Part 1: Moving In

Marron walked into her new apartment. She lived 1000 miles away from there all her life but she decided it would
be better for her if she moved away from her parents. They had always gotten along and still do, but she felt like she
needed to get away from their restrictions.

She looked around and noticed that she had a great view of the park from her bedroom window. She felt like the
whole apartment was just perfect for her. She set her bags down and went downstairs to bring up more of her stuff.
She managed to bring up 4 boxes, light furniture and her lighter nick-nacs with out any problems but the rest of her
stuff, like her heavy furniture, she'd have to have someone else bring it up.

* I'm sure that Bryan will come over and help me bring up the rest. It's going to be so much easier
getting to school. I only have 1 ½ years left before I graduate!!!!!* she cheered to herself.

She plugged up her telephone and her answering machine. She already had it all payed for, along with her electric
bill, cable, water, and heating. She looked down at her watch and her stomach growled.

"Oh, dinner time." She looked around at her mess and smirked. "Maybe I'll go out to eat." She laughed. "Oh
wait, can't forget about that." She turned around and picked up the phone and dialed a number.


"Hi. It's me. How's life been?"

"Marron! Its good. And for you?"

"Great." Marron and Amanda, her friend, talked for a while and right before they were going to hang up, then the
phone beeped. So Marron and Amanda said 'good bye' and Marorn clicked over.


"Hey babe."

"How's life been for my favorite star football player?"

"Good, and you?"

"Great. Hey I was wondering if you like to come help me unpack?"

"Uh...well I have to go get my car tuned and the tires rotated."

"I could come pick you up."

" I'll be fine."

"Are you sure? Or do you just not want to get your baby soft hands a little beat up?" she asked in a teasing way.

"What?! Are you saying that I'm not man enough to help you?" he raged.

"No I was merely saying-"

"If you don't think I am man enough to help you maybe you should get you some real men to do the job. And
forget about me coming over to help you. Get someone else!" he slammed the phone down with out letting her
explain what she had meant.

Marron sat there stunned at what had just happened.

"Marron?" a soft voice asked.

"Yes Kali?" Marron asked snapping out of her trance.

"How was your move?" the 15 year old asked.

"Fine. Just fine."

"Why was Bryan yelling?"

"Oh, I teased him about not wanting to come and help me and he got all hyped up about it. Oh if you get the chance
and he's in a better mood, tell him I'm in the Copper Cavern Apartments, room 1562, k?"

"Sure. Well I have to go, we're getting ready to eat. Talk to ya later. Bye."

"Bye." Marron said, then she hung up the phone and dashed out the door to go eat.


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