Sister and Wife
By KrilinMGG  
Kuri and Kirah were playing together. Uncle and niece. Although Kuri was 10 years old, and Kirah was 5, they always played together. It was
like a tradition. Kuri always taught Kirah how to fight, it was what Kuririn and Goten always wanted...

Everybody was inside, at Kame House, there was another party: Kirah's birthday. Yet, everybody's attention was with Pan, who was caring her newborn, carefully. She was 14 years old, but she had made the mistake of making love with Trunks, who was 28. Since that, Gohan and Vegeta didn't feel like 'been proud of Pan and Trunks'.
Suddenly, Kuri and Kirah entered the room, with a really strange surprise: Juunanagou. "What are you doing here?" Juuhachigou asked. "I came to warn you... Cell... wasn't the end of Gero's plans.... He made... another android, called K-108.... H-h-h-h-he's somewhere...." Then, Juunanagou fainted. Quickly, everybody picked him up and took him to a room. There, Juuhachigou took care of him.

"How's he?" Kuririn asked her, when she came out of the room. "He's better... Maybe tomorrow he'll wake up..." She said. Just then, Kuri ran towards his parents. "Papa! Mama! Who tha?" He asked, chewing something. They smiled, and Juuhachigou spoke. "Your Uncle" She said. Then, they took him to his room. And went to sleep.

It wasn't an hour ago that a loudly boom made them wake up. They went to Juunanagou's room, and they saw a big metallic werewolf attacking him. He turned to them and yelled. "Get away from here! He's gonna explode!!!" The werewolf threw him through the window, and charged at Kuririn. He pushed Juuhachigou away, and got bitten. "Kuririn!!!" She yelled. Kuririn got out of the house, from the window, and went to look for Juunanagou. "Juunanagou! We need to attack him together!" Kuririn screamed. Juunanagou appeared and said 'yes'. The werewolf jumped in front of then, and fired two bombs at them. They dodged and threw him ki blasts, but it didn't even scratched it. "What's that?" Kuririn asked. "That's K-108!!!" Juunanagou said. By that time, all the Z warriors had arrive. So everybody charged at the monster, with no effect. Juuhachigou fought too. But there was no case, they couldn't win, even with Gokou on SSJ3! They were doomed...

No one could move, everybody was too tired. Yet, Kuririn and Juunanagou stood up. "There's only one choice..." Juunanagou said, staring at the monster. "LET'S DO IT!!!" Kuririn yelled. They ran towards the beast, and turned into two big rays (like kamehameha), and took the monster to the skies. Kuri saw this, and knew that his father wouldn't come back. "DAAAAAAAD!!!!!! UNCLE!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" He screamed. Juuhachigou screamed as well. "KURIRIN!!!!! JUUNANAGOU!!!!!" They died.......

THE END????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! >8P  

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