CHAPTER 3 (Trunks' Dream)

        Trunks drove straight to the crash he heard.  He got out of the car and walked straight to the edge of the cliff.  Not noticing anything he searched around.  He didn't know what happened or if it was Bra.  He saw something floating in the water and flew down to it.
        As he got closer he saw what it was.  It was his car's license plate. He knew it had to of been Bra but he didn't know if she got out or if she was dead. 'She's strong enough to have gotten out but did she?'  he thought to himself.
        He didn't understand anything.  He walked away not knowing if Bra was dead along with his friend and girl-friend but he had to because he couldn't bare the thought.  He got in the car and drove home.
        When he got there he went straight into his room.  He looked at everything he could see a reflection in but nothing came.  Nothing.  As he layed in bed he fell asleep and began to dream:

=(In dream)=

"Trunks . . . "  voices kept saying, "Trunks." almost in a whisper but loud enough for him to hear.  He was floating in the air like he was flying. Suddenly the surrondings changed, he was outside, a very familiar place.  He couldn't seem to think who's house it was it was near.  Wait!  It was Marron's room, and there she was walking to him.
"Trunks."  she said to him, "Whats wrong?" Her smile almost made him cry, but no matter he was in a dream and to her he wouldn't be crying no matter how much his tears formed.
"Trunks, your so cute."  she said almost in a giggle.
She was wearing her pink dress and her pigtails.  She reached out and touched his cheek.
"Your cold."  Trunks said so silently and so soft.
"Trunks, I'm dead."  she said as the scene suddenly faded into a night time and the girl infront of him was now out of her pigtails and in her dress but it was torn.  She looked at Trunks,
"He's here, he's coming.  Hide!"  She pushed him into some bushes nearby and for some reason he couldn't move.  A figure that he couldn't make out was standing a bit behind was walking towards Marron.  Marron looked frightened and helpless.
        The dark figure came to Marron and punched her across the face sending her back.  She didn't fall over and managed to keep her balance. She didn't stop to look at the figure all she did was turn and run.  While she was running she saw the cliff ahead and stopped, slidding to the edge and almost falling off.
        She quickly caught her balance when she saw the shadow come up over her. She turned around slowly and her eyes widened as a ki beam was sent at her, not going through her but pushing her and she fell, screaming. "MARRON!"  Trunks screamed trying to move.  He finally moved and ran to the edge looking down but she was out of sight.
        He was crying but there was no tears.  He turned to the figure and punched it but before he could the scene changed and he was standing there.
          A man had his back turned to Trunks and turned around.  Its Goten. "Hey Trunks!" Goten came over to him. Trunks couldn't say anything.  He was so surprised to his best friend standing there, okay. Goten patted him on the back and said,
"How about me, you, Bra, and Marron go on a double date?"
"Marron's . ."
"Dead?"  Goten finished for him, "Ya, so am I."
Trunks looked at his friend confused.  Goten looked behind him and back at Trunks,
"Trunks you have to leave, he's coming this way. GO!" he pushed him into a store building.
        The same dark figure appeared behind Goten and Goten turned around. Suddenly Goten and the figure were fighting.  Trunks saw a phone, Goten's phone, and it was ringing.  Trunks tried to open the door but couldn't.
        Goten was already knocked down and the phone was smashed.  Trunks started slamming himself into the door.
        The figure picked Goten up by the collar of his shirt and threw him towards some thorn bushes.  He shot a ki blast through his chest and Goten fell into the thorns.  With his skin tearing and his skin bleeding he groaned in pain.
        Trunks broke through the door and ran to Goten.  When he looked at him, he was dead, again! "Goten,"  Trunks whispered.  He turned once againt to the figure but before he got anycloser the scene changed.
        Trunks was at his house, outside.  And there was Bra in his car.  He walked over.
"Hello Trunks."  she said.
"Bra . . " Trunks was interrupted.
"I've decided to ask Goten to marry me."
"Huh?"  he asked.
"I know you think its impossible because he's dead but I am too."
"Am I dead?"  Trunks asked.
"No, you're dreaming."  Bra said.
He walked closer but when he blinked he was suddenly in the back seat of the car and the dark figure was in the driver seat with Bra in the passenger. He couldn't say anything, he could only listen.
"You're not Trunks!"  Bra screamed.
"Bingo,"  the dark figure said in a low, soft, familiar voice.
He opened the driver side door and pulled Bra by her hair over to the driver side.  Trunks tried so hard to get up and kill this figure that was pulling his sister.  He felt he had to protect her but couldn't move.
        The figure was out of the car and Bra was in the passenger side.  She was already tangled in the metal and Trunks could move.  He tried to climb up to the passenger side when he saw the bomb.  The car suddenly landed in the water and was flaoting.  Water was pouring in quickly and Bra was trying to get untangled.  The water poured in close to the bomb and when Trunks went to grab it away fromt he water he was suddenly out of the car and looking down the cliff at it, when it exploded.
"BRA!!"  Trunks screamed.  He looked around, but the figure was nowhere in sight.

It was silent.

"FACE ME LIKE A MAN!"  Suddenly he was in the middle of darkness, he could see nothing.  Then a red long mirror appeared infront of him and he looked at himself.

"What the . . . "

He looked behind him, but what he didn't see was his reflection stay the same.  It then started moving towards him, reaching out to choke him. Before it could touch him the scene changed once again.
        He was in the same place he was in the beginning not the cliff but before that when he heard the voices.  This time they were clearer.
"Trunks . . . "  they were Goten's, Marron's, and Bra's almost in a whisper, "Trunks."
Trunks was looking around.
"Where are you."  he said aloud but not in a whisper nor scream.
"Trunks,"  he heard Marron's voice.  "You must"  that time it was Goten.
"Fight."  Bra finished it.
"Who?"  Trunks asked them.
Everything just stopped

=(End of dream)=

Trunks woke up.  His face was wet, was he crying or sweating? He got out of bed and he saw he was asleep for at least 7 hours.  It was dark outside. He got out of bed and went outside.  He couldn't get the dream out of his mind.  The death's of his friends and what each said.
         He just started to walk around.  He didn't feel like seeing or talking to anyone so he went to a quiet place.  It was just a plain.  It was all flat except some hills on one side and a small forest on the other.  He was just walking around it when he saw some one.  The person was crying and from the back (shich he could only see) he was a he, and had a whitish purple tint to
his hair. He walked over to the person and tapped him ont he shoulder,
"Who are you, and whats wrong?"  Trunks asked him. The guy turned around and Trunks almost fell over when he saw the guy looked like him but maybe alittle younger, or a bit older.
"My life is ruined,"  the guy said.
"Why? How?"  Trunks asked.
"I just have this big secret and want to kill some one just to tell them." he said and punched Trunks. Trunks flew back and stood up, "Like my day couldn't go any worse."  Trunks mumbled.


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