Chapter 3 "Thanks my friends"

The next morning the ringing phone woke Marron up.

"Hello?" she mumbled.

"Hey there. Mind if I come over?"

"You sure Amanda won't need you?" She smarted.


"Last night I called Amanda. We talked and she started to talk about you. When I told her you were going out with
me, we found out you had both of us. Well, I'm sorry, your high line cruise just sank."


"Nope. Sorry." She hung up the phone, happy that she didn't have to deal with him anymore. She walked to
her door to get the paper and found a rose sitting on top.

"Oh, gorgeous." She looked around to see if anyone was there. No one was. She took the paper and the rose
inside. After setting the rose in a glass of water, she sat down to read the paper, but decided against it. "I promised
her I'd call so I need to do that."

She picked up her phone and called home to tell her about her move and this new guy.


"Mom. Guess what? This new girl moved into the apartment across the hall. Me and Goten are going to help her
move in this afternoon."

"Really? Does Goten know this?" Bulma asked her excited son.

"He won't care when he sees her."

"Well does this lovely girl have a name?"

"Marron. I love it. I think it is so unique. I've been repeating it all night."

"She was right." Bulma said quietly to herself.


" friend was right, this needs more salt."

"Oh. Hey mom."


"Is it possible this is the Marron you and someone used to talk about over the phone. I feel like I should have known
her forever."

"Maybe, but I doubt it. Well, I have to go make your father lunch. Talk to you when we get the chance."

"Ok. Bye." He hung up so he could go get Goten and then they could help Marron.


"Set that right there."

Trunks and Goten moved the couch to the spot where she had pointed as she filled her fresh and salt water tanks
with the remaining water.

"So you like fish huh?" Goten asked sitting down on the couch.

"You could say they are a hobby, but I like all animals in general. Would you like something to drink?" Marron asked
the 2 guys.

"Water, please." Trunks said.

"Me too."

"Ok, I'll be right back." Marron walked into her kitchen leaving the 2 men alone.

"She's gorgeous."Goten whispered.

"Told ya. She's mine though."

"Not if I can help it."

"To bad. I already asked her and we're going out tomorrow."Trunks smirked.

Goten smiled and lightly laughed, "You sly dog."

Marron walked in. "Here we go." She sat a large pitcher of water down along with 2 large glasses for them.

"This is a pretty big apartment for just one person, don't you think?" Goten asked as he picked up his glass.

"Yeah, I guess but I plan to get a dog soon to keep me company."

"Really?" Goten tried to sound like he wanted to know more.

"Yup." she knew he didn't really care.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" Trunks blurted out. He covered his mouth, embaressed that he just asked that
question to a girl he knew barely nothing about and infront of his best friend who would now tease him for life about
the situation.

"Nope." Marron replied. She didn't really care.

"Then why was there a rose on your doorstep?" he continued.

"I don't know. From a secret admirer I guess."

"Bet you have plenty of those." Trunks said whispered under his breath.

"If only you knew." She said.

Trunks stared at her. She wasn't supposed to have heard that last comment. He turned to Goten who was
lost and trying to figure out where she got the answer to an un-asked question from.

Goten, Trunks, and Marron chatted for the next hour till Goten decided he was hungry. Trunks had to agree with him,
for his stomach was also growling. They said good bye and left, leaving Marron to finish unpacking.


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