Chapter 3: Poolside Pleasure 

Marron walked up to the edge of the pool and looked around. Trunks and Goten were dunking each other’s heads underwater and laughing, Bra was lying on a towel with a radio and umbrella. The pool itself was huge. It had a low dive, a high dive, and a middle dive. Even on the side, was a water slide that wrapped around a large pole. And just before you went down the slide,
there were these water jets that sprayed at you from all directions. The reason the pool was so big, was that it belonged to the Capsule House. They decided that since the public pool would be crowded, They’d go to Trunk’s and Bra’s instead. She looked down at herself; She was wearing a tiny lime green two-piece with black stripes on the sides. She felt so exposed. Marron looked up and noticed that the boys weren’t in the pool. Looking to her left, she saw that they were descending on the sunbathing Bra.

Together, Trunks and Goten picked her up and flew her over the pool. After hovering for seconds, they dropped the stunned girl. Right before hitting the water, Bra caught herself in midair and floated, dignified to the edge of the pool.. But the boys didn’t give up. Goten came up behind the unsuspecting Bra and gave her a slight push. Then, with a screech, the blue-haired saiyen
hybrid girl toppled head over heels into the water.

Goten and Trunks went hysterical and Marron found herself laughing as well. She looked at Bra who was spitting water. She giggled some more, and then looked up. She couldn’t see Trunks or Goten anywhere around the pool.
‘Uh oh’ She thought, ‘that means-’ “Ack!”
The laughing boys had snuck up behind Marron and grabbed her. Before she knew it, Marron was being lifted up high over the pool.
“I can’t fly you guys.” She breathed, “You do know that, right?”
“Of course.” Said Trunks grinning.
Then, they dropped her. Just when Marron was about to land painfully on her back, Goten flew underneath her, and the next moment she was in his arms.
“Thanks” She said, looking up at him. She noticed that he was grinning.
“Your welcome Milady.”
She smiled, and Trunks tapped Goten on the shoulder. Goten looked at him, and Trunks gave up a thumbs up. Marron saw Goten’s grin grow a little wider.
“Wait a minute, what are you up-“
Before Marron could finish what she was saying, Goten threw her into the air. Screaming, Marron landed feet first into the deepest end of the pool. Marron surfaced and saw that Trunks and Goten were still laughing. Bra crossed her arms and rolled her eyes at them. Marron spit out water and climbed out of the pool. The boys stopped laughing when they saw Marron glaring at them.
“Alright, were sorry.” Goten finally said. “Here, Trunks and I will take you girls to a movie. How’s that sound?”
Marron’s eyes lit up. “Really?! You’ll take us to a movie? That’s so sweet!”
Bra shrugged. “I’ll go”
Marron was getting excited now “I’ll go change!”

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