Chapter 5: Pan  

 gThis is the last time you get me kicked out of a public place, Trunks.h  Marron said. They were all sitting on a bench outside of the theatre.
 gGomen, I just saw the opportunity and, dump!h Trunks ran his finger through his hair bringing it out sticky with cheese. He frowned.
 Goten wiped some butter off his brow. gI want to go clean up, you should too, Trunks. I guess I can meet you girls at the park.h He grabbed a few napkins and flew off, but not before giving Marron a quick smile.
 gYeah, I should go wash up too.h Said Trunks, pulling some cheese from between his fingers. gAnd I will see you at the park. Later!h And with that, he was gone.
 gGood idea.h Bra alleged, gThe Parkfs the only one place we canft be thrown out.h
 Marron laughed. gWell, cfmon! Letfs go!h
 Bra and Marron caught a bus to the park. When they got there they walked over to the swings, and spotted Pan swinging much higher than the bar.
 gHey Pan!h Bra called. Pan waved then jumped from the swing landing halfway across the playground area. Then she ran over to Marron and Bra.
 gYaa! Whatfs up?h
 gHi, Pan.h Marron smiled.
 gHey! Happy Birthday, Marron-Chan!h
 gThanks! ^_^h
 gPan, what are you doing here at the park?h Bra asked.
 gWell, I just came to check out the guysc.h Pan grinned.
 gAre you trying to get Trunks jealous?h Marron mused.
 Bra smiled. gDonft worry Pan-Chan, I havenft caught my old Niichan eyeing and waitresses lately.h The she paused, hThough I did see him glancing in your direction a few times at the mall last week.h
 Pan blushed and smiled.
 gWefre here! Oh, hi Pan-Chan!h The girls spun around to see Trunks and Goten in clean clothes with clean hair.
 gHi Trunks.h Pan responded smiling her heart out.
 gSo, you girls want to walk around or something?h Goten asked looking straight at Marron.
 gSure,h Said Bra. gBut donft go pushing someone in a lake, Trunks.h
 gOh be quiet.h Trunks said rolling his eyes.
 They walked around for a while around the lake talking. Then, Marron stopped walking in front of some cattails.
 gOh, look you guys!h She exclaimed. gDucks!h She pointed frantically to the birds in the lake.
 gMarron, you get excited over the smallest things.h Trunks commented, shaking his head.
 gBut theyfre so pretty! Donft you just want to squeeze one?h
 gUm, c no.h
 gOh, quit giving her such a hard time Trunks.h Bra said. gCome on, Marron. Letfs go feed them.h
 gYeah Trunks, Lighten up.h Pan said slapping his back. gLetfs go, Marron, Ifve got some crackers in my pack.h
 Trunks looked at Goten who grinned. gYou heard her,h He said. gDonft be so tense!h
 They left Trunks and went through the tall grass. He stood there for a few minutes with his arms crossed. But he soon grew bored, so he sighed and went to join them. Goten was checking out something in the water. Bra was picking water lilies, and Pan was flying above the lake dropping crackers into the water.
 Trunks sat beside Marron, who was watching a big white crane at the other end of the lake while drawing lines in the water with a reed. She brought her knees up to her chin and looked over at Trunks smiling.
 Trunks sighed, shook his head and said, gYou people are crazy.h
 Marron laughed. hYeah we are. But, I guess thatfs whatfs good about being a teenager. You can be crazy all you want, and no one will really be surprised.
 gI guessch He said. Trunks was silent for a few minutes. Marron glanced at him.  He was staring at something. She followed his gaze and saw Pan flying around over the lake. He was watching Pan.
 She smiled and took his hand. He looked at her surprised.
 gYou like her, donft you.h She said without looking at him.
 Trunks frowned. gWho?h
 gPan, of course.h
 His eyes widened. gWhat did- how did-what- WHOS PAN?!h
 Marron laughed for a few seconds. She pushed him with her shoulder. gTrunks, you silly baka.h  She laughed again.
 They sat quiet for a few moments. Then she said while gazing at Pan, gShe likes you too you knowch
 He snapped his head around to look at her. gWhat?h
 gYou heard me. Pan has a thing for you Trunks-Kun.h
 gHow- how do you know?h
 gShefs my friend Trunks, I know these things.h
 He didnft say anything for a moment, then he blurted, gSo she likes me?h
 gYou mean she LIKE likes me?h
 gAre you sure?h
 gAre you sure??h
 gAre you SURE?h
  gOkay! Okay. Sorryh
 Marron let go of his hand. gGo onch
        He drew back. gWhat?h
 gGo. Go to her!h
 He sighed. gOkaych Then paused. gI just hope youfre sure.h
He winked at her then flew to Pan.
 Marron smiled and shook her head. Then, she lay back watching them.
 Trunks and Pan said a few things to one another. Pan laughed then poured some crackers over Trunkfs head. They laughed and he chased her around the lake. He finally caught her, and he started to tickle her, and they laughed and laughed.
 Goten and Bra came over and lay down on either side of Marron watching them. The threesome smiled.
 Bra sat up and crossed her arms. gI was wondering when they were finally going to flirt seriously!h
 Goten and Marron sat up and looked at Bra. Then they looked at each other. Then they burst out laughing.
 She looked at them. gWhat? I was just saying that they need to stop the annoying LOOK AT EACH OTHER BLUSHING thing.h
 Goten and Marron laughed even harder.
 Bra looked at them in wonder, then she sighed and lay back down and watched Pan kiss Trunks on the cheek.

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