Chapter 1: Happy Birthday 

 The minute Marron woke up; she jumped out of bed and changed into her day clothes. Running down the stairs, she said to herself, "I can't believe today has finally come!"
She sprinted to the kitchen to find her parents eating breakfast.

“Ohayoh Kaasan, ohayoh tousan.”
“Well good morning Marron. And hey! Happy birthday!” Said Juuhachigou.
“Your now what? Sixteen?”
“Come sit down Marron. I’ll make you some pancakes.” Said Krillin.
“So what did you guys get me?”
“Oh no Marron, you’re going to have to find out tonight.”
“Okay.” Marron quickly ate her breakfast, and ran upstairs to call Bra.

She sat on her bed and picked up her cordless. Hugging up her teddy bear, she dialed the number she must have dialed every day for the past seven years.

“Moshimoshi.” Came an answer.
“Hi Bulma-san.”
“Well, hello Marron! Isn’t your birthday today?”
“Can Bra talk?”
“Sure. She’s just waking up though, I’ll go get her. Hold on.”

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___After a short pause___ ___ ___ ___ ___

“Yes?” Came a groggy voice.
“It’s my Birthday!”
“Yeah I know. Happy Birthday.”
“Gee your real optimistic…”
“Sorry, I just woke up.”
“Oh well. Hey! What did you get me?”
“Not telling”
“Tell you what Marron, give me an hour, and I’ll treat you to the biggest ice cream dish you ever saw.”
“Cool! So where do I meet you?”
“Um, I’ll come over.”
“Okay. Ja ne.”
“Jan ne.”

Marron hung up the phone and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she got there, she almost screamed.
“Dad! What are you…?” Krillin had a razor in hand, and cream on his face.
“I’m shaving off this mustache. All you and your mother ever do is complain about how ugly it is. So I’m shaving it off for your birthday.
“You are?!”
“Uh huh.”
Marron ran up to him and hugged him so suddenly it almost knocked him over.
“Wow Dad! I thought you’d never get rid of that thing!”
“Well I’m glad you’re happy.”
“I am! Wait. This isn’t my actual present is it?”
Krillin laughed. “No Marron. Your real present you will get tonight.”
“Okay, sugoi.” Marron then ran upstairs to get ready for Bra.

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