Species-80%Dragon 20%Human

History: Born in an unknown place, I was raised in a small cabin by a very odd old man until I was 5, when the old man died.  I then survived on my wits, until I met a scientist.  Someone who wished she could be like Dr. Gero, and made an android form of Me.  When the android and I fused, I was able to transform into my android form at will.  Then, when hearing of the Z-group at age 14, I started training very hard to increase my strength.  When I finally reached a point, where there were no more challenges, I decided to go on a journey to find a challenge....

Origin: Unknown
Family: Old man.  Otherwise, unknown


Eyes: Dark Blue

Hair: Blue, down to tailbone

Height: 65

Weight: 260 lbs

Ears: Has dragon earrings on each ear.

Clothes: Fusion vest, baggy black pants, and black shoes.

Skin: Sort of tan

Teeth: fangs, and really white

Accessories also have large blue dragons wings, and a dragon tail.

Age: 28

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