Name: Hiro D’Anclaude
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Aphrodian
Height: 5’12
Weight: 163 lbs.
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Light gray/white
Blood Type: O

Mother- Name unknown. Died in a concentration camp some time during a crisis on Aphrodia.
Father- Akira D’Anclaude (Deceased)
Legal Guardian (at age 14)- Jug
Foster Father- Ryokun
Foster Mother- Kaitlin (Deceased)
Sister- Nikki
Brother-in-Law- -X-
Daughter- Mima Kirigoe (Deceased)
Son- Dyne (Deceased)
Previous Engagements- Naomi Sutherland, Meredith SinClaire.
Fiancée- AniMako Tijkenshi


The Past…

--Hiro is by far, considered an important prodigy. His attitude constantly changes, but as the years have passed by, he has become more stable. Strangely, he was fully ‘born’ at age 4. His birth is still a mystery, as to what race he really is remains unconfirmed. Recently, though a breakthrough has occurred. Beginning to piece parts of his former together, he remembers that he belonged to several groups and gangs before going blank and reactivating at age 4. Apparently he aged until 14 years of age…suddenly blacked out, and came to at age 4. He was adopted by a third set of foster parents, Kaitlin and Ryokun. He began to be trained in various kinds of Martial Arts from Ryokun, and became a remarkable fighter in that same year. Strangely, he has the capabilities to ‘Mimic’ movements, abilities, and actions he has already seen, and can perform the same action within the first few tries. At age 4, he was already an incredible fighting force with endless potential.

--13 years later, after being conjoined with past associations and groups, he set out to be a Mercenary, for lack of career management. Learning many, and I do mean many skills, Hiro had honed all his skills, social and non-social, and was feared and respected by many.  Later on that year, an outbreak situation had occurred. Several attacks were confirmed on the Imperial Capitol. The Imperials, a nation and race of Aphrodians who had established the current government around the nation, had gotten sick of all of the attempts if rebel factions trying to overthrow their government. As a result, a war had been taken out onto the streets of the Imperial Capitol and surrounding cities. The Imperial Army held an alignment of unbeatable weapons, and was slaughtering innocent and convicted alike in attempt to show the people they mean business. As Hiro was stuck in the middle of all of this, he had met a young woman out on the streets. She had recognized her from somewhere. And as it is stated later, Hiro recognizes her as the young girl who had pulled him into her house, in attempt to hide him from the Imperial Police while he was severely wounded. She had offered him a place to live, along with her team. A team of rebels who demote Imperial activity. As a gesture of thanks for before, he joins the young lady. That young ladies name being Naomi. For years, the team had worked together, rouging Imperial goods and support anti-Imperial activists alike. Soon, the Empire decided to heat things up a bit, and started bombing raids and tank runs on all he neighboring cities. The results? Thousands of deaths that were uncalled for. Hiro, being torn apart from the others by rage over this ridiculous war, decided that he was going to create a frontal assault on the main capitol. During his hijack, he had been forced to retreat into an Imperial Space vessel along with four others of his team. A spacecraft that was forced off into space by all means of an accident. The crafts’ name was ‘Daedulus’.

 After five years of sailing the great frontier of space, Hiro and the others return one sunny day to Aphrodia. Much more matured and experienced, he steps out to greet his future wife and cohorts. Upon arrival, he had an incredible will and a very loving heart. He settled in and became engaged and later married. He and his wife had two children, Mima and Dyne. Settled, he began his work as a cop in the newly reclaimed Aphrodian Capitol. He then made up for lost time and took care of his family. Later on, however, the Imperial Military had made a surprise attack on the Aphrodian capitol. The attack was revenge fueled, and the Imperial Military established a break in their truce, attacking cities at random out of desperation. Unfortunately to Hiro, he was away and out of the territory along with his cohorts, Efreet, Apollo, Kaneada, and Greyd. Shocked at hearing the news, he rushed back to Aphrodia’s capitol. Upon return, he found the city spread out through the use of shelters. His wife and kids unfortunately were murdered at the hands of Imperial gunfire. One day, as Hiro was ready to suicide in his home, he had heard his crew outside. Sighing and tucking his gun away, he decided to see what the problem was. Apparently, the others had the Daedulus out on the streets, evading gunfire from Imperial tanks. Hiro immediately hopped out of his window and on top of the Vessel, entering and flying it out into space. Hiro and the others, sick of the life of warfare, decided to leave and go sail the sea of stars once again…

--Three years later, the crew is by far way more experienced than before. The past three years pent together had drawn more emotions out of themselves, making them stronger and wiser. Kaneada and Greyd became close and fell in love. Hiro, still remembering his family though, sometimes wishes he had just pulled the trigger…then…one cold ‘morning’ in space…the daedulus had accidentally stumbled into the radar of an unknown military flagship in space. In attempt to flee, the crew hid their craft in some asteroids…but it was to late. A team was dispatched onto the Daedulus. The crew definitely did neither look human nor Aphrodian. The military stormed the Dedulus holding everyone as hostage…Then a group of what were assumed to be scientists of the faction, broad sided the ship and the crew was forced undergo the experiments of mind numbing pain and torture. Hiro was knocked out, never to be awakened again.

--An unknown amount of time later…Hiro DOES wake up…only to find himself in a glass shell, strapped down, feeling incredibly ill. As he looks out the window in the shell, he gazes in fear at death itself. His ship was on a crash course for an unknown planet…

The Present…
-GTM Hiro Personal-

--After Hiro settled in GTM, he quickly became attached and decided to make it his permanent home. Hiro is very spirited and incredibly independent. With a will of iron, emotions never defeat him. Very naïve around his friends, he easily tricked. Slightly clumsy, he will literally fall for any type of sign dealing with the people around him. Hiro is very sincere and can be depended upon. Always one to confer problems and emotional strife with, Hiro will listen and take care upon the situation. It can easily be said that he is the type to sacrifice himself for the justice and security of others.

--Hiro hasn’t lost his edge a bit. After all these years, his prowess has not been scarred one bit. In fact, it’s improved more than ever. Literally a master of all arts, from Sorcery to Physical Combat, Hiro has combined all his skills from the past and built them up to reach perfection.

--As of now, Hiro enjoys anything life has to offer to him. Food!! He loves it! He likes nature, anything extreme and loves adventure. Basically, he’s an optimist. However, his attitude can take sudden turns and turn him into a complete opposite.

--The final emotion that is very noticeable is his extreme temper. Normally, Hiro is incredibly calm. Namely after all the years he spent to himself studying philosophy and training. But still, he hasn’t mastered his own anger yet. He can completely lose it and go berserk, doing anything from scolding to actually trying to mow down anything in his path. Regarding the anger and rage he experiences, he can literally be considered a threat until calmed down. Strangely, Hiro’s body will ‘adjust’ to keep his pressure under control and will grow to immense sizes. He has been recorded to pump out to 14 feet in size.

--Well, that about sums Hiro up. Take the information you read and compare it. And learn to use it. Well, thanks for reading!

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