Marron's Birthday (Part One)

*Okay so it's Marron's 20th Birthday*
Trunks-23         Goten-22         Marron-20  

  "Mom!  Come here!" Marron yelled from her room.  18 sighed, putting down her book and went to Marron's room.
  "What?" 18 asked.
  "How do I look?" Marron asked.  18 looked all over her daughter.  She was wearing a light blue strapless dress with black platform flip flops.  She had on light pink lipstick and let her hair down.
  "Sort of a mixture of a teenager, a cloud, and my daughter," 18 laughed.  "Why are you wearing that anyway?  A guy or something?"
  "Well...." Marron started.
  "Do you STILL like Yamcha?!" 18 asked suspiciosly.
  "NO!" Marron glared.
  "Fine.  Anyway you look great." 18 said.
  "That's what I was looking for!" Marron said.
  "Well anyway, I gotta go take a shower, I hope your father is done...." 18 sighed as she walked away.


  About 30 minutes later there was a knock at the door.  Marron practically ran down the steps and killed herself.  She opened the door.  To her
surprise, she saw a big bundle of red and pink roses and babies breath.  There was a person holding them behind them.

  "Uncle!" Marron gleefully said.
  "Hey Marron!  Happy B-Day!  Where do I put these?" 17 laughed.
  "On the kitchen table." Marron pointed.  He put them down then she gave him a big hug.
  "Marron, who was at the..... brother!  So glad you could come!" 18 said putting on her earings.  She then pried Marron off him and hugged him too.
  "Me too sister." 17 said.  18 let go and Krillin came down.
  "Hey 17!  how are you?" Krillin greeted his step-brother.
  "Fine, are we ready to go?" 17 asked looking at Marron.
  "Yes, just let me get my car keys," 18 said walking off.
  "No need for those, we can take my limo!" 17 explained.  At the sound of limo, Marron went rushing out the door.


Marron's Birthday (Part Two) 
*This is after the ride to the restaurant when Marron was so excited she could not whatsoever keep still*
Trunks-23         Goten-22         Marron-20

  "Well, we're here!" Krillin said.
  "Marron, will you please stop jumping up and down, your giving me a headache." 18 sighed.  Marron stopped.
  "Let's make our way inside!" 17 said, so they all went.  Inside, there were five big glass chandeliers and a big red carpeted grand staircase.17 called for a waiter and he came and showed him where to sit.
  "Here you are sir, madame.  Enjoy your stay at Le France Resturant." the waiter said handing out the menus.  Krillin helped 18 into her seat.  Just as Marron was about to sit down, someone came up from behind her.

  "Let me get this miss," someone said.  She turned around.  To her surprise, she saw Trunks.
  "Trunks!  Hi!  What are you doing here?" Marron squealed as she hugged him.  Trunks blushed a little.

  "Well, my mom retiered from her job, and now she's giving it to me, so we're celebrating," Trunks sighed. "What are you doing here?"
  "You see, today is my birthday and so..." Marron started.

  "Well then, Happy Birthday!" someone said behind her.  She turned around and saw Goten.
  "Hi!" Marron squealed as she hugged hi.  "What are you doing here?"
  "Yah, I would like to know too." Trunks glared.
  "Well, today is my mom and dad's 38th anniversary, so we're celebrating." Goten explained.
  "It is?  I forgot to call..." Krillin said.  Marron, Trunks, and Goten turned around and saw Marron's parents.  They were listening the whole time.
  "Anyway, why don't you guys get your families and let's share a table?" 18 said.
  "Okay," Goten agreed.  Trunks nodded and went to go get their families.  Their families agreed and the asked the waiter for a bigger table.  He agreed, well, he was doing it for the $100 Trunks put in the waiters apron.


  So the families talked and talked.  Marron, Goten, and Trunks' conversation went a little like this......

  "So Marron, what was your childhood like?" Goten asked.
  "Well there were these two boys, who might be your age now, and we always hung out together.  There was this boy, whom I hated back then, that ALWAYS picked on me.  Then the other one was really sweet and stood up for me, well most of the time.  Those two boys were
best friends.  We all were, "Marron sighed. "Until that fateful day, when I was 12 or 13, I moved away to California."
  "That's sad." Goten said.
  "Well, what was yours like Trunks?" Marron asked.

Trunks looked at Goten then started.

  "I did have two good friends, lik you.  A girl and a boy.  One was a cry-baby, and the other one was a squealer"  Trunks laughed.
  "I was NOT a SQEALER!!!" Goten accused.
  "Then why did you tell on me all the time?  Huh?" Trunks shot.
  "Her mom was shooting glares at me and I couldn't help..... Marron?  Are you okay?" Goten calmed down.

She nodded.  He looked at her.  Her face was bright red and she was sqeazing her hands.
  "Are you sure?" Trunks asked.  She nodded again.
  "I think she's dead." Goten tried to make her laugh.

 No luck.

  "I'm not, it's just that... that...." Marron started.  By this time, everyone was looking at her, except for Goku, who was stuffing his face.  Chi-chi
nudged him.  He looked up, inocently.
  "I think I need to go home." Marron practically cried.
  "But you haven't opened your presants!" 17 exclaimed.  18 shot him a glare.  "Never mind."  So everyone went home.  Goten went to Trunks' house to spend the night.  As for Marron, she went straight to her room.

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