The End
By KrilinMGG
"Thanks Ace!" Kuri said. "You knew each other before?" Demonio asked, puzzled. "Well, yeah! You see.... I was looking for my family here, so he found me, and we decided to be friends!" Kuri said smiling. Demonio smiled, wider that ever. "So... What are we going to do?" "First of all, we'll have to fight against P?cker and Dominio!" Kuri said, frowning. Ace walked towards them. "I'm ready" He said in a deep, yet sad, voice.

"Kirah, Kirah... I can't believe that you're so beautiful. Such an innocent young lady, so terrible her death. Someone... cut her head..." He couldn't finish, cause someone hit him on the back of his head. "Leave my niece alone!" Kuri said. If he didn't say that, Kirah would have probably kissed him. "Uncle Kuri?!" Kirah yelled. Ace cut off the chain. When she saw him, she ran towards her uncle for protection. "Don't worry Kirah... He's just a friend..." "Hi Kirah!" Demonio said. "Is he nice?" Kirah asked. "He's his father. That, is Ace. Now, we're going to free the others!" Kuri said.
"Not so fast! Kuririn Jr.! What an annoying surprise! Demonio and that other joker, you're a bunch of traitors! Dominio, kill them all!" P?cker said. Just then, Dominio appeared. "Hi, hi! I see that you're NOT so powerful at all Kuririn!" He said. Kuri launched towards him, but got kicked away. "Next!" Dominio yelled. "I hate you!" Kirah yelled, and ran towards him. She almost punched Dominio, but he melted, and appeared behind her. Then, he punched her on the back, and she flew and hit a wall. "Next!" This time, Demonio kicked Dominio's butt. But, he lost. Then, Dominio launched towards Ace. He ducked and blasted away Dominio. So, Dominio was killed. But then, P?cker kicked Ace, he ran towards Kuri, Kirah and his father, and picked them up. And he vanished.

And a few weeks later, they were ready again. This time, they rescued Vegeta, Trunks and Goten. They were very weak, but Ace gave them power."We'll go kill them all tomorrow!" Vegeta said. Trunks punched him, and he fell on a chair. "Please dad! Look at us! We look like shit! We can't fight till we're powerful enough!" Kuri nodded. "We'll attack in two weeks. What do you think Vegeta?" Kirah asked. "Ok..." He said.

Two weeks passed, and they confronted P?cker for the third time. They were more warriors, yet, not enough. "Hello again, Kuririn!!!" P?cker said. And the fight had begun. P?cker punched and kicked everyone away, except Ace. In an instant, Demonio launched towards P?cker, and he kicked him away. Ace screamed, and started powering up, till he became the Mad Ace. He punched P?cker hardly, but got blasted away. He fell a few meters away from his father. They started clawing at each other, just when they grabbed each other's hands, P?cker made a huge ki blast, and killed them both. Kuri watched terrorized, as Kirah and Goten grabbed him. Vegeta and Trunks made a hole on a wall, and they escaped, followed by Kuri, Goten and Kirah.

"THE TWO MOST POWERFUL GUYS DIED! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK?!" Kuri yelled at Kirah. She was sobbing and trying to calm him down. Vegeta walked towards him and punched him. "Shut up! Now you'll listen to me! This is what we're going to do... Kuririn Jr. and Trunks are going first... Then, Goten and I go second. Just then, Kirah goes and rescues Kakarrott, Bulma, Bra, and Piccolo..." Vegeta said. Everybody stared at him, but nodded then.

Finally, one day later, they attacked P?cker again. And again, they got really kicked in the ass.Kirah rescued the Z gang, and they ran towards the fight. "Who's Kuri?" Juuhachigou asked Kirah. "That's him..." She pointed at the black haired man. He was as tall as Goten, and handsomer than Trunks. Yet, he was pale and skinny, as if he didn't eat and go out at all. "He's do handsome, just like his dad..." Juuhachigou said, crying. "Stop being dramatic! Let's get out of here, so the guys can escape!" Piccolo said.

"Kuririn!" Ace said. "Hi Ace! Looks like we're dead now!" Kuririn laughed, another man, standing at his side, laughed too. "Juunanagou!" Demonio said, surprised. "Well... you knew that I was dead, right?" Juunanagou asked, laughing.
"Ehem!" Enma-sama said. "Kuririn, Juunanagou. What are you doing here?" "Uh... We were about to..."

A few hours later, on Earth, Kuri, Kirah, and the Z gang were talking.Juuhachigou was staring at her son, taller than she was. While she was crying, in front of Kuri. Just a soft cry, without moving or making a sound. Tears seem to flow from her eyes. Kuri smiled weakly, brushed off some of his mother's tears, and hugged her.Even if the Z gang didn't win the war yet, they were having a big party. Marron and Goten were talking to Kirah. Ghost, Trunks and Pan's son, was a little too curious, and was disturbing Kuri. Until he just pushed the boy away, abruptly. Then, Ghost started crying. Kuri wasn't used to be around so much people, yet, he blushed. "Kuri" Kirah said softly, surprising him. His niece was acting strangely around him. "What?" He answered coldly. Kirah kneeled at his side, and said something in his ear. "Since you rescued me... I been feeling strange... I-I-I want to be with you..." She said whispering, as she seated down, at his side. Kuri tried to get away, but he couldn't just leave her there. As she got closer to him, he went getting away slowly. "I... want to kiss you... I love you..." "WHAT?!" Kuri said, as he fell to the floor. Everybody looked at them. "What is it, cutie?" Marron said, mocking. "Not of your business, sister!" Kuri almost screamed, as he got up and seated down. So everybody continued talking."Are you crazy! I'm your uncle!" Kuri whispered, nervously. "But Kuri... I..." "Listen to me... I am your uncle... uncle! And you CAN'T fall in love with me... Maybe I'm handsome... and you like me like a guy.... But... no love!" Kuri said, and got up. He went straight to his room, in that huge house, Bulma's house.

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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