Chapter 4: Movie Craze  

“So, what movie do you want to watch?” Goten asked Marron while walking into the theatre.
“I don’t know,” She replied, “I’m thinking anything besides blood and gut spillage.”
“So you don’t want to see that new horror/killer movie you got so excited over when you saw the previews?” Trunks mused.
“Not on my birthday! Besides, it’s still daytime and that’s no fun.. That movie will have to wait for B-Chan’s birthday."
“Hey leave me out of your torturous plans.” Bra injected. “Anyways, I hate horror movies. Every time I watch one, I end up in Tousan or Trunks room.”
Trunks shuddered. “I don’t want to do that again.”
“Yeah, tell me about it. When you’re not kicking me in your sleep, you’re pushing me on the floor!”
“Hey, at least I can remember to take off my makeup so it doesn’t smear all over my pillow!” Trunks shot back.
“I hope you don’t put on makeup in the first place!” Goten snickered.

They all broke out laughing.

“Okay, okay!” Trunks fumed. “Let’s just get our tickets.”
“That’s the problem with you Trunks.” Marron said, “You get angry too easy.”
“Yeah, Trunks.” Goten said. “Lighten up. (Hee hee)”
“So what are we gonna see?”
“How about a chic flick?” Goten said. “I’m in the mood for some lovey-dovey tragedy.” Marron laughed and hit him playfully in the shoulder. Then she said in a sarcastic tone. “Okay, Goten, I’ll watch a chic flick with you.”
Goten grinned. “Really?! Oh thank you Marron!”
Trunks laughed and Bra smiled.

---------------After ten minutes of miscellaneous arguments, childish joking, and all else that teenagers do when they’re with their friends----------------

“I can’t believe there were three chick flicks to choose from!” Marron exclaimed while standing in line for food.
“I can’t believe they had a chick flick in the first place.” Trunks laughed.
“Oh Trunks your such a baby!” Goten said in a fake girl voice. Trunks punched him in the shoulder and Bra laughed.
“So what does everyone want? I only have enough cash on me for everyone to share with someone else. That means two of everyone of us has to pick something they agree on sharing.” Marron stated.
“Wait a minute, who says you’re buying?” Goten injected.
“I did.” Marron replied firmly. “I went to the trouble to put this money in my pocket and I’m going to spend it.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“I want popcorn.” Trunks said.
“Me too.” Replied Bra.
“I don’t like popcorn”
“Alright Marron, you can share some nachos with me.” Goten said.
“Thanks.” Marron smiled. Then Goten gave her the warmest smile and she blushed and looked away.

------------------------Five minutes later in the seating area with the boys were sitting in between the girls---------------

Trunks ate his popcorn with boredom, whilst Marron, Bra, and Goten had their eyes glued to the screen. He glanced at the three of them and sighed. Marron was happy to find that there was a two for one sale on nachos, and she and Goten went crazy with jalapenos, cheese, and hot sauce. Marron went for another chip and her knuckles brushed against Goten’s. She looked up at him and blushed. He smiled and she was surprised. Goten usually used one of his big toothy grins on her.

     He reached over with a napkin and wiped some cheese off the side of her lip. Marron blushed with embarrassment but Goten smiled and brushed some hair behind her ear. He then leaned over the arm of the chair, and just when she thought he was about to kiss her, Trunks stood up and dumped half the bucket of popcorn over Goten’s head. Trunks sat down laughing, but Goten took a nacho covered with cheese and wiped it all over Trunks’s hair…  

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