Chapter 4 "The secrets out"

Marron was busy cleaning and putting dishes away when the phone rang.


"Hi honey. How was your move?"

"Hey mom. It was great and my new neighbor, you know that one I told you about, Trunks, has got a cute friend that
helped him."

"Really? Whats his name?"


Android 18 didn't say anything for a while.

"Mom, you still there?" Marron asked.

"Uh....yeah. Hey I was just thinking and I wanted to know, does Trunks have a younger sister?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I was right!" 18 cheered.

"About what?"

"Well, before we moved out here, my friend, Trunks' mom and I, we good friends. We kept in touch for a
small while but eventually things got hectic and we never got around to calling each other."

"Why'd we move then?"

"Your father didn't want you to get hurt. He was part of the Z Warriors and they fight constantly. He
didn't want you to get hurt so he moved us out here and quit the force."


"Yup. Well I have to go make your father dinner so talk to you later."

"Ok, bye mom and tell dad I miss him too."

"Ok I will. Bye."

Marron hung up the phone and went back to unpacking her kitchen utensils.


Then next morning, someone was loudly knocking on Marron's front door. She turned over in her bed, rolled
out, slipped on something to cover her pajama's and answered the door.

"Bryan! What are you doing here?" Marron angrily asked, trying not to yell.

"Hey baby. I'm really sorry. Amanda meant nothing to me."

"What ever, get away from me." She said through clenched teeth.

"You will forgive me, right?"

"Maybe, but not in this life time. I don't love you anymore, I have moved on and found another."

"Really?" he asked unamused. "Who that prostitute on the corner of Main and Red street?"

"No. He lives right over there." Marron said pointing to Trunks door.

"Yeah right."

"I'll show you." Marron said pulling him across the hall. She knocked on his door and he answered still half
asleep. He smiled at Marron when he saw who it was.

"Hey there honey, will you please tell this guy we're going out."

Trunks looked at Marron then at Bryan, his smile faded to a frown.

"She's my girlfriend. You've gotta problem with it?"

"Yeah because she's mine."

"No, I'm not yours to own. I broke up with you." Marron was still trying to keep her temper hidden.

Bryan looked at the two of them, this 'Guy' with his arms around 'His' girl. He snorted,
happy that he wouldn't have to worry about getting her an anniversary gift.

Trunks looked down at his girlfriend. "Hey you look....uh....very cute in that." He chuckled.

Marron looked down at her outfit - bunny slippers and an old T-shirt.

"Ha, thanks. Oh and thank you so much for saving my butt. He's an ex I can't shake off."

"Maybe you should spend alittle more time around me, he'd believe you then right?"

Marron Thought about it and smiled, "yeah."

"Great, then tonight I am going to take you to 'The Cordon bleu' tonight at 7."

Marron's eyes got huge. "What? You have to have reservations for like 10 years to get in." Then she paused.
"Oh wait. I understand. Ok, sure."

"Great. See you then." He kissed her cheek then closed the door so he could go back to sleep.

She walked back to her apartment and laughed at what just happened. A guy she should have know all her life just
asked her out to the most expensive restaurants in town. Her ex never would have taken her any where other then
the Taco Bell down the road. She then realized what she was in and ran to get inside. When the door didn't
close all the way, she tried to figure out why. That's when she noticed a rose was keeping the door ajar. She
picked it up.

"Who's it from?" Goten asked.

"I.....I don't know. I didn't notice it earlier."

He shrugged and pounded on Trunks' door. No answer. Again he knocked on the door but to no avail.

"Goten, come in to my place. He might get up before the next millennium, I hope." she laughed

"Thanks but I don't want to intrude." he said.

"Intrude nothin. Anything I didn't want anyone to see would be put up already." she grabbed his arm and
pulled it toward her apartment. "Come on. Come on."

Finally he gave in and let her lead him into her home. "What happened to all the boxes?" he asked.

Marron smiled. "I've been unpacking none stop, well almost none stop." She walked into her room. "Hey if
your hungry go get something from the kitchen. I haven't gone big time shopping yet but I'm sure
you'll find something to, well at least, lessen your hunger." her voice was muffled.

*She must be changing. Man Trunks is lucky to have a girl like her.* Goten thought to himself as he walked into her
kitchen. He found a bowl of fruit and inhaled an apple and a bushel of banana's.

"So, what do you do in your free time?" Marron asked her new friend, walking out of her room with a small box in

"I spar, you know fight, Trunks, but he barely has any free time."

"Why don't you just spar your brother?"

"He's got his own family to........wait a sec, how'd you know i have a brother?"

*OPPS!!!* "Uh you told me?!" she shrugged her shoulders.

"No I didn't."

*Darn it.* "Fine, then can you keep a secret?"

"Yeah. Always have been able to."

"Well I just met you so I wouldn't know."

"Good point but yes I can."

"Ok, well my mom and Trunks' mom are really good friends, well they used to be. And my dad and your dad
used to be the best of friends."

"Well, who are they?"

Marron pulled out a picture of the box and handed it to him.

"KRILLIN AND ANDROID 18?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

"Yup. And i want to throw a reunion party but i don't know who they were friends with so that doesn't
help me much."

"Well seeming how i now know about your families past some what, i'd be glad to help."

"Oh really? That's great." she cheered, pulling out more pictures. A few were of her and her parents, even
more of her parents, and a couple of Chibi Trunks and Chibi Goten goofing off.

Gotne tried to remember when that picture was taken only to realize that they still act that way.

"So that's you?" Goten asked pointing to a little, nose-less, blonde kid in some of the pics.

"Yup. Hey, I am getting hungry, you wanna go get somethin to eat? We can leave Trunks a note." she said pulling
out a piece of paper and pen.

"Sure." Goten said, his stomach grumbling.

She quickly scribbled something down on the paper and after taping it to Trunks’ door, they left.


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