Chapter Three: Two Saiya-jins, A cyborg, A human and a resturant ^^ 

"Nadia? Nadia?" Marron snapped her fingers in front of Nadia face. Nadia sat in her chair with a love struck expression on her face. Nadia was definitely in her own world. The two demi saiya-jin looked at her. Marron smacked her on the head a few times. "NADIA!!!!" She yelled. People started to look at them. There was still no reaction. Goten and trunks sat down with big sweatdrops on their heads.

"Is she going to okay?" Goten asked. "Is something wrong?"

Nadia finally came back to reality. " NoNo"

"Gomen Goten-kun. She always like this." Marron sighed.  "How bout we order food now?"

That changed the mood. The two guys started to drool. Marron sweatdroped. "I'll take that as a yes."

Nadia started to laugh. " You guy must be hungry."

"*Big Sweatdrop* You have no idea how big there appetites are.." She said to her clueless pink haired friend.

"Oh come on.. the can't eat more then my brothers." Nadia smiled. She had no idea how wrong she was.

        "Konichiwa minna-san. Are you ready to order?" The waitress asked. She held her little pad of paper and pencil ready to take their order.

        "I'll have everything on the menu!" Trunk said smiling.

        The waitress gulped and turned to Goten. " What about you sir?"

        "The same as him."

        The red-haired waitress almost fell over. 'I hope they don't want the same as those guys.' She thought.  "And what will you girls be having?"

        "Just a salad." Nadia replied.

        "A cheese burger, small plate of fries and a medium 7-up."

        The waitress wrote down their orders down. "It will be ready in a few min . a .. hours." She said and rushed back into the kitchen.

        "Wow, you were right Marron. These guys do eat a lot." Nadia whispered into Marron's ear.

        Beads of sweat formed on Marron's head.


        (An hour and a half later) The waitress returned with three cart of food. She gave Marron and Nadia their orders and left the three carts by the table for the boys. She bowed slightly. " Enjoy your meal, minna-san."

        "Arigatou." Goten and Trunks said together in unison and started shoving food into their mouths with saiya-jin speed.

        "Gomen NasainMy friend are pigst Domo Arigatou." Marron said.

        Nadia just bowed her head and smiled. "Dou  itashimemashite." The waitress said as she left the (what seems) to be a very strange foursome.

        Marron grabbed her cheeseburger and began eating it slowly. Nadia had also begun eating  her salad. Trunks and Goten on the other hand, were scarfing down all the food their saiya-jin stomachs could hold. Many of the people around them had begun to stare in awe at how much Trunks and Goten could eat. Marron just smiled. She was used to the looks people gave them whenever they went to restaurants or when any of them flew or did inhuman things. Thought the silence was starting to bug her. So she decided to start a conversation.

        "So. about tonight," Marron begun,
" Trunks ? Uh What." Goten stopped eating and cut her off. "Tonight? What's happening tonight?"

        She glared at Trunks. "You didn't tell him?" She asked the purple-haired saiya-jin.

        The half-breed only shook his head and continued eating.

        "Hopelessk" Marron said as she shook her head. "Anyway, There a big party going on tonight and Trunks is coming with me. So naturally we thought you'd like to tag along."

        "Oh thats Okay!" He answered and went back to his eating.

        Marron sighed. "AwTrunks"

        He lifted his head up form his plate and stopped shoveling food into his mouth. "Yes Marron-chan?"

        "What time do you want to pick me up at or do you want me to meet you at your house?" She asked.

        "Well that depends, are Kuririn-Ojisan and juuhachi-Obasan going to be home?"

        "Hai. But luckily the hentai's won't be, so it will be a lot easy to sneak out a window or even the front door." She replied.

        "Okay, the you should meet me at my house.  Kasan and Tousan are gone on vacation and won't be back till tommorow. Bra's at Goten's house with pan till they come home."

        "Sogui! Then I'll go to your house and meet you and Goten there. Then from there..."

        "HEY HEY HEY!!!! What about me?" Nadia interrupted.

        "I was getting to that part but I was rudely interrupted." Marron retorted in a very annoyed voice.

        "Gomen ne, Marron-chan"

        Marron sighed again. "S'okay. Anyway, from Trunks'  house we go pick up Nadia, then we crash the party. Good plan ne?"

        "Sweet" Nadia replied.

        The two demi saiya-jins said a very muffled. " mmm?munch* Hai.. *munch*"

        The two girls giggled at there hungry friends. Marron stopped laughing and grabbed her plate and Nadia's bowl. She got up and put them on one of the empty carts. She flopped back down onto her chair and leaned back on the two of the legs. She looked over at Nadia was staring a hole at her black-haired best friend, who was busy finishing the last bit of potato's that were on his plate. Marron then looked over at the purple-haired Vejita look-alike that had just finished eating. He looked up from his empty plate and began to stare into her eyes. She looked away from his ice blue stare as if his stare would make her melt. She felt herself blush deeply. An awkward silence hung in the air. The waitress then returned with a bill and put it on the table, then took the cart back.


Nadia looked over at the two, who didn't seem to be aware that the waitress had just gave them the bill. She had to hold her breath to stop from laughing. 'These two are so in love with each other and some how can't tell the other is in love with them. They're so perfect for each other. This is sad.' She sighed and looked over at Goten who had a satisfied look on his face and his eyes closed. She began to smile a goku-like smile. Nadia's face began to turn as red as a tomato. She quickly averted her gaze and looked over at the bill. She stretched her arm outward and grabbed it. She almost did a back flip when she saw what the food came up to.

"Um minna." She said, breaking the silence, "Who's paying for this?"

"Well we could all pay for what we ate?" Marron suggested.

Goten's smile suddenly turned into a frown. He drove his hand into his pockets looking for some yen. "Welln..a. c yatseeee. I'm kindaraas Broke at the moment and rwelllpe" He looked over at Trunks. Trunks knew where this was heading and didn't like it one bit.

"OOOOOOHHHH NO!!! Goten I'm not paying for you this time. You still owe me like 700,000 yen for the many times before.

Goten began to plead with him and made the most pathetic looking sad puppy dog face he could muster up. "OH please? Please? You're my best friend in the whole inter universe! Please! Oh Plllleeeeeaaaasseee??"

Trunks sighed in defeat. "Okay. Okay. Just quit begin so pathetic.

You're a saija-jin for Kami-sama sake have some pride." He pulled out the money and placed it on the table.

"Sankyuu Trunks, I could kiss you."

"Then I'll tear you apart into a million piece and feed you to my Tousan!" Trunks threatened.

"Okay. Okay. I was just joking." Goten replied defensively.

Nadia and Marron burst out laughing. "You know, if you both weren't guys I swear people would thing you where a married couple." Marron said with a grin and began to laugh like a wild hyena. To make matters worst Goten smiled and made a big kissy face to Trunks. Goten loved teasing Trunks. He was so easy to piss off. Goten's face cracked and started rolling. Trunks just rolled his eyes and smashed his head into table. Marron just laughed even harder (If that's possible ^^) she wiped her eyes because they were starting to water. She looked at her watch. Marron's eyes bugged out of her head.

"KUSOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I'M LATE!! Gomen Nasai everyone but I have to get home if I ever want a chance to go to this party! Come on Nadia. Ikimashoo!!!!" She got up quickly and grabbed her bags of clothes and Nadia's hand. They quickly booted it out off the mall and out of sight.

Trunks shrugged and stud up. "We might as well leave too."

Goten nodded and stood up also. The two saiya-jin's left the restaurant and went their seperate ways to each house. 

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