The Hero
By KrilinMGG
After K-108's dead, a bunch of cyborgs appeared. They were called: The Badness. They were 10 in total, but they were five or six times more powerful than Buu. They captured all the Z warriors, but let them live. Just one of the newest warriors was left, Kuri.

Kuri was living alone, in the destroyed building that once was Cap. Corp. No one was there, just him. Even his niece had been captured by The Badness. But he had enough hope, he always trained. Yet, he wasn't sure if he could win, so he stayed hidden.
Bulma had taught him everything about her labs, so he was a computer-expert. Since he was old enough, Juuhachigou had told him that she was an android. That made him study computers and that kind of stuff, and Bulma was his teacher. He just wanted one thing: to get Juu's memory back.

P?cker, the leader of The Badness, was staring at the Z gang. He, and his friends, weren't humanoids at all. They looked as buffoons. Red, black and white were the only colors they dressed. Dominio (Dominion in Spanish), the security guard, was always at P?cker's side, just as a dog. The third important warrior was Demonio (Devil in Spanish), he looked just as P?cker, but weaker. Then, the other Badness Warriors were humans dressed like them.The three aliens came from Joker Planet. They almost died when they came, but Gero helped them, and so, they had been sleeping. Gero programmed the computer wisely: when he died, the clock begun counting 17 years. Then, the metal werewolf woke up, when it died, another clock counted ten years. Those ten years had pass, and the three aliens woke up. They hypnotized a few bunch of people, and gave them powers.Now, they were the most powerful creatures in the world, cause they assimilated everyone. They just kept the Z warriors alive, but they slowly
drained all their powers..."Dominio... Go get that brat... Kirah!" P?cker said. Dominio obeyed, he always did. Demonio just stared at P?cker, and got closer to him. "Mr. P?cker, what are we going to do with those humans?" "FOOL! Most of them are saiyans! We can't kill saiyans!" P?cker said, and sighed. "And stop calling me 'Mr.'!" Demonio nodded, and got out of the cave they were in. He needed to call his son, the fourth, yet hidden alien. Only Demonio knew about him, his son Ace. He was a strange alien, yet, he was very obedient with his father.

"Ace... I don't trust P?cker anymore... He just want's to kill everybody..." Demonio said to his unmoving son. He never smiled, never said anything, just a few moans. Ace gasped, trying to speak, but the only thing that came out was. "Ah" "What is it son?" Demonio asked impatiently. "I... You... save... Ku... ri..." Demonio blinked. "You want me to save Kuririn Jr.? But why? He's our enemy!" Ace shook his head. "He... You... I... Good..." "You mean that we're not evil?" Ace nodded. "You... Care... Me...?" Ace asked. "Yes! I care about you!" Demonio said. "Then, bring... Kuri... Say... You... Care... Me..." Ace fell asleep, and Demonio covered his son with a sheet. "Rest my son... I'll bring Kuri to you..." And with that, Demonio went to Hope City (Cap. Corp.'s location).

Dominio was inside Cap. Corp., looking for Kuri, but he didn't knew that the hero had been warned mentally by Ace. So Kuri jumped behind Dominio and did a kamehameha. Just then, Demonio came, and they escaped to Demonio's cave...


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