabed her arm and made her sit
down again..

"Shhh this might be sereuse." trunks hused her

"Yeah right I've never meet a women that has to yell every day to make
her happy." Vegeta said as he walekd in to the living room with bulma.

"Well I don't go around breking things when I don't get my way."

"I go aroung breacking things look at you what happened to that vase
yester day, oh yeah I forgot it fell of they table by it's self."

"I did not brak that Vegeta!" yelled bulma

"Then who did. The kids were not hear and i was not in the living room
all day."

"Well tell me why I would brack it when I have to clean the mess up."

"Because I gave it to you."

"Why would I break it when you got it for me out of the trash can."

"Well at least I was not born and raised in one."

".... Oh realy Vegeta at least I don't have a bug up my ass 24 7."

"Well I like that bug up there it's the only thing that keeps me sain
why I'm around you."

"Oh realy Vegeta I don't even know why I married you in the frist place
must have been drunk out of my mind to even like you."

"You drunk out of your mind, wounder what kind of crack I was on. No
wonder that long haired guy duped you, you are a pain in the ass

"One thing I dumped him, and if you don't like me then pack you bages
and live because I don't need you hear. All you ever do is go work out
in you stupied grativy machin I don't know why but you know you'll
be any stronger then Goku and you just don't want to amited. Your head
is to far up your ass to reals what is going on in the world Vegeta."

"Fine I'll live Bulma, You want it that way then good bye and tell the
kids that. I cant stand you and your love for Kakkarot. Why dont you go
and marrie him make two people in this world misable. Then when I'm
and they... they get up in the... moring you can TELL THEM WHY I'M NOT
HEAR... AND ALL YOUR STUPIED PLAINS!" Vegeta studerd and his eyes
started to get waterey.


"You sure do ack like it Bulma every thing you do every thing you say
Goku this Goku that, why don't we give Goku a suprise partty and I'll
make all the plains and do every thing for him. You always go over to
his house and Kullin's when HE'S OVER THERE."

"I did not even know he was over there when I took bra."

"You took bra. If I remember right Bra had to come to me and ask if she
can go over and see her best frien because you wanted to go bye your
self and told her no. explain that one Bulma hu!"

"...." Bulma said nothing and started to cry.

"Not a good enought resion Bulma. Why don't you go give the guy the
news that I'm living and he can move in with you but his wife and kid
can stay home and die for all you cair."

"What is with you I don't like him would you stop it already."

"Me stop it right bulma I'm not trying to marrie some one that is
already married and I'm marryed my self."

"Just stop it already I don't want to hear it." bulma said as she
her ears and closed her eyes.

"You  said I need to look at the realy world bulma , don't tell me what
to do untell you do it frist, have fun tell Truks and bra that there
father is gone and hope they have fun with a step dad because I'm out
hear.... Good... Bye... my love... Bulma" Vegeta turened away and she
fell on her knees and cryed harded. Vegeta walked to the door and
it and looked back at her. His hands trumbuled as she opened her eyes
and looked at him. He turened away and slamed the door behind him
pulling it out of place and knocking part of the wall over.

"Ve..Veg...VEGETA!" Bulma screamed as he shot off in the air living the
Caspal Corpartion behind. Bulma stood up and ran out throw the brocken
door. She ran in the middle of her yard and started to cry again. "I
don't need you..." bulma said very softly and awalked back in her
She walked up the stairs and not seeing Trunks and Bra walked in her
room and fell down on her bed.

"Trunks tell me that was not real dad would never live like that...
would he." Bar said as she looked up at her brother

"I would never think but he did." said Trunks

"What do we do we have to do something." said Bra

"There is nothing we can do..."

"Why does this have to happen to me."


*** Marron's house ****

"Ring ring" went marron's phone

"Wa.." Marron said as she lifted her head. "Better not be Goten or I'll
kill him." she and Goten had went to the movies last night and did not
come back tell 3 in the moring. "Hello."

"Oh thank goodness it's you marron." Bra said

"Hi bra whas up." Marron said still 99% asleep.

"I just had to talk to some one and pan was not home."

