Finding Out 
*Same Night.  Goten is spending the night at Trunks' house.*

  "So, do you know what made Marron cry?"  Trunks asked, throwing a pillow at Goten.
  "No idea, it's just that she reminds me of that one g......." Goten started.
  "Hewo!" Chi-bi Bra squealed.
  "Hewo!" Chi-bi Pan squealed.
  "Hey you two!  Whacha up to?" Trunks asked, lifting Chi-bi Bra onto his lap.
  "We just got back from Disneywand!" Chi-bi Bra giggled.  Goten then lifted Chi-bi Pan up onto his back and twirled around.
  "Kewl!" Trunks said.  They watched as Chi-bi Pan squealed as Goten fell on his butt, purposly.  Chi-bi Pan laughed and laughed.
  "There you two are!  You're supposed to be in bed!" Bulma exclaimed.
  "Aw, do we hafta?" Chi-bi Bra pleaded.
  "Can't we stay up wif dem?" Chi-bi Pan begged.
  "No, you two have to go to bed!" Bulma explained.
  "Fine," they said and went to Bra's room.
  "Goodnight you two!" Bulma said.
  "G'night," Goten and Trunks said as Bulma stepped out of the room.
  "So anyway, Goten, what were you saying?" Trunks asked laying down.
  "Like I was saying, Marron reminded me of that one girl we knew when we were little." Goten said laying down as well.
  "I have a picture in my *messy* drawer, lemmie get it," Trunks got up and got it.  Then he handed it to Goten.

  "It says,'Trunks-7, Goten-6, an Marron-3.  Best Friends Forever.'  So her name is Marron.  Hey!  They have the same name!  Cool!" Goten exclaimed.
  "No stupid!  This Marron in the picture is the 20 year old Marron we know now!" Trunks said as he hit Goten on the back of the head.
  "Oh, it is.  OH!  IT IS!!!" Goten realized the girl holding the peace sign up with her fingers did resemble the 20 year old they knew.


  "Okay," Trunks mummbled.  So they went to bed, dreaming about how beautiful Marron turned out to be!

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