Chapter 5 "New Room Mates"

Trunks opened his door. "Goten should have been here by now. I wonder where he is." A small draft picked up and
a piece of paper glided gently across the hard wood floor. *What's this.*

He picked up the note and read Marron's graceful hand writting.

Hey Cutie,

Goten and I have gone out to eat. Come join us if you are

reading this before we get back. Talk to ya later. Luv


"He's movin in on my girl. Man he'll regret that." He snorted as he dashed out of the complex toward
the cafe down the street.


Marron was paying for her breakfast when he walked in.

*Oh man, she's lookin better than ever.* he thought to himself as he looked her up and down. She was
wearing cut off jean shorts, a spaghetti strap tank top and her jogging shoes.

Marron turned feeling someone's eyes roaming her up and down and noticed who it was.

"Well look at who finally decided to join us."

"Hey there baby." Trunks pulls her close and gives her a small kiss.

"We were just on our way back to my place to see if you were awake yet or not. Care to join our conversation. We are
trying to decide what we are going to do."

"Yeah, she wants a dog so we were trying to agree on what breed."

"A Great Dane, Chihuahua, a Scottie, are all out. Ones that are to big or small I don't want."

"So you want a dog about the size of a German Shepard or Yellow Lab, right?" Trunks asked.

Marron nodded.

"Well lets go see what they have at the shelter, k? You can decide there."

"Ok." Marron wrapped her arms around the 2 guys that were taller than her and they all walked out of the cafe.
Marron raised her hand for a taxi.

"Wait, we'll take my car." Trunks said.

"No, I don't want you to have to run back just to get it." Marron said.

"Who said anything about me going any where." Trunks dropped a capsule on the ground and it exploded into a

Marron's eyes got huge. "I am gunna hafta get some of those." she laughed as she jumped in the back
seat. "They would come in handy when trying to get away from 'unwanted people'."

Goten was completely lost but that didn't stop Marron and Trunks from laughing.

"You sure you don't want to sit up here?" Goten offered.

"No. I want to be able to be between both of you." she smiled and put her elbows on the back of the 2 seats,
creating a chin rest for her chin.

The 2 guys got in and they all headed to the animal shelter.


"You sure that you want 2 of them?" Trunks asked her.

"Yes." Marron smiled as she signed the last of the sheets. The clerk handed her 2 leashes and 2 greyhounds
followed her out of the building. They were followed by Trunks carrying a 50 pound bag of dog food. He put it in the
trunk and they all headed home.

"Hey, thanks for coming with me to get them today. You both probably had something better to do."

"Well actually...." Goten started.

"Oh it was not problem. WE might get in trouble for not going to that meeting but we had much more fun with you
then we would have had at the meeting. So, what kind of car do you have?" Trunks asked trying not to let her know
that they both really didn't have anything better to do.

"Well I don't want to sound spoiled or anything but I have a limited edition BMW convertible. My parents go it
for me for my 20th birthday."

"NO WAY!!!!!! I tried to get that car but they were all gone before I had the chance to sign up for one." Trunks said.
*WOW. She is so lucky. All I have is a major big tiem business and I can't get a cup of coffee the way i want it
and she gets one of the rarest cars there are for a birthday gift*

"I don't take it out much though." she smiled at the 2 guys who were still shocked that she had a car they
both would prize for life.

"Man if that was my car, I would go out just to be seen in it."

Marron giggled, "That's what most guys I know say."

Trunks pulled up in front of the complex and dropped her and the dogs off.

"Care to come in? I can make you guys some coffee or something." she offered.

"No, we have some stuff we hafta go do. Thanks anyway. And one of us will bring the food up later." Goten said.
They both waved as Trunks drove off.

Marron walked up to her apartment and grabbed her keys. She had to go grocery shopping.


"Another one?" Marron asked no one in particular. Sitting on her doorstep was yet another rose. She unlocked her
door and was attacked by her playful new pets.

"I know! I know!. Lunch time. Give me a few seconds to finish bringing up my stuff and then we will all eat." She sat
down what she had then hurried and got the rest of the stuff that she had bought. She pulled down 4 bowls and
filled 2 with the small bag of dog food that she had bought. The other 2 she filled with water then made herself a

She looked down at her shirt. "Opps." she had spilt mustard on her shirt. "Oh well, I was planning on swimming
later. I'll just be dressed for it before I need to be." she told her dogs. She changed into her bikini top and
white shorts. She grabbed her roller blades, leashed the dogs and they all left to got to the park.


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