"She not's home what time is it."

"5 in the moring."

"Oh great." said Marron as she fell back down on her bed.

"How long was that move?"

"Remember we went to see the Ceapatra move the five hour long movie
one intermission."

"The new one they made."

"Yes that one it would have been a great movie if I was not so dead
tired after it not Goten he looked like he could stay a walik for a
and stll not look tried."

"Well the resion I called was I think my mom and dad a getting a
unless the way my dad left was there devorce."

"WHAT! no way Bulma and Vegeta. Bra are you sure it was not a bad dream
or something."

"No. I think I would have wock up from it by now."

"But thats not possibaly. They loved each other to much to breck up I
know that you now that we all know it."

"I know but they got in to a big fight a bout Goku and they went crazy
then he left."

"Oh my gosh."

"I know. well Marron I have to go my bro wants to ues the phone."

"Well tell him to go to hell."

"I think he's been there a few times before."

"Well he can waite."

"Bye Marron."

"Bye waite are you still going tonight?"

"So far I think we are still going."

"Okay see you later bye."

"Bye." Marron hunge up the phone then she fell lade down and now she
could not go back to sleep. Her favorit cuple sench bra became her best
friend was vegeta and Bulma. "Mabye if i kill Goten I be able to
she smiled at the thought of her new boyfriend and try to get a little
sleep. Then five mintues later the phone rang again.

"Hello." Marron said as she picked up the phone.

"Hi Marron hunny." it was Goten

"Hi bab did you know i as sleeping."

"so Marron sweety want to go out for brestfast." said Goten in a happy

"Yeah if I can get to my closit with out killing my self and put my
cloths on the right way."

"Okay I'll be over in an hour." said Goten


"Bye see you angle."

"Bye stud muffen." said Marron as she hug up the phon and barryed her
face in her pillow.

*** one hour later ****

Marron manged to get up and take a shower and put on her usealy pink
dress with the with blosse under it. she sliped on her yellow dress
shose and put her hair up in pigtails. She walked down the stairs and
took her hat off the coat hanger and put it on.

"Your up early." said 18 and marron nerly hit the selling.

"Mom you scared me." said Marron

"sorry but were are you going?"

"out to eat with Goten."

"I should have guess. be home befor 12 we have to get ready."

"Yes mom." said Marron as she gave 18 a huge then grabed her yellow
perus the walked out the door. She saw Goten comeing and in a few
seconds he landed right next to her.

"Hi Marron you look lovey today." he said as she scooped her up in his

"You already miss me and it only has been three hours sence I last saw
you." said Marron as she played with his hair.

"Three hours is way to long for me."

"Your so sweet and your all mine for the taking bub."

"Well you disver ever mintue Marron."

"And you disver this." said Marron then she kissed him.

"Thanks... want to head out now."

"What ever you want."

"Well today were not going to fly or drive."

"Then what are we going to do?" marron said as she wraped her arms
around his neck.

"Well my dad said I could and you've never been so were going on flying

"The orange cloud."


"All right lets go." said Marron as she let go of Goten even thoug she
could have stayed like that forever.

"FLYING KINTOUU!" Goten shouted as they looked up in the sky and came
the orang cloud. I stoped right in front of them, Goten hoped on and
helped Marron up.

"Were should we go?"

"Some were simple." said Goten

"Why your sayin apatiet is out of order." said Marron as she sat on
Goten's lap and he wraped his arms around her.

"Remember I ate three hours ago."

"Lets go to the pancake house by the park then atfer we eat we could go
walk around for a few hours."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Kintou to the pancake house." said Goten
the orandge clouad shot off. Marron held on to her hat as they went
skyrockiting throw the air. They landed and Goten helped Marron off.

"Thanks you can go home now." said Goten as he patted the cloud then it
left the way it came.

"Come on befor it gets crouded." said Marron as she took Goten's hand
and they ran it to the resterunt. Marron order a short stake. Goten did
a little better he only order half of the stuff on the menu unstead of
all of it. when they were finshed Goten payed and they walked out and
headed tords the park. for the week they been going out there favort
place to go alone was the park.

