Chapter 6: Just the Three of Them

 “Marron, where should I hang this streamer?” Goten asked, holding up a long blue ribbon. It was two hours before the party and Goten, and Trunks had come over to help Marron decorate.
 “Oh, I dunno,” Marron, said tying a thin ribbon to a balloon. “Mom, what do you think?”
 Juuhachigou looked up from the ‘Happy Birth-Day’ banner she was painting. “Hmmm…… Over by the door will be fine.” She pointed; then took a paintbrush from behind her ear and underlined all the letters she had painted. She stood up and stepped back to see how she’d done. “That should do it.”
 Trunks came in the door with a large staple gun. “I got all twenty balloons attached to the side of the roof. Five on each side. Just like you instructed Juu-San.”
 “Thank you, Trunks. Listen, I have to go over and help Videl with that cake and pick Kuririn up from Goten’s.” She picked up her keys. “If you need me, just call Videl-San. I’m sure you three can manage on your own.”
 “Okay ‘Kaasan.  We’ll do fine.”
 “Good bye kids!”
 “Ja neh!”
 “Ja neh, Juu-San!” Trunks and Goten yelled out.
 Marron stood up and stretched. “So, what do we have left to do?”
 Trunks picked up a sheet of paper off the floor and read it. “Well, the checklist says we have to put up the rest of the streamers, fill your room with balloons, which, by the way, is already half way done. Then, we wire in all the speakers around all the house. And then, we have to put the battery in the charger thingy for the video camera. I have that covered now.” Trunks put down the list and fastened a large battery into a box attached to an outlet.
 Goten stood up too. “Well I about have the streamers done. Then Trunks can help me with the wiring. And then we’ll both help Marron with the rest of the balloons.” He taped some of the ribbons on the ceiling and picked up a speaker. “Come on Trunks. We’ve got work to do.”
 “Coming! Marron, you just keep working on those balloons and try to ignore the sounds of pain as we drop speakers on each other.”
 Marron giggled. “I’ll try not to laugh too hard.”
 Trunks winked at her and followed Goten into a bedroom.
 Marron tried not to go into a laughing fit every time she heard an “Ouch! Watch it, will ya!” or an “Are you going to give me the dang plug? Or are you just going to stand there like a baka?” or a “If you would get out of the light, maybe I could get this thing connected!”
 After about twenty minutes, the boys finally dragged themselves into the living room where Marron was blowing up another balloon. “We’re ready to help you now.” Goten said grabbing an airless balloon. But Marron took it back from him.
 “Oh no. I don’t think I want you two helping me. You might bite my head off!”
 Trunks looked defensive. “Oh come on! We weren’t that bad, now were we?”
 Marron laughed. “Oh nooo! You weren’t at all bad! It’s just that every ten seconds I thought I would have to file a report on attempted murder!” She laughed some more and hit a balloon over to them. They managed to hit it back over to her, and she kicked it up and it hit a light, causing it to pop with a loud BANG. She laughed so hard she almost fell out of her seat. She flicked another balloon their way and it got to the point where they had to clean up all the pieces of exploded balloon that they had created.
 They settled down and started to blow up more balloons. “Do you think we have enough stuff for one party?” Goten asked.
 “Well it just yours and Trunks’s family that’s coming.” Marron tied a knot in the balloon she was holding.
 “Yeah, but you know how big my family is…”
 “Oh well. We’ll manage.” She tied up the last balloon. “There. We just have to throw all these in my room without all the rest falling out.
 They got all of the balloons to her doorway and slowly opened the door ready to catch any balloons that were already in there and fell out. A few slid to the floor and they kicked them back in while trying to shove the other balloons through the door. But try as they might, more balloons just kept toppling out. Finally Trunks got tired of it all and just used his ki to “Whoosh” it all back in.
 “Well that worked.” Marron said leaning against her door.
 “Leave it to Trunks to solve a problem like that.” Goten laughed.
 “Well it helped. And now we’re done.” Trunks shoved his hands in his pockets.
 Marron patted his back. “You’re right Trunks, and I’m glad that’s over with. Thank you for saving us!” She gave a little bow.
 Goten bowed too. “Yeah, I’m sure we all would have had nervous breakdown from too many balloons if it hadn’t have been for you, Oh Great Trunks!”
 Trunks rolled his eyes. But he laughed anyways. “Yeah well my superiority has always been a great weapon against the forces of psychotic-ness.”
 “Sure, Trunks. Whatever.” Goten slapped him hard on the back, chucked then started downstairs. Marron and Trunks followed.
 They plopped on the couch and Goten grabbed the remote. “What shall we watch?” He asked not really to Marron or Trunks.
 “I want to watch some Sci-Fi.” Trunks stated and looked over at Marron who didn’t seem too interested in the television.
 “I don’t really watch TV a whole lot.” She said looking at the remote.
 Goten and Trunks just stared. “You don’t???” Goten practically flew off the couch and jumped in front of Marron.
 “Well,” She started, “I just don’t really like anything that comes on. Plus I really never have time for it.”
 “Then what do you do in your spare time, Marron?” Trunks asked. He had a concerned look on his face. Marron thought the whole conversation was ridiculous, but she humored the boys.
 “Well, I like to… um……… I like to Fish!”
 Trunks and Goten fell over. Marron laughed at them. “I was only kidding guys! Usually I just write some poetry stuff and I… well, I sing sometimes.”
 Trunks looked abashed. “Really? You never told me you sing,”
 “Or write poetry,” Goten finished.
 Marron smiled and felt a little embarrassed. “You never asked before!”
 “Well that explains things.” Goten said. “Trunks, we need to ask her stuff more often.”
 Trunks nodded.
 Marron giggled.
 “So what do you sing?” Goten sat down next to her.
 “Oh, you know, just stuff that I hear. I’m not real good at writing songs.”
 “But aren’t songs just like poetry? Shouldn’t be easy for you then?”
 Marron shook her head. “Oh no! Song writing is much more than that! You have to be in the right mood. Know the right things to say. Feel a whole lot more. Let your inner-self free.”
 “But if I let my inner-self free, won’t it fly away?” Goten said. Marron threw a pillow at him.
 “Oh you silly.” ^_^
 And then Trunks figured out why Goten was leaning over the arm of the chair in the theatre. And he immediately wished he hadn’t wasted that bucket of perfectly good popcorn on his lovesick friend.

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