Chapter 2: Ice Cream and Food Fights 


Marron sat with her Death by chocolate, and Bra sat with her Banana Split. Bra stared at Marron’s ice cream. It was practically chocolate on chocolate. It was chocolate ice cream mixed with hot fudge on top of chocolate whip cream underneath chocolate chips. And to give it a nice touch, it was topped with mocca sprinkles. In blunt terms, Marron was happily enjoying her treat.. Bra had barely taken a bite of her own from staring at Marron. “Why do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Stir up you ice cream. It’s melting”
“I want it that way.” Marron answered matter-of-factly. “So I can have chocolate chip soup.” She grinned
"Morning ladies” Someone called out. They both turned to see who it was.
Goten and Trunks came walking towards them.
“Hi guys.” Bra greeted. Marron smiled and went back to her stirring.
Goten pulled up two chairs to their table and sat down. “Hey, what’s Marron doing?” he asked.
“Making a mess.” Bra replied using a napkin to wipe up some of the ice cream that had dribbled onto the table.
“Gomen.” Muttered Marron. “I guess I’m just excited.”
“Hey that’s right.” Trunks said. “It’s your birthday, isn’t it?”
“Well happy birthday!”
“Hey Marron,” Goten said, “I went to the mall and found two things and I couldn’t decide which one to get you. So I got you both.”
“Yeah. Here you can open one now, but the other waits till tonight.” He handed her a small package tied with a pink ribbon.
She unwrapped it and uncovered a small black box. Taking off the lid, she gasped. Inside was a silver chain and hanging on the chain was a tiny, glass, pink rose.
“Oh Marron, it’s beautiful.” Breathed Bra.
“Oh thank you, goten!” Marron jumped up and hugged him.
Goten grinned, “I guess you’ll like the other one.”
“Man, Goten, just how much money did you spend?” Trunks asked.
Goten shrugged. “Enough.”
“So, What’s that stuff taste like?” Trunks asked reaching over to Marron’s bowl with a spoon.
“You won’t find out, ‘cause it’s my ice cream and I intend to eat it all.”
Marron replied giggling and moving her bowl away from him.
“Oh is that so?” And with that Trunks scooped up a chunk of banana out of Bra’s ice cream and flung it at Marron hitting her right in the forehead.
“Hey!” Both girls yelped in unison, and while she wiped the gooey banana off her face, Marron scooped up a pile of near-melted chocolate chips and aimed it at the boys who were too busy laughing hysterically to realize what was happening. So, Goten and Trunks found their face, hair, and clothes dotted with chocolate. And not a second later, a food fight was formed.

----------------------------------- 5 minutes later ---------------------------------

“I can’t believe they kicked us out!” Laughed Marron. “We were having fun!”
They were all caked with ice cream and various toppings.
“I can.” Bra said. “We were wild in there!”
“I know!” Goten said. “Let’s go to the pool, were dirty enough.”
"Okay, let's go!" 

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