"That was good." said Goten as he took Marron's hand

"Every kind of food is good to you." said Marron as she smiled up at

"Not every thing is good I don't like a few things."

"Oh realy Goten?"

"It's true.'


"Yes Marron.'

"Is that Paresu? You ex girlfriend?"

"Why yes it is Marron come on."

"Why are we going over to her?"

"I want to thank her."

"Thank Her???" said Marron puzzled. Goten Pulled Marron long untell her
got up to his ex.

"Hey Paresu." said Goten as he walked up to her

"Oh hi goten what are you doing hear? And who is she your little
Oh thats sweet talking her out of a walk." said Paresu then she smiled.

"I just wanted to thank you."

"What?" she also asked puzzled

"Well I wanted to thank you for dumping me."

"Huh?" both girls looked at Goten

"Well if you would not have dumped me I would not have know I love
Marron more then any thing in the world. See if you did not dump me on
that day my dad and kullin would not have talked and i would not have
went to the canival and dinner with Marron. And I never had a little
sister." said Goten and Marron giggled at what he said then he wraped
his arm's around Marron again.

"Oh realy?" asked Paresu as she started to get anyoed by Goten's

"See if you did not dump me I would have been stuck with you and I
like you. So I think i sould make a national ex day were every one who
has a better life because there ex got ride of them should thanks."
Goten then Paresu rolled her eyes then walked away from them. Goten and
Marron Just stood they and laught.

"That's how you get your ex's back." said Goten the he bent down and
kissed his real love. Then they walked over to there favorit spot. The
brige were a stream run's under it. There were Trees that let in a
little sunlight with gave out the romance it let out. Marron sat up and
the rail and Goten put his hands on hers. The put there forheads
together and looked into each others eyes and they smiled. But the
Marron saw something that buged her. She moved her head and looked at
the other side of the brige.

"Whats wrong morron." Goten asked

"Don't worry it's not you babe. Dam it Bra was right and I thought she
was just kidding."

"Why what?"

"Did Trunks not tell you?"

"We got a call this Moring but it was for Jazee."

"I should have guessed he would have called Jazee."

"What did Bra tell you?"

"That Vegeta and Bulma got into a fight and Vegeta left. He's over
leaning on the tree." said Marron as Goten let Marron down. Goten and
Marron walked over to the other side of the brige and looked at Vegeta.
He was writting something.

"What do you think will happen Marron?" Goten asked her as he looked at
Vegeta and fealt sorry for him and Bulma.

"I don't know wounder how Trunks and Bra are felling right now. I wish
could help them but this has never happen to me before." said Marron as
she throw a little peble in the water.

"I Know how you feal."

"I'm going to talk to him."


"He always like me, Me and Bra are best friends."


"You stay right hear I think you the sencond to last person he wants to
see right now."

"Okay." Marron gave him a huge and then jumped over the brige and
in the water the stream and made a little splased. she walked along
of the stream tell she come a few feet of Vegeta.

"Hello Marron." he said not looking at her

"Hi, what'ch ya doing?" she asked then bent down next to him.

"Nothing." he said the put the pad of paper and the pencle down.

"Not with the paper out hear?" she asked already knowing the answer.

"Thinking." he said then laded his head back on the tree.

"bout what?"

"Everything that happened dering my life."

"Oh well at least you gave me a strat answer, I was more thing Marron
its non of your busenss now go away something like that." Vegeta smiled
and so did Marron

"Well it's because I admire you. I like yours and bra's company. You
girls all ways make me smile. Ever sence Bulma asked you to babysite
when she was five you two have been best friends. Then every day after
that you two watched after each other like sisters, I watch both of you
grow up. Thats how our fight started this moring Bulma said something
bad a bout bra and what she has been doing in school and I brock the
kichen table and we went all out after that." Vegeta said then took in
deep breath.

"Do you regret it?"

"Yes of course I do, but I can't say I'm..."

"Sorry... Well then tell her a different way. Tell her how much she
means to you."

"But how what if she does not leasen."

"Then tell the world."


"Tonight at the ball or what ever it is tell the world how much she
mean's to you. Make it fancey and do what you think she would like."

"Your right I will tell this skinen plaint who much she does. Thank you

"Any time."

"Better get back to goten befor he worrys about you."

"Okay and you hop yo it." said Marron, Veget pulled down on the tip of
her hat and it coverd her eyes

"Bye see you tonight." said Vegeta then he picked his paper and pencle

"Bye." said Marron as she moved the hat out of her eyes and started to
walk away from him. The two people she had amired sence she was a small
girl have amired her to. She walked over to the briged and looked up at

"Lets go home." he said


*** Later, more like night time ****

"Oh Goku san were going to be late get out of the bedroom." said
"Son Goten what are you doing put you jackit on."

"Yes mother." said Goten

"Alright I'm done." said Goku as he walked out of his room.

"You to brush your hair the lemo will be hear."

"Dad were did you put the coem?" asked goten as he looked in the couch

"I don't know?"

"Forget it lets go." said chichi as she pushed them out the door.

"Mom how is a lemo going to get to our house."

It's not we have to go to the road." said chichi then tell al started
walked to the road. They got to the road and there wating was there

"What happened to that poor car?" asked goku

"Goku shup up and get in!"

"Your Madam Chichi and Sir Goku with your offspring Goten." asked one
the guys.

"Yes we are." said chichi and Goten looked at the guy like he was

"Okay you'll be at the ball in no time." he said then he opened the
for them to get in. They got in the car and they were off.


"Mom were is our ride?" asked Marron as she and her parents were wating
of there lemo. (there not on the Island)

"Look there it is." said 18 as she pointed to the upcomeing car.

"Mom it's an half in hour late."

"Oh well at least it came." said Kullin as it stoped and a man got out.

"You are..."

"Yes Yes I know who I am, I am 18, my hasban Kullin and Marron can we
now." said 18

"Okay sorry were late." said the guy then he opened the door and they
got in.

"Way cool." said Marron as they got seated.

"What?" her parents asked

"Hi Goten." said Marron as she leand on her seat and put her arms
gotens neck.

"Woha. You scard me." said Goten

"hi Marron." said Goku.

"They said we were riding with some other people but i did not think it
was you guys." said Kullin

"Use eather." said Chichi "thats way the lemo is so late." (the lemo is
kind set up like a tram were the seats are back to back.)

"One more stop and well be on our way." said the driver (just juess who
it might be.)

"You look absulotly wounderful." said Goten as he turened arouned to

"You look so good there is no words to discribe it." said Marron

"I'll give you guys 5 guess but the frist four don't count on who were
picking up next." said Kullin as they went throw a gate with two C's on
them. Goku rolled down his windo and looked outside.

"I have no idea kullin it's to hard to guess." said Goku "But I think
there haveing a bad case of front door problems." the lemo stoped and
Bra was the frist one to run out. Trunks and Bulma flowed her. The guy
did not have to ask he just let them in.

"No way hay guys." said Bra as she took the seat next to marron

"Hi bra." said Marron as she let go of Goten. As the other two got in.

"Hey." said Trunks Bulma got in and did not say any thing.

"How you to been." said Bra as she looked at Marron and Goten

"Good." said Goten

"Way better then Good." said Marron

"Marron did you see my dad at all today." bra wisperd very softly to
Marron so her mom would not hear.

"Well yeah i did he was at the park."

"-puuh- at leats he is still in the city."

"He said he was coming tonight."

"Thats even better. I hope every thing gets beter."

"From what I heard everything will bra."

"What are you guys wispering about?" asked Trunks as she leand over

"Nothing thats conserns you brother." said Bra

"Fine I'll talk to Goten." he said then he got up and moved by Goten.

"Whats up." said Goten then they hit there arms together. (there fusion
brother greeting.)

"Nothing much. Is Jazee comeing?"

"She is going with Tein and Chaw-zu."

"Oh so she is going?"

"Yes she is and they said they brought a surpise for half of us."

"What about the other half?"

"We wont know even if they show us."

"So it's like a person?"

"I don't know."

"Talking about Jazee again Trunks." said Bra